10 Things To Start Doing Today For A Stronger Relationship

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Everyone in an intimate relationship should constantly be working towards a stronger relationship. If you are not doing something to make your relationship stronger, then you are likely doing something to make your relationship weaker. The fact is that relationships require constant maintenance to stay in working order. The following ten tips all work to help boost the emotional and physical intimacy you have, which creates a stronger bond that results in a healthier and stronger relationship.

1. Express Your Love

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Sounds simple, but a lot of people forget to express their love to each other. I’m not just talking about saying ‘I love you,’ because that can get old and meaningless very quickly. I’m talking about doing things that show how much you love your partner and your relationship with them. When your words and actions align, then your partner will feel loved, which will help contribute to its strength.

Expressing love can be as simple as listening to your partner when they need to talk, but there are thousands of other things you can do in your day to show them how much they mean to you. For instance, you can:

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– Have patience and be kind to them during times of struggle.
– Support them in their ventures or plans in life.
– Let them be who they are without criticizing them or trying to change them.
– Help ease their stress and struggle in life in whatever way you can.
– Remind them why you love them as they perform tasks that you appreciate.
– Surprise them with something they will love, just because you can.

I’m sure you can think of different ways to express your love to your partner. I highly recommend doing at least one thing a day. Making it a habit will help you always remember how much you love them and remind them how much you love them.

2. Treat Them As You Want To Be Treated

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This is a rule for relationships that not many people follow. They do things to their loved ones that they would never want to be done to them, yet they can’t understand why their relationship is suffering.

It takes some practice to see clearly what you are doing that you wouldn’t want to be done to you. But once you open up your awareness, you will always be able to see those unwanted words, actions, and behaviors that you may not be aware of right now.

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To open up your awareness right now, get clear on what you don’t want done to you. Write your thoughts down, decide if you are doing those things to your partner, and find some solutions to stop doing them if you are.

For instance, you may not want to be put down in your relationship. That’s a good expectation to have for yourself. Now, ask yourself if you are putting down your partner at all? If you are, how can you stop doing that? How can you be more supportive? The next time you find yourself starting to put your partner down, you will remember what you decided to do instead and, hopefully, take action on that.

A strong relationship comes from mutual respect. That’s why this rule works so well. You want to be treated with respect, and so does your partner. As long as you treat them the way you want to be treated, you will both feel valued in the relationship.

3. Create More Quality Time

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Do you sit down and have supper together? Do you sit down and talk for hours about things that mean something to you? Do you go out and experience new things together? If not, then you are weakening your relationship in a big way.

Quality time is all about giving your partner your undivided attention. It’s not about sitting beside each other on the couch and watching TV. It’s about interacting, having fun, and strengthening the connection you have together.

Everyone can create more quality time in their relationship. It may mean giving up a few hours of TV a night or doing an activity together instead of apart, but if you make developing a stronger relationship your intention, then you will make quality time a priority and make the time.

4. Use Tools To Create A Stronger Relationship

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Always remember that a relationship requires constant work. It’s never something you can put on the backburner for years expecting it to stay healthy and fine. People change week by week, month by month, and year by year, which means you need to reconnect consistently and reintroduce yourselves to each other. If you don’t, you may just wake up to a stranger one day!

Books, eBooks, online courses, relationship counselors, and relationship retreats are all tools that can help you create a stronger relationship. They can teach you new ways to communicate and relate, and they will contribute to a stronger relationship because your focus is solely on each other and improving the dynamics between you.

5. Be Kind To Yourself

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I have a friend who hates herself. Or, at least she seems to. She is constantly calling herself fat, stupid, and annoying. She says these things in a million different ways, and she says them all the time. I have never heard her not put herself down. And her fiance is sick of it. Their relationship is struggling because she always puts herself down and he always needs to counteract her negativity with a positive comment. If he doesn’t, then she gets even more upset. In short, they can’t enjoy their time together because she’s always complaining about herself and he’s always trying to boost her up.
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Why You Should Listen To Your Heart And How To Do It

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We all know many people who have ignored their heart in life. Their heart was telling them to date a certain person, go after a certain job, or live a certain life, but instead of listening to their heart, they ignored it and did something easier or more expected of them. These people have regrets, and they will tell you about them often. It’s a lesson for all of us who want to listen to our hearts but are debating whether we really should or not.

However, there is also a group of people who have listened to their hearts and have found themselves in a place of struggle or anxiety. Their hearts have led them to do things that have gotten them in trouble. They wished they hadn’t followed their hearts in some cases, and it can scare the crap out of us when it comes to deciding whether to listen to our hearts.

What Does It Mean To Listen To Your Heart?

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“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” -� C.G. Jung

To listen to your heart means to listen to your intuition – your gut feeling about your life. Obviously, your heart can tell when you are nervous or excited by beating faster or skipping a beat, but beyond that, it doesn’t quite send you messages. Your intuition is often considered the sixth sense – a psychic knowledge or understanding.

According to the science behind intuition, it comes from our subconscious, a place of instinct where we automatically know what is right. That’s just another reason to listen to your heart. Sometimes it knows something you can’t clearly see in your conscious mind.

