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February 26, 2017

7 Tips To Keep Your State Of Mind More Positive

Ways to be positive

By definition, your state of mind is the mood you are in at a particular time. While it can change from positive to negative based on certain life events, it shouldn’t change drastically from day to day during everyday life. If you feel like your state of mind is changing from positive to negative on a day to day basis and want to get off the rollercoaster, then this article will give you some tips to help stabilize your mood. Do one of them, and you will find your state of mind is more positive more often. Do them all, and your entire life is likely to change for the better.

1. Find Things Worth Feeling Excited About

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When something exciting is going to happen in your day, your state of mind will shift to a highly positive state. You will wake up with energy and jump out of bed – often earlier than you normally get up. You will feel good as you focus on the exciting thing happening. And everything you do will feel lighter, more interesting, and more fun. Basically, you feel more alive!

Why not recreate that feeling on a daily basis and help you maintain a fresh, fun, and positive state of mind like you do on those rare days something exciting is happening? Why not keep yourself in a constant state of ‘Yes! Today I get to do something awesome’?

I know that some people may not feel like there are many (if any) things in their life that make them excited. I get that. When your state of mind sucks, you don’t see a lot of good in your life. That’s why you need to step out of your daily habits and look for something new to add to your life that is good. And if you look, you will find it!

A friend of mine was told to find one thing she was excited about by her therapist, and for weeks she agonized over the fact that she wasn’t excited about anything. But, as she focused on trying to find one thing that she was excited about, she found herself exploring new things in her life. She tried things she had never tried before in an attempt to find that one thing, and because she opened herself up to so many new things, she eventually did find that one thing. It was scrapbooking, which was something she wouldn’t have thought about doing before. She found that scrapbooking was a way for her to unleash her creative side and focus on the good things (instead of the unwanted things) that were happening in her day to day life. Every day she woke up excited as she thought about working on a new page for the day.

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You may not find scrapbooking very exciting, and that’s okay. The point is you need to open yourself up to looking for that one thing that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning.

Do that by saying ‘yes’ more often. Allow yourself to try new things. Allow other people to suggest new experiences that you may not think of. The more you do in your days, the more chances you will have to find things that make life worth living.

2. Stop Doing Things You Hate

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If you find that your state of mind is bouncing back and forth between positive and negative on a daily basis, then there is a big chance that you are doing some things that you really hate. And, there is a bigger chance that you are doing things you hate as much or more than you are doing things you love.

When you are doing things you love, life feels easier and happier. You don’t struggle with your day as much because you are not putting up a ton of resistance like you do when you are doing things you hate.

For instance, if you hate your job, then you are living a big part of your life doing something you hate. How can you maintain a positive state of mind when you have to go to work and don’t feel good about it? You can’t! Your state of mind is affected negatively as you think about going to work and try to find ways to avoid it (resistance to what’s going to happen), as you go through the motions at work and want to go home (resistance to what’s happening), and sometimes after you leave work.

Beautiful brunette woman expressing freedom outdoors with her arms outstretched.And sometimes the things you are hate doing are not that big but add up to be just as impactful. For instance, if you don’t mind your work, but hate your drive to work, the chores you have to do when you get home, and the lack of time you have to yourself in the evening, then those things are going to add up and cause your state of mind to bounce back and forth between work, where you feel good, and home, where you feel stressed out.

You can’t tell me it’s not possible to stop doing things you hate. I know from experience that it is possible to change around schedules, habits, and activities so that you are doing things that make you feel good rather than bad.

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Sometimes even a minor shift in how you do something can make it less painful and more appealing. So sit down and write down the things you hate doing the most and how you can replace or change them in a way that will help you be happier more often.

3. Become The Person You Most Respect

positive mind, positive vibes, positive life - motivational handwriting on a napkin with a cup of coffee

Warning! Personal growth and getting out of your comfort zone ahead!

You can’t change other people, but you can change yourself. You’ve probably heard that before, but it doesn’t hold a lot of meaning until you actually start to change yourself and become the person that you want others to be in the world. When that happens, you stop focusing on other people so much and your state of mind improves as you focus on how amazing you are.

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February 19, 2017

7 Motivational And Inspiring Stories About Finding Courage In Life

Motivational and inspiring stories to be courageous

A lot of things in this life require courage. Without courage, we stay in our comfort zone and miss opportunities, and we live in a state of pain or grief much longer than we need to live there. With courage, we can accomplish great things and create a life that is worth living. If you need some courage right now, then I hope one of the following motivational and inspiring stories about finding courage will inspire you to gather it and find the strength to do what needs to be done.

1. A Story About Finding Courage To Deal With The Upcoming Death Of A Loved One

girl holding balls on the background of sunset

Carlie’s mom was going to die, it was just a matter of when. She had stage 4 cancer and was given a life expectancy of under 12 months. Carlie was living in denial and terrified to admit that truth to herself.

Carlie spent the first month after her mother’s suggested life expectancy avoiding her mother. She didn’t want to deal with the grief that was welling up inside of her. By avoiding her mother she could focus on other things that didn’t make her feel bad.

One day her mother showed up on Carlie’s doorstep unexpectedly. She had a scrapbook in her arms and said she wanted Carlie to take a look at it. Carlie and her mother sat down at the kitchen table and her mother opened up the scrapbook and went through it page by page with Carlie.

Top 5 Ways To Be Courageous

At the end, Carlie knew that she would no longer hide from the upcoming death. She also knew she wouldn’t focus on it either. The scrapbook, full of loving and happy moments between Carlie and her mother, had reminded her that her mother’s life was more important than her death and that Carlie wanted to soak up every moment that she had left with her mother.

She started her own scrapbook that same day focused solely on the journey her and her mother were taking together. Every week she filled it up with memories of what they did. Laughter, fun, love, and adventure were the main themes of the scrapbook.

The experiences she shared with her mother, along with the reminder of those experiences as she scrapbooked them, gave Carlie the courage to spend time with her mother, even when she wasn’t doing well. She cherished the life, not the death, and in the end, she learned that was really mattered the most.

Carlie says that this story is focused on one of the biggest lessons of her life. Moreover, it is one of few motivational and inspiring stories she shares with everyone she meets.

2. A Story About Finding The Courage To Leave An Abusive Spouse

Inspirational motivation quote about business on clipboard background and office desk with laptop, notebook and coffee cup.

Brittany’s husband was good to her for the first few months of marriage. She got pregnant, they were happy, and everything seemed perfect. Then she found out he was cheating on her.

She confronted him and yelled and screamed and slammed doors. She knew she was overreacting, but she couldn’t believe that he would cheat on her. He didn’t say anything to her. He just walked out the door and didn’t come back for a week. He didn’t answer her calls. He gave her the silent treatment for the entire week and she nearly lost her mind.

Her friend told her that this kind of treatment was emotionally abusive and she needed to make sure she let her husband know that it was not okay to treat her like this. Instead, when her husband came back, she decided to let it go in fear that he would leave again. He never brought up that cheating incident and she was too scared to.

Then a few months later she found out he was still cheating on her and she flipped out again, expect this time he didn’t just leave. He grabbed her by the throat and told her that SHE had pushed him toward cheating because she was so crazy. Then he pushed her into the wall, walked out the door, and didn’t come back for two weeks. Again, he gave her the silent treatment.

When he came back, she had nearly lost her mind. Wondering where he had been, and assuming it was with the woman he cheated with, had left her feeling hopeless and unwanted. She felt weak and powerless, and she knew that if she pushed her husband again he would run back to the arms of his mistress, so she decided once again to let it go.

After she had their baby, her husband became angrier. He didn’t like the baby crying. He didn’t like the fact that his wife couldn’t always keep the house clean and have supper on the table for him. And he didn’t like the attention she was showing to her baby over him.
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February 12, 2017

20 Inspirational Songs To Add To Your Inspirational Playlist Today

Inspirational songs to listen now

This is a list of inspirational songs for every area of your life, which is why you need to add all of them your inspirational playlist to have ready. You never know when life is going to throw you something where inspiration is required. Some songs are fun and inspire joy, but some songs can inspire you to stay strong, help you stay committed, make you more positive, and help you reach new heights. Some songs can inspire you to focus on what really matters in life. Some songs can help you make important choices in life and love. And some songs can inspire you to do something amazing in your life or someone else’s.