One cancer researcher said that almost every cancer survivor he studied had listened to their heart when it came to treatment. They let their intuition guide them in their choices, and they survived something that could have easily taken them down if they had followed what other people wanted them to do.

Two Big Benefits Of Listening To Your Heart

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If you are not convinced that you should listen to your heart, then following are some undeniable benefits of doing so.

1. You Will Follow Your Truth Path

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When you are fully in tune with your heart when it comes to decisions, you will make choices based on your true path in life, not on what you think you should be doing or what others want you to do. Sometimes this path may be completely off course from the normal way of life.

For instance, Shay Butler is a vlogger who followed his heart when it came to vlogging. He knew that there was something in it for him, but it was at a time when most people believed you couldn’t make really good money from making videos on the Internet. He had three kids, and people around his didn’t believe in his vision like he did. But he pursued vlogging in a big way. Less than a decade later, he is a millionaire because of it. Now he lives in a place he loves, has two more kids, and gets to really follow his heart because he has the freedom and money to take the short route to what he wants.

2. No Regrets

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One of the biggest regrets of the dying is that they didn’t live life on their terms, or, in other words, they didn’t follow their heart. You do not want to reach the end of your life and feel like you wasted it. The pain of that will be a lot, and when you know that your years are numbered, you won’t be able to stay present because you will always be looking back at the time wasted.

In short, you will not actually get to live your life. Instead, you will just exist. You will be someone who was here and breathed, but you will not be someone who found meaning in life, lived out your passions, and experienced everything that life had to throw at you.

Do you really want to live a life full of regrets? I would guess, even without knowing you, that you don’t.

When Should You Use Caution When You Listen To Your Heart?

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It would be nice if we could all just listen to heart and throw caution to the wind, but the fact is that our choices in life lead to results that can affect us positively or negatively, and we have to be aware enough to see when our choices have the potential of leading to negative outcomes.

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8 Things To Do When Bored That Aren’t A Waste Of Time

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There are some articles that list off thousands of useless things to do when bored, but they are mostly a waste of time. I’m talking about suggestions that may actually make you dumber after you do them and literally take away time that you can’t get back. Moreover, a lot of the suggestions won’t help you stop being bored. If they don’t actually draw your attention, they will just make you more bored and frustrated at the same time.

If you are bored, it just means that you are doing something that lacks meaning to you. For instance, some people can watch TV all day and not get bored because they love their TV so much, but other people find TV meaningless and would find themselves feeling bored after a few hours of trying to binge watch a show on Netflix.

Therefore, you have to do something that has some meaning. Something that engages you and brings you into the flow where you feel content and happy. When you get into the flow, which simply means doing something that requires your attention and keeps you fully engaged, you will never be bored. And, when you are doing something that keeps you fully engaged, it is always adding to your life in some way.

1. Grab A Pen And Paper And Write

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There are a thousand different things you can do that involve a pen and paper, and they can all help you get into a flow that relieves boredom and leads to many different others things.

For example, you can engage in free association writing. This is something that writers often use for writer’s block, but I’ve found that it also helps me find hidden desires and issues that I’m having, which leads to me acting out on those desires or fixing the issues in some way.

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The technique of free association was founded by Sigmund Freud. He would let his patients talk and talk and talk so that they could work through their own issues rather than being led towards the issues of other people by suggesting his own theories.

Instead of talking, you can write. Write whatever comes to mind, even if it doesn’t make any sense. Write and write and write until you write something that makes you stop and think about what you wrote. And it will happen!

Some people believe that someone else is talking to them as they come up with words and ideas that they didn’t even know they had. Others believe that it is simply a technique that helps you access your subconscious mind that you don’t normally have access to. Either way, you will find yourself discovering new thoughts that may lead you towards doing something that puts you in the flow and helps relieve your boredom.

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If you don’t feel like free association writing, then you can do other things, such as:

– Write in a diary about your previous day, current thoughts, concerns, hopes, dreams, etc. You will uncover many things to think about and do simply by tapping into how you are feeling and what you want.

– Write a letter to a close friend or family member and share things that you might otherwise not share with them in person. You don’t have to send it to them; although you can. But, this will just help you put your focus on things that matter to you and help you stop feeling bored. Plus, you may uncover some things in your relationships that need attention.

– Write a letter to a deceased close friend or family member and tell them everything you wish you could have said while they were alive. This is a great way to connect with your spiritual side, and it will often lead you towards the realization that you are alive and help you appreciate that fact, which will help you stop feeling bored and start feeling grateful.

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– Write down some goals you have, or try to find some goals to put in place if you have none. Once you write down your goals, get serious about figuring out exactly what steps you need to take to reach them and write them down in great detail. This has led me to hours of exploring what I want and coming up with actionable steps to get there, and it is a great way to make sure you are constantly doing things in your day that have meaning, which means boredom will become a thing of the past in the future!

– Write down a to-do list for the day to break up your boredom. We all know the power of a to-do list. It can get us up and moving even when we don’t feel like doing anything because it is a list of things we must do! Decide what you must do, write it down, and then force yourself to do what’s on the list. Soon, you will be engaged in activities that you need to do to make the most of your day, and you will no longer feel any sense of boredom.

2. People Watch

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This is one of the easiest things to do when bored. Other people are fascinating, and watching them can help you discover truths about yourself, your beliefs, your desires, you likes, your dislikes, and a ton of other things.