1. Sia – The Greatest: Inspires You To Keep Going

imagination, happy girl jumping with multicolored balloons at sunset on the beach, fly, follow your dream

Sia has hinted that this song is a tribute towards the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting, and some people say that it represents the struggle that the LGBT community go through. In the video, it shows the struggle that children go through as they find themselves. But the words are inspiring for anyone who is trying to accomplish something.

“The Greatest” is not only catchy, it causes your emotions to go up and down with the lyrics. In the start, we can all relate to the ‘Uh-oh, running out of breath’ and the ‘see another mountain to climb’. That’s how life works. We run into constant struggles in all areas of our lives and we have to summon up the courage to not give up and move forward.

The transition in the song from the struggle to the self-talk ‘Don’t give up, I won’t give up’ is how we move through tough times. Then, as we start to realize our strength, we realize that we are free to be the best at what we are doing if we want to be.

This is my go-to song when I need to be reminded that I’m alive, I’m strong, I shouldn’t give up, and I’m free to be awesome at whatever I want to do, whether that be in my career, in my relationships, or in any other part of my life. I have yet to find a part of my life that “The Greatest” doesn’t give me inspiration for.

2. Bon Jovi – It’s My Life: Inspires You To Take Control Of Your Life

Illustration of an inspiration and motivating popular quote, the secret of getting ahead, on a grungy school paper background for postcard

“It’s My Life” is one of those inspirational songs that you want to listen to when you are starting to get pumped to live life to the fullest or to go after something that you want. As the intro says, ‘This ain’t a song for the broken-hearted’ because the broken hearted and the ‘faith-departed’ don’t always feel like they have control over their life. But for people who are standing their ground, not backing down, and are ready to make their own breaks in life, this song will inspire you to take control and do it now, because, as the chorus says, ‘I ain’t gonna live forever, I just want to live while I’m alive.’

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This song will inspire you to defend yourself when you need to and to keep going despite the people trying to slow you down. It will help you get back up when other people have tried (and possibly succeeded) to walk all over you. And, it will remind you that doing things your own way is a great way to live your life and make the most out of it.

3. The Youngbloods – Get Together: Inspires You To Live Peacefully

Make Things Happen message with blue heart cushions coming out of a coffee cup

When it comes to inspirational songs that can be sung as a prayer for peace, both out loud and in your heart, “Get Together” stands out. ‘Smile on your brother, everybody get together, try to love one another, right now’ is a well-known chorus, and “Get Together” is a well-known inspirational song that drives home the point that we should get together and love one another while we can. This song has been noted as a song that summed up what was happening in America and the world in the 60s, but the meaning behind it still holds water today. It’s a call for peace and brotherly love.

It also speaks of something that we need to be reminded of – fear is the path to death and love is the way to enjoy life. We have the power to choose which emotion we focus on, and we also have the power to shape the direction of the world as the lyric ‘You can make the mountains ring, or make the angels cry’ points out so well.

I strongly believe that the energy we give out can affect the people around us, so when you need to listen to inspirational songs that help you get into a loving and peaceful state that will hopefully affect other people in a loving and peaceful way, listen to this song. You will find yourself viewing the people around you in a different way and inspiring other people to take on that same view.

4. Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger: Inspires You To Do What You Need To Do In Any Area Of Life

Pointing finger up on bulb as a symbol big idea. Having new creative idea. Problem solution metaphor. Vector illustration flat design. Isolated on background. Thinking processes. Hand gesture Like.

I once used this song to illustrate the determination my friend had while running a long distance through an obstacle course. The song fit her determination in the video perfectly, just as it did for Sylvester Stallone in “Rocky III’ during his inspirational montage where he trains for his fight.

This song symbolizes having the will to stand back up and rise to your feet after going to the distance. In boxing, going the distance means to last all the scheduled rounds. So, the lyrics, ‘Went the distance, now I’m back on my feet, just a man and his will to survive’ speak of a man who has lasted through the tough times and is still on his feet trying to survive.

This song is good for getting things done with enthusiasm and spirit. If you need an inspiring song to help you finish off your workout, listen to this. If you need an inspiring song to confront someone with conviction, listen to this. No matter what situation, “Eye Of The Tiger” will help you realize how far you’ve come and how strong you are, and then prepare you to get to where you want to be.

5. George Michael – Faith: Inspires You Keep Hope And Faith Alive

Need some faith that something better is coming around the corner? Need to remind yourself to wait for the perfect person? Need to remind yourself of why you left your ex and should stay an ex with them? This song is good for all of those things and more. The beat is uplifting and it encourages you to keep the faith for something better.

This song has been used in my life for a variety of things. I used it to hold out for a loving partner. I used it when I was hopeful that I would have a great time on my vacation, but doubtful at the same time. I used it when I heard gossip and wasn’t sure if it was true or not. This song has inspired me to hold out and hope for a better outcome than my fears or worries could ever imagine, and that’s why I consider it one of the top inspirational songs around.

6. Tim McGraw – Humble And Kind: Inspires You To Be A Good Person Despite What’s Happening

Inspired artist man draws a picture in the workshop. Arts and painting.

If you need some inspiration to be kind and humble in a time where it’s hard to be like that, this song is for you. This song inspires me to be a better person during the high points and the low points in my life.

It’s got many reminders of what to do to stay humble and kind, including simple but important things such as ‘Hold the door, say please, say thank you.’ And, it addresses the fact that even if you have mountains to climb (which you do or will) you need to stay humble and kind. The whole song is full of great lyrics that remind you of what it is to be a good and loving person in this world.

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This is also one of those inspiring songs that will help you stay balanced when you achieve great things. ‘When those dreams you’re dreaming come to you,’ you will remember to stay humble and kind as you feel the pride.

7. Justin Timberlake – Can’t Stop The Feeling: Inspires You To Enjoy Life

Paper ball forming a lightbulb, white background

If you need some inspiration to get happy when you’re feeling down, “Can’t Stop The Feeling” should help. For me, it helps lift me up when I’m down and reminds me that when I’m feeling low or life feels too serious, I should take a step back and enjoy life.

I usually dance to this song because it’s hard not to start moving to this song as you’re listening to it. The lyrics say, ‘Feeling good, good, creeping up on you, so just dance, dance, dance,’ helps you feel incrementally better and get your body naturally moving.

8. Rascal Flats – My Wish: Inspires The Feeling Of Being Loved And Important

freedom concept

As far as moving and loving inspirational songs goes, this one tops the charts. It will feel like someone who loved or loves you is speaking to you. It will remind you of your love for someone else as you picture yourself saying the words to them. It will help you remember that you’re not alone – you have someone who loves you and supports you getting to your goals.

As a friend of mine put it, “It reminds me that I’m not alone in this world and no matter what my goals are or where I might have to go to realize my dreams, my friends and family are all still with me cheering me on and wishing me everything good and hoping for my success in every area of my life.

So, if you need some inspiration from a loved one, but they are not around to give you it, listen to ‘My Wish’. And when you hear, ‘And if you’re faced with the choice and you have to choose, I hope you choose the one that means the most to you,’ you will feel inspired to do what you need to do to keep moving forward.

9. James Bay – Let It Go: Inspires You To Let Go Of A Bad Relationship

Illuminated light bulb in a row of dim ones concept for creativity, innovation and solution

Sometimes we need some inspiration to end a relationship that we know is not good for us. While other people can tell us how bad the relationship is until they are blue in the face, it’s not until we really get emotional and understand that it’s time to move on that we can let it go. That’s where “Let It Go” comes in.

If you know that you and someone are too different to be together, this song will inspire you to recognize the turbulence that is going on between the two of you and help you make the decision to leave.

The lyrics ‘Why don’t you be you, and I’ll be me’ will stick out in your mind as you start to see that the two of you are different, and as you listen to the words, ‘Trying to fit your hand inside of mine, when we know it just don’t belong,’ you will become clearer on how you are trying to force the relationship that just isn’t working out.

10. Jennifer Rush – Power Of Love: Inspires You To Celebrate The Love In Your Life

inspire someone today - motivational handwriting on a napkin with cup of coffee

If you need an inspirational song to help you remember how powerful love is, “Power of Love” is a great song. It helps you remember the powerful connection you have with the people you love. It helps you remember why you fell in love with them in the first place. And, if they have passed on, it helps you remember how your love will always keep you connected.