Plus, it is not hard to get out, and people watch. All you have to do is drag yourself out of your house and go to a park, coffee shop, or busy street, and sit down. Then just turn your eyes towards others and open up your ears, and let other people into your awareness for a while.

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When you put all of your attention on other people and what they are doing, you will forget that you are bored. Moreover, you remind yourself that there are other people in this world, which is something that we forget as we go about our daily lives focusing on us, our needs, and our unhappiness.

At the very least, people watching will help you get out of your head for a while, realize how much you like your privacy, and give you the ability go home appreciating the little things that you can do without a lot of people around you.

3. Take A Nap

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If you really don’t want to do anything, or can’t decide on one thing to do, then take a nap. While it may feel like a waste of time, it’s actually a really productive thing to do. Even Google employees are allowed to take naps in ‘nap pods’ which help them regroup and get their energy back in focus.
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7 Things To Remember When You Feel Life Is Passing You By

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Do you feel stuck? Do you feel like you are failing in life? Do you feel like you are not getting the things done that matter and you are living one wasted day after another? It can sound dramatic, but when you feel like you are wasting time – precious moments out of your allotted time on this planet, it is an extremely painful feeling that causes anxiety and depression. There are some things to remember to help you feel better during these times. In fact, I guarantee that once you commit these to your memory and start to incorporate them into your beliefs, you will no longer feel like you are wasting your days away.

1. Tomorrow Is A New Day

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To help reduce anxiety and depression over a wasted day, week month, or life, one of the best things to remember is that no matter what has happened, tomorrow is a new day. You can start doing what you want to do. You can make it more meaningful and full. You can recreate your life tomorrow if you want!

I want to stress that this is true for everyone, regardless of their life or age. For instance, at the age of 87, Charles Eugster realized that this body was deteriorating. Like most people his age, he felt old. But, instead of letting the rest of his life pass him by in a deteriorating state, he went to the gym and rebuilt his body from scratch! Now he is 96-years-old, and he is considered the fittest senior citizen on the planet by some. Moreover, he has a full life of speaking, writing, and even fashion designing!

2. You Can Force Yourself To Do Things You Don’t Want To

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The chances are good that a lot of things you want to do are hard so you would rather not do them as much as you feel they would benefit your life. In that case, excuses are easy to make, and you go about your day knowing you should do whatever it is, but find it easier not to.

The good news is that you can force yourself to do things you don’t want to do. You do it all the time! You talk to someone you don’t want to talk to. You go somewhere you don’t want to go. You do something for someone else that you would rather not do. You are really good at forcing yourself to do things you don’t want to.

In other words, if you can convince yourself you must do something, you probably will despite how much you don’t want to do it. This is where sitting down and writing out exactly what you want and why you want it is beneficial. It gives you powerful reasons to do something, despite the desire not to do it.

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For example, if you have been trying to start working out, then each day you ‘miss’ your workout, you can start to feel as though you have been wasting time. “If I had just started when I wanted to, I would already be fit!” But, you can’t go back in time. You can only decide that tomorrow, no matter what, you are going to work out. Write out exactly what you want to do when it comes to exercise and why you must do it. As you go to bed tonight, read your list and declare to yourself that tomorrow, no matter what you will start working out because you have to. No excuses. If you can do things for other people that you don’t want to do because you must do them, then you sure as hell can do things for yourself that will benefit your life in some way! The declaration to ‘just do it’ will help you take action tomorrow even if you don’t want to. And, once you start getting into the groove of doing what you need to do, it will happen much easier!

3. There Is No Right Way To Live Life

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This is one of the things to remember when you just don’t feel good or accomplished enough. A lot of people compare themselves to their old classmates, friends, family, and co-workers. They see other people doing what they think are great things, and that’s when they start to feel like their life is a waste. But, the truth is that we all have different values and different paths in life, so you can’t compare yourself to anyone else.

You don’t need to be the first to accomplish something. You don’t need to accomplish what other people are accomplishing. In fact, you don’t know whether or not they are accomplishing what you think they are accomplishing!

For instance, some people seem to have it easy when it comes to managing their weight. They appear as if they are making great decisions in their life towards nutrition and exercise and that they know they have it all together. But, many of those people think they are not good enough. They are comparing themselves to other people and beating themselves up over not doing what they think they should be doing.

Comparing yourself to others is the ultimate way to feel like life is getting away from you. Of all the things to remember for more life happiness and fulfillment, this might be the number one thing.

4. Focusing On The Present Moment Gives You More Time

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As you think about all the time that has passed, are you think about the present moment? Nope! You can’t be! One of the most important things to remember about life is that focusing on the present moment is what helps you make the most out of it.
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Relationship Advice From Men: Who Should You Listen To?

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When it comes to relationship advice from men, you can find it everywhere. More and more blogs and vlogs are popping up with men who got something to say about relationships, and more and more eBooks are also coming out with advice from men for both men and women. But, are some men making things worse for you? The fact is that there are plenty of men out there who can help you, but there are also plenty of men out there who are giving relationship advice that could hurt you in a big way.

Relationship Advice From Men For Women

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If you are a woman, then I highly recommend taking relationship advice from men. Sometimes a woman can teach you how she fixed an aspect of her relationship and help you understand where you are going wrong in yours and what you need to do to fix it, but the advice from a man will be much more valuable in the long run.

Men know how men think and, for the most part, what men want. They may not understand women too well, but they do understand how men think because they are one! Moreover, they’ve hung around men as friends. They’ve had men raise them, teach them what they know, and mold them into the men they are today. All of that adds up to one thing – much more insight into a man that a woman could ever give you.

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For instance, research shows that while men are better at some things, women are better at intuitively understanding things without having to put a lot of thought into it first. For instance, during a fight, a woman might see the situation for what it is and start to immediately argue her point with her man. But, men process information differently, and a woman yelling in a man’s ear while he is still processing the information is not going to help anything. Understanding how men work through problems can help a woman understand a situation from a male’s point of view and approach it in a more beneficial way.

However, there are times that relationship advice from men for women can be a terrible thing. For instance, an abusive father can give a ton of relationship advice to his daughter, but it’s all from his unhealthy point of view. If she hears it enough, she can go on to use it in her relationships. And sometimes, unhealthy advice from a well-intentioned male can create a very negative relationship. This happens more than you think!

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For instance, a friend of mine was taught from a young age by her father that she is supposed to have kids, take care of the home, and take care of her husband, no matter what. He was a kind man who was very religious, and I think he thought he was teaching her how to be a loving wife to a kind man. Unfortunately, he passed away before she got married, but the belief that she was meant to have kids and stick by her man’s side no matter what was formed a long time ago, and now she is a marriage where she is being abused and cheated on, but she feels like it is her duty to stand by her man’s side!

I’m not saying that women are naive and will be influenced easily, but I am saying that if you hear the same unhealthy relationship advice over and over again from one person or a combination of people, you may start to believe it. That’s why women need to find credible relationship advice from men who know what they are talking about, are in healthy relationships themselves, and give advice that uplifts, strengthens, and promotes more happiness in the woman and the relationship.

Relationship Advice From Men For Men

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If you are a man, this can be tough. There are a lot of guys out there giving bad relationship advice to men.

A lot of male relationship ‘gurus’ are teaching guys the tricks to keep women, but the advice is on how to manipulate women and keep control over them. Don’t get me wrong, many of these guys are smart! They understand psychology and know how to manipulate women in a way that keeps them ‘in line’, but in the long run, the women are being affected negatively by it and the relationship will eventually suffer.

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For instance, some men will tell you to attack a woman’s self-worth. Making her feel like she is ‘less than’ and needs a man in her life will cause her to stay in a relationship even when it’s bad because she feels like she needs to stay in it, but that’s not part of a healthy relationship. A healthy relationship is where both people encourage each other, not bring each other down, and eventually, her feelings of not being worthy will end up affecting the relationship in a very negative way.

If a man wants to understand women better, it’s best he seeks his advice from a woman! Just as most men understand men better than women, most women understand women better than men. If you want inside information into why your girlfriend or wife is acting the way she is, what you can do to fix the situation, and how you can move forward in a way that pleases you both, then a woman is often a better person to turn to for advice.

4 Things To Think About When It Comes To Relationship Advice From Men

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Yes, You Can Think Outside The Box! Here’s What To Do

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Do you have a problem in life that you can’t fix? Does it feel like your brain is bouncing around inside of the box struggling to find a solution, but it can’t because you can only see the information you already know? You are not alone! It can be hard to shift the way you think when you are used to seeing things in a standard way, but that doesn’t mean you can’t break free from it and think outside the box and fix problems that have been escaping you up until now. If you are willing to get more creative, there is always hope.

Thinking inside the box simply means that you are focused on a narrow range of thought. You are focused on limited information and making it a priority as you make decisions in your life. For instance, an employee who wants to do their job better, but who is focused on doing their job in the way it has always been done, is thinking inside of the box.

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To think outside of the box means that you need to open your mind up to more information. You need to be able to let that information in and get inspired by it. For instance, an employee who wants to do their job better, and opens up their awareness to information such as how other people do things, what is working and what is not for them, and how they can apply that information to their own job, is thinking outside the box and will find new information to help them.

If you are ready to start thinking outside of the box more, following are some ways to do that. Yes, you can think outside of the box! You just have to shift the way you look at life.

1. Start Embracing Your Uniqueness

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This is the number one tip to open yourself up to new ideas and ways of doing things. People who think outside the box are not doing things the way other people are. Why? Because they don’t believe they have to do things like other people in order to be accepted, acknowledged, or right.

It may seem like a contradiction. Shouldn’t people who value their uniqueness be stuck in a certain frame of mind? The answer is a big fat NO. People who are unique value uniqueness in everyone, not just themselves, which means they recognize other people’s uniqueness and celebrate it. They can see how other people handle situations, move through life, find success and fix problems, and because of that awareness, they can recognize the things that other people are doing that might benefit their life.

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If you value your uniqueness, you also don’t worry about other people judging you so much. And, worrying about being judged is going to be one of the biggest obstacles to thinking out of the box. When you are worried about what others think, you won’t even allow yourself to come up with unique and creative solutions to problems for fear of being put down, made fun of, talked about, or laughed at. It’s much easier to do what you know other people want you to do when you are afraid of being judged.