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In fact, I’ve heard “Power Of Love” played at a few funerals where one lover has lost another and they want to remember the love that they shared and will forever share. It may leave you in tears, depending on where you at in your relationships, but it will inspire the deep passionate love which is always a good thing.

11. Martin Garrix BEBE Rexha – In The Name Of Love: Inspires A Loving Mood

Inspirational quote on notepad. Vintage color grading.

If you need some inspiration to get into a loving mood, then this is a great song. It inspires you to imagine what you would do in the name of love, which inspires you to think of the person you love and how deeply you really love them. That’s not something that we often think about in our day-to-day routine. So listen to this before a date or a big moment with someone you love.

If you are single, then this is a great song to remind you that waiting for someone who would do anything for you in the name of love, and who you would do anything for, is worth it. It will inspire you to look past the mediocre and hold out for something great.

12. Katy Perry – Firework: Inspires Excitement For Living

Inspiration quote : If you want something you've never had,you've got to do something you never done,Motivational typographic.

This is one of the best inspirational songs to get you excited about living life. It’s a great song to get your inspired to get back up when you have been beaten down, feel hopeless, feel useless, or feel invisible in life.

The song will remind you that there is a ‘firework’ inside of you and you don’t have to be unhappy. It will remind you that you are original and irreplaceable, and that the future has lots in store for you even if you are just coming out of a ‘hurricane’. As you listen to the lyrics, you can hear a really good friend telling you how amazing you are and how much you have to offer, and the upbeat tune helps ignite those thoughts and emotions even more.

13. American Authors – Best Day Of My Life: Inspires You To Look Forward To Your Day

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If you need a song to get you out of bed in the morning and in the right mindset, “Best Day Of My Life” will work! It fits all the criteria for a song to start the day off right – it’s upbeat, it’s inspiring, and it’s easy to sing and dance to.

Besides screaming ‘This is gonna to be the best day of my life’ over and over again, the lyrics at the end of the song, ‘Everything is looking up, everybody up now,’ is a great way to remind you that this is a fresh new day that you and everyone else are facing and there are many positive possibilities ahead of you.

Anyone who is struggling in life will also benefit from this song. If you are facing a tough situation right now, this song will remind you to make the most out of your day and not waste it away on worry, fear, or anger.

14. Hedley – Anything: Inspires You To Go After Your Dreams, No Matter How Different They May Be


This is one of the most inspirational songs for going against the grain and going after your dreams in life, despite what other people think. It’s catchy, it promotes a lot of emotion, and you can envision yourself saying, ‘A thousand disbelievers couldn’t keep me on the ground’ and ‘I can do anything’ as you listen to it.

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There is a swear in it, so people who don’t like swears in their music may not like this, but I think that particular swear word emphasizes the meaning behind the message of not listening to the haters or disbelievers and staying strong enough to do what you need to do.

15. Sara Bareilles – Brave: Inspires You To Be Brave

Young man enjoying the freedom in nature.

Need some inspiration to stop being so silent? Be brave? Be yourself? Be fine with who you are despite what other people say or think? Despite how they react around you? “Brave” by Sara Bareilles tells you that ‘You can be the outcast, or be the backlash of somebody’s lack of love’ OR ‘you can start speaking up’.

You can be brave, and like Sara Bareilles suggests, people want to see the real you – and they want to see you be brave.

It’s also a reminder that while some people are going to wonder if you have lost your mind as you do brave things, there are other people who are going to enjoy you and want to be brave too. Lastly, you will be reminded that being brave will help other people be brave too.

16. Pink – Raise Your Glass: Inspires You To Celebrate YOU

Portrait of handsome young man enjoying nature at mountain.

If you feel like an underdog, then “Raise Your Glass” will help you celebrate it and inspire you to embrace who you are. When you raise your glass, you are toasting something, which in this case, you raise your glass ‘if you are wrong in all the right ways.’

One of the things I like about this song is that Pink talks about her glass being empty and how much it sucks, which is a direct correlation to how much it sucks when you stop celebrating who you are!

This song will inspire you to keep that cup full and keep raising your glass as you move through life, even if you are the underdog, the freak, or just plain different.