Also, when you are unique, you can clearly see that other people are no better than you. Even the smartest people, who create new and amazing things regularly, don’t have a superpower that you don’t. This insight allows you to stop comparing yourself to other people, which causes you to get stuck in an ego state where it is hard to let your mind find solutions to your problems. And, it helps you to see that you are totally capable of doing great things, which opens up your mind even more. You believe you are capable of anything, which allows you to always look for solutions.

Lastly, when you are unique, people are more willing to approach you with ideas that inspire you. They are willing to share their deepest thoughts and experiences because they know that you are not going to judge them, and that can help you find unique ideas that allow you to think outside the box when it comes to your life.

2. Learn How To Let Things Go

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When you hold onto things with a passion, you also hold onto certain ways of thinking and doing things.

– You can’t let go of the belief that you need to do something in a certain way.
– You can’t let go of the idea that the way it has always been done is the way you should be doing it.
– You can’t let go of your opinion and accept new opinions into your life.
– You can’t eliminate things that don’t work so you can adopt new ways of doing things.

How are you supposed to think outside the box when you just can’t let go?

When you allow yourself to let go, you allow yourself to move on to the next thing, which means you not overrun by thoughts and beliefs and opinions, and you are able just to soak in what other people are saying, play with the information, and use it in a creative way to fix problems that you may be having.

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For example, there is a vlogger on YouTube who tends to rub people the wrong way. Most people watch her with their thoughts of anger and hate as they do. But, if you let go of the anger and hate, and just watch how she talks, thinks, and acts, then you will find yourself being inspired by her in a way. Not in a way where you want to be like her, but in a way where you learn from her mistakes, attitude, what she’s doing right and, most importantly, what she’s doing wrong. In short, you can see the real reason why she talks, thinks, and acts like she does, and you can use that information to figure out what you may be doing wrong in your life that is keeping you stuck.

Letting things go allows you to live in the moment without judgment and keep your awareness open for new ideas and solutions that can benefit your life. I’m not talking about being an airhead and not standing behind your values or beliefs, but I am talking about keeping yourself open to things that may otherwise put you in a closed frame of mind where you can’t think outside the box.

3. Combine Things That Work For You

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Sometimes you don’t need to look outside of yourself for a new idea to come to you. Sometimes you just need to look at your past and take two things that worked, fit them together in some way, and then BOOM you have an idea completely outside of the box.
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What Does Optimistic Mean To Healthy Optimists?

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Optimism is a hot topic! Everyone has their opinion of what optimism means and whether or not it is good for you. So, what does optimistic mean to healthy optimists? Well, first it is important to know who is a healthy optimist and who is not. You might be surprised to learn that even the people you thought were not optimistic may just have a little bit of optimism in them.

What Does Optimistic Mean?

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Being optimistic means being hopeful about an outcome and being able to see the bright side of a situation. While it requires confidence to be an optimistic person, a healthy optimistic doesn’t think that everything is going to work out their way. But, we will talk about that later in this article. For now, the definition of being optimistic means viewing a situation as beneficial and having a favorable outcome.

Is Everyone A Little Optimistic?

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Most people have optimism inside of them, even if they don’t admit it. They’re optimism towards their health, for example, always stays high even when then are facing hard times in other areas of their life. They believe they are going to live a long life without disease or really big hardships regarding their health. They believe that bad things can happen to other people, but to them, they are more than likely to live out a long, healthy life and die in their bed. They have optimism towards their future when it comes to health.

Also, everyone has an optimistic attitude towards their marriage in the beginning. Despite divorce statistics saying otherwise, you don’t get married and expect to get divorced in a month. You get married and imagine a future full of fun, fulfillment, and intimacy. And, people who get divorced and remarry still have a belief that their second marriage is going to work out. That’s called being optimistic about the future of your marriage!

It is true that not everyone has an optimistic view about their future, but most people do. As humans, we forecast our lives well into our 90’s being happy and healthy. Nobody wants to believe that they are going to die before that time, so optimism is the only option.

Is It Better To Expect The Worst?

Everyone has their opinion on whether optimism is good or not. But, there are some positives and negatives of being optimistic.

Why Optimism Beats Pessimism

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A lot of pessimistic people will tell you that for true happiness, it’s always best to expect the worst. When you don’t expect good things to happen, you don’t get disappointed when bad things happen because you expected things not to work out anyways. And, as a bonus, you experience a lot of happiness when you are surprised with something good.

It’s true. Being optimistic seems like it has the potential to lead to a lot of heartaches. When things don’t work out as hoped, it can feel pretty bad. High expectations that don’t come true can lead us to feel as if we didn’t do enough, weren’t strong enough, weren’t good enough, or just weren’t enough in general.

But, those feelings eventually pass – for optimistic people anyway. Why? Because people who are optimistic get back on their feet and find something else to be optimistic about. Their hope for a better future doesn’t just die out when something doesn’t work out their way. Instead, they take a lesson from the failure and learn from it. Then they set new optimistic goals for the future and start working towards them.

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This is why optimistic people are more likely to achieve things in their life. Reaching goals and experiencing the life you want requires action on your part. If you are optimistic about the outcome, then you are more likely to keep taking action after a failure because you believe things will work out in one way or another. If you are pessimistic about the outcome, then you are less likely to take action after a failure because you don’t believe things will ever work out.

Moreover, when better than expected things happen to optimistic people, they still feel that boost of excitement that comes from having something really good happen. It’s still a nice surprise that they didn’t necessarily expect, even though they were expecting good things to happen.

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Also, when compared to optimistic people, the people who expect the worst are less happy in their lives even when things are stable and nothing is happening. This is because their mindset is set to doom and gloom. They ‘know’ bad things are coming, so they don’t feel excited about anything, and they operate from a place of worry, doubt, and disappointment. Optimistic people, on the other hand, are excited about their future, and they tend to operate from a level of belief, hopefulness, and enthusiasm. It’s clear why optimistic people are happier in general.

When Optimism Affects Life Negatively In A Small Way

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There are times that optimism can have a negative impact on life. For instance, if you are optimistic about getting everything done for the day, even when your schedule is overly full, then the chances are good that one or two things won’t get done. You may even show up late to things because, despite your optimistic attitude that you can get everything done quickly, it doesn’t always work out that way.
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How To Find The Path Of Least Resistance In Your Life

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Stop making life so difficult for yourself! Start taking the path of least resistance. The path of least resistance is the path that helps you move forward in life towards what you want. It helps you experience less frustration and more success. You get things done faster, and you feel more accomplished with your life. And, best of all, you have much less stress! The path of least resistance is something you should be striving to find. Let’s talk about how to get on that path and what you need to do to stay on it.

One HUGE Thing That Determines What Path You Take

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This is an idea by Robert Fritz that you need to remember as you work towards making the path of least resistance a part of your life. In his book, ‘The Path of Least Resistance’, he says that the structure of your life will determine what path you can walk on.

For instance, imagine walking into a building you go in often. Picture the elevator, stairs, escalator, doors, or other ways of getting around. As you can see, the structure of the building determines your path through it. You can’t walk through walls. You can’t magically hop up to another floor. You must rely on the structure of the building to get you through the building to where you want to go.

Your life’s structure will determine what paths you can take and how easy or hard they are. It will determine your behavior. And, it will determine your success.

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For example, if you don’t have a set of stairs (plans, goals, to-do lists) in your life to achieve new levels of height (success), then how can you expect to get any higher in life? Your life’s structure doesn’t allow it. Instead, you just keep walking around on the floor you are on doing the same thing over and over again. That’s a circular path that keeps you stuck in life. You need to build those stairs to help you move upwards.

Those stairs make life a lot easier. When you can see clearly see the stairs, you can easily find them and start moving up them. They will become the path of least resistance to success in your life.

Why Don’t You Have Structure In Your Life That Helps You Get On The Right Path?

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You probably know what you want. You may have some goals or visions for the future. You try to do stuff that helps you get to those goals or visions; yet, you are always met with resistance. It’s like you couldn’t take a step up the staircase if you wanted to. Why is that?

For most people, it is about limiting beliefs. You may want to make $100,000 this year, but if you don’t believe that you can do it, then you will never be able to fully find the staircase or climb a stair. Your belief that you can’t do it will always pull you backward as you try to move forward to what you want.

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Limiting beliefs are the beliefs you have developed over the years through your experiences in life. If you have been told that you are never going to make the kind of money you want, and have experienced a lot of setbacks that have kept you from earning anything close to the money you want, then you probably hold some beliefs about your ability to earn the income you want. And those beliefs are dictating your structure in life, how you behave, and what you will do, which means they are limiting you from doing what you need to do to make the money.

How To Start Creating A Life That Helps You Get On The Path Of Least Resistance

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It all comes down to your choices. You need to choose the life you want and build the structure of your life around that. Following are some things to think about when it comes to the path of least resistance.

1. What Do I Want MOST In Life?

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If you don’t know what you want, how can you create structure in your life? You need to have a definite goal in mind to build the path of least resistance and stay on it.

If you go back between this and that, then you are going to skip from one path to the other. You will never fully go down one path, least resistance or not, because you never stay on it long enough to make your way down it! This is why you have to figure out what you want in life.

If you are not sure what you want, simply ask yourself the question ‘What do I want most?’ and pay attention to the answers. Write them down. Put them in a goal setting software or on paper so that you can clearly see what it is that you want to achieve. Tell other people what you want to achieve to further drive home the point.

2. Will I Create Or Let Others Create For Me?

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If you let others create your life for you, then you are letting them choose the structure of your life. It’s going to be hard to get on the easiest path if others are telling you which path you need to get on. They are not going to pick the easiest path for you; they are always going to pick the path that gets them what they want the quickest.

If you want to get on the path of least resistance, you have to be in control of your life. You have to know what you want and what you are willing to do or not do, so that you can see which path will help you get there the quickest.

3. Do I Want Long-Term Health Or Something Else?

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A lot of people want better health, but don’t live as if they do. They make a plan to eat better, exercise more, or meditate, reduce stress, but they let things take them off the path of least resistance towards better health.

– They let other people’s demands take them off the path.
– They let their fears take them off the path.
– They let immediate pleasures take them off the path.

There are many different things that can pull someone off the easiest path to good health, but in the end, if you want to get their faster, you must learn not to let those things pull you from the direction you are going.

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This applies to more than just health. Success, happiness, and good relationships all require that you have to make the harder choices sometimes. You have to be willing to do things that help you get to where you want faster, or get to where you want at all. Because if you keep getting pulled in different directions by different wants, then you will never get on the path to least resistance.

If you want something, you need to focus on it. Focusing on the one thing that you want will help you make the right choices in your day.

For instance, if you want to lose weight, then your life structure may be getting up and exercising each morning. If you wake up and want to go back to bed, focusing on your end goal of losing weight can help get out of bed and do what you need to do. It can help you get on that path of least resistance and stay on it.

4. Do I Want To Feel Accomplished At The End Of The Day Or Not?

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When you have the desire to feel accomplished, you will choose to do things that help you reach your goals for the day. You will push yourself down the path of least resistance, even when you are going uphill and it is hard to walk that path. In short, you will find ways to do what you need to do so that you can have that great feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day rather than regret or feeling as though another day went down the drain.

5. Will I Forgive Or Blame?

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Are you letting past experiences or people hold you back from getting on the easiest path in life? Are you trying to prove something to others in a way that is holding you back? If you are, then you need to forgive and let go.
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5 Easy Steps To Install WordPress Through Bluehost

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If you have web hosting with Bluehost, and you want to use the best blogging platform around, then you want to take advantage of Bluehost WordPress Installation. Installing WordPress with Bluehost only takes a few minutes to do, and you can be up and creating your new site on WordPress within less than an hour. Yes, that’s how easy it is to do! Bluehost and WordPress both want you to make sure that you can get up and blogging quickly, so they make their services extremely user-friendly for your convenience.

Can You Install WordPress Without A Hosting Site?

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I just want to clear one thing up, because I used to be confused about it. A lot of people think that they can install WordPress to their domain without Bluehost or another hosting site plan. However, WordPress is software, and it requires a server with MySQL and PHP. In short, you need a server and a database to install the WordPress files and bring your WordPress site to life, which is where installing the Bluehost WordPress application comes in.

Why Should You Use Bluehost For Your WordPress Site?

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Simply put, Bluehost is trusted and hosts more WordPress sites than any other hosting site out there. It is the recommended hosting company by WordPress. It is also the best hosting solution for WordPress for the price, especially for the shared hosting price.

The chances are good that you are taking advantage of their shared hosting plan. That simply means that the Bluehost WordPress site will be on the same server as other sites. While that may sound unattractive, it really is the cheapest option if you are just starting out a blog and don’t have a lot of demand when it comes to processing power. Shared hosting is really all you need. As your blog’s success grows, you may need to get dedicated hosting, but for now – it will not be an issue at all.

Many people have experienced the headache of having bad hosting for their WordPress site and being forced to look for another hosting site that could cater to their needs better. And, a lot of those people end up on Bluehost rather than start on it. So, in short, this tutorial will assume that you already have Bluehost hosting and have a domain name set up on it.

5 Easy Steps To Install WordPress Through Bluehost

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You will only need to be walked through this process once. It is so easy that you will never forget how to do it after this point.

Step 1: Login To Your cPanel

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A cPanel is simply a place in your account that allows you to manage many different aspects of your hosting account. While Bluehost’s cPanel has a little bit of a customized look and has a Mojo Marketplace, it really is exactly the same as most other cPanels you will find on different hosting companies. This makes it easy to understand and navigate any cPanel once you get used to it.

You can access applications, such as WordPress here, and you can get access to your files and email accounts. While it may not feel like you are going to be in your cPanel often, because you will be doing most of your stuff from your WordPress account that you sign into off of Bluehost, I’ve had to come here to fix files when I’ve downloaded a bad plugin or had a problem with an update. At the time, I hadn’t familiarized myself with the cPanel, and it caused me a lot of stress to try to figure out what I was doing on top of the stress of my site being affected negatively by the problem I was having. So, I highly recommend going through your cPanel and learning as much as you can about it and even learning about the files of your WordPress site.

To access your cPanel, login to your Bluehost account with your username and password. Click on the ‘Hosting’ tab at the top of the screen inside your account. You will see a list under ‘Hosting’, and you want to click on cPanel at this point. After that, you will find yourself in your cPanel.

Step 2: Install WordPress

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Now that you are in your cPanel, you can install WordPress. What you are going to do is connect your domain to the WordPress application and having it hosted on Bluehost. You are simply connecting a line between the three so that you can use your hosting, with a specific domain, to host a WordPress blog.

In your cPanel, you will see a heading called ‘Website’.’ Under that click on ‘Install WordPress’. You will be taken to a new screen where you will be able to click on ‘Install’ or ‘Import’.

The import button would only be used if you had a WordPress site through another hosting company, and you have downloaded all the WordPress files to your computer and want to import them into your new WordPress site hosted by Bluehost. Or, you would want to import your files back if you had downloaded your WordPress files and uninstalled WordPress from your domain name at some point on Bluehost.

You will also notice that they will install WordPress for you for a price. You are more than capable of installing WordPress yourself, so don’t worry about the ‘recommended’ that they put behind ‘let us do it for you’. I’ve found that you will learn as you go with WordPress, and with just a little bit of information, everyone is capable of installing and managing and troubleshooting their WordPress site. There is so much information on the Internet that all it takes is some interest and research to find out what you need to find out.

Click on ‘Install’ and you will be taken to another page where you need to select the domain that you want WordPress to install to.

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Note: As an alternative from doing the above, in your cPanel, you can navigate to ‘Mojo Marketplace’ and click on ‘One-Click Installs’. This will take you to a list of applications that you can quickly install, including WordPress. Click on ‘WordPress’ and then ‘Install’ and then choose the domain you want to install WordPress on.

You can leave the ‘directory’ blank if you are planning on making your new WordPress site strictly about business or blogging. If you were, for example, creating a site that was going to be geared towards a forum, and wanted the main URL, such as http://mysite.com, to be directed to the forum, then you may want to enter ‘blog’ into the directory path. By creating a blog directory, that is where WordPress will live, and you will be able to send people to http://mysite.com/blog to view your WordPress blog and http://mysite.com to check out the forum once you install a forum application. Alternatively, you can leave the ‘directory’ blank to make your homepage your WordPress site and then create a new directory called ‘forum’ when you install a forum app on your domain. If this doesn’t make any sense right now, it will if you start adding more applications to your domain name, so don’t worry about it right now. It’s not essential to know this stuff to install WordPress. Moreover, you can always uninstall WordPress later and fix where your domain name is pointing to. For now, simply leave the directory blank so you can get yourself up and running with WordPress.

Bluehost will check the domain, which could take a few minutes. This is normal, and it just means that they are checking for other installs on the domain and whether or not it is possible to install WordPress on that domain. The chances are high that everything will go through fine, and you will be able to move on to the next step.

Step 3: Fill In Your Details

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Next, you are going to fill in the details for your new Bluehost WordPress site. You will see a page that says ‘Last step, you are almost there!’ and then has a ‘show advanced options’ checkbox. Check that box and it will expand to show you the fields for Site Name, Admin Username, and Admin Password. You will notice that there is already information there, and you can keep it if you want to. You will still be able to install WordPress. But, I recommend you change the information to suit you.
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What To Do When One Door Closes And Powerful Examples Of Why

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There is one thing that is an absolute truth in life – when one door closes other doors will open. There are so many different opportunities and directions to go in life that doors are always waiting for you to go through them and experience what is beyond them. You just have to choose which ones you want to go through.

Nobody can deny that when a door closes you are forced to look for different ways of doing things, which leads you to new doors and new paths. But, when a door closes, there are some things you need to do to make sure that you find those new doors and paths. Following are some things you must consider with some powerful examples of why.

Remember That It Was Meant To Close

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Usually, when one door closes, we are meant to go in a new direction. We may not see that clearly at the moment, but in hindsight, it is crystal clear. The door we thought meant so much to us turns out to be a hindrance to our success, and we can only clearly see that when we have walked through another door and see a new path that pushes us further towards our success. Perhaps one of the best examples of this is a job loss where we can’t get over how much the job means to us.

One accountant I know lost his high paying job. He didn’t love the job, but it gave him the freedom to buy what he wanted to buy and do what he wanted to do, so when he was let go, he felt like it wasn’t meant to close. He got busy looking for a new job, but he still thought he would never find anything as good as the job he was let go from. After a few more failed jobs, he was convinced that the first job was his dream job, and work would never feel as good as it did back then. Then, he was hired at a place he would have never considered previously. He took the job because it was the only job available. It was the only door open. Twenty years later, he is still at that job, and it is his dream job. It’s allowed him to grow in so many ways that he was never capable of doing at that first job. He makes more money, and he loves to go to work each day. And in hindsight, he can see that the first job needed to end so he could find his way to this job.

Nail That Door Shut If You Have To!

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Sometimes when one door closes, we try to reopen it many times throughout our lives. And sometimes we are successful doing so! For instance, after a job loss (even the loss of a job we hate), we may try to keep getting that job back instead of looking for another door that will lead us down a different and possibly better path. Then when we get that job back, things go bad again and soon we are wondering why we even bothered opening the door again.

Sometimes you have to nail that door shut behind you and let go of the notion of it ever opening again. If the situation was negative, abusive, or hurtful in any way, then it is better left shut. Don’t waste your time going back through that door and trying to recapture something that isn’t there. There are plenty of other doors for you to choose from, and they all offer new experiences for your life.

A friend of mine once dated a drug addict. He couldn’t hold down a job. He used her for money and her kindness, and he lied to her all the time. It took a while, but eventually she was able to leave him and move on. She thought the door was closed, but it turns out she hadn’t nailed it shut. She hadn’t totally let go of the idea that he could be a decent guy in her life. One day he showed up at her house begging her to come back to him. He told her that he wasn’t doing drugs anymore, and she was the only good thing in his life. She opened the door back up and let him in, and it took another year of crying, pain, and struggle for her to shut that door again. But, when she did, she nailed it shut. She vowed never to fall for his lies again, and opening it back up wasn’t even an option for her. She ended up finding the perfect guy through another door.

Stop Looking At The Closed Door!

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When one door closes, take your attention away from it. If you stay focused on the closed door, then you cannot see the new one that has been opened for you. Again, a breakup is a great example of this!
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