17. Bryan Adams – Here I Am: Inspires You To Keep Going Forward And To Embrace New Relationships


I highly recommend having this song on your inspirational playlist as it can help inspire you at a few different times in your life. In fact, this song can inspire you in two big ways.

First, a lot of people need inspiration to keep going forward in a world that seems like it is stuck or going backward. “Here I Am” is a soft and slow song that says ‘it’s a new world – it’s a new start,’ which is exactly what we need to remember at this point. It’s a new world right now, but together we can make our dreams come true.

Second, if you are contemplating getting into a new relationship, this song can help you see the potential in it. Yes, getting into a new relationship can be scary, but it gives you a chance to start again and make your dreams come true. It helps you plant your feet firmly on the ground and say ‘Here I am!’ and let’s do this!

18. Taylor Swift – Shake It Off: Inspires You To Let Things Go

Man using hand-drawn business presentation in his hand on blurred background

This song was and is popular because it is so fun to sing, but also because it has an inspiring message behind it – you can shake things off and keep going forward despite what other people do or say.

It’s a song that reminds you that other people are going to do what they are going to do and all you have control over is yourself, so why not ‘shake it off’ when they do something stupid?

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It’s also a great reminder, with the lyric ‘I never miss a beat, I’m lightning on my feet, and that’s what they don’t see,’ that people don’t always see the awesomeness and potential you have. It will inspire you to remember that other people don’t have a clue what you’re made of, or are capable of, so their words are not truth, they are just opinion.

19. Walk Off The Earth – Rule The World: Inspires You To Go After Your Dreams Despite The Roadblocks

Inspiration / Papier mit Symbole

This is another one of those inspirational songs that will help inspire you to keep going towards your dreams when people are trying to hold you back. As you listen, you will remember the times that you did what other people wanted – ‘I chased illusion, then I watched it fade to black, throwing me off track’ – and it will remind you that you didn’t feel right doing those things that didn’t align with who you are and what you want. Then you get reminded that it feels great to carry on with your dreams and you should stay the course no matter what comes in your way – ‘found revolution… I aint’ coming back,’ which will inspire you to keep moving forward.

20. Alanis Morissette – You Learn: Inspires You To Grow From Painful Experiences

Portrait of beautiful young woman enjoying nature at mountain peak.

Lastly, this made the list of one of the most inspirational songs because it will inspire you to keep going during and after life’s down periods, and it will help you embrace the future down periods that are going to come. The song gives advice that you should bite off more than you can chew and stick your foot in your mouth because when you do things like that, you learn.

You grow every time something bad happens to you. That includes every time you lose someone or something, every time you laugh, every time you really take a chance and live, every time you do something stupid, and every time you make a choice.

Life has times of suffering and great joy, but at every moment you are learning and growing and becoming more of who you want to be. “You Learn” will inspire you to accept that fact and even celebrate the growth in your own way.

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February 7, 2017

Big Lessons For Today From Some Of The Greatest Speeches In History

Some of the greatest speeches

Who is to say what the greatest speeches in history are? There are so many amazing and memorable speeches in history that affect us all greatly at different times in our lives. Speeches on human rights, women’s rights, freedom, education, and other topics that really matter to the people of this world have been given by presidents, scientists, philosophers, leaders, and men and women looking for a change.

There are speeches said with so much passion that you can’t help but be brought to tears. There are moving speeches of real life stories focused on what people went through and the lessons they had to learn the hard way. And there are speeches that were created to, hopefully, make an impact and change the direction of the world.

It would be impossible to talk about all of the greatest speeches in history in one article. Therefore, while I think the following speeches offer some big lessons for today that everyone can learn and grow from, I highly recommend that if you are struggling with something in your life, look up some of the greatest speeches in history for inspiration, clarity, and motivation. They were written and said to inspire and inform. And they live on to help you break free from any limiting beliefs and struggles you may have so that you can move towards a better life.

John. F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address in 1961

Yoga at summit with aerial view of the mountain range and peak. Blue sky.John F. Kennedy made some of the greatest speeches in history, but his inaugural address made a clear statement about what he believed in and what direction he wanted, not just his country to go, but the world to go. The speech itself helped the nation understand how knowledgeable he was despite his young age of 43, and how serious he was about creating peace and cooperation.

While many people quote the line, ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country’, I think his next sentence, ‘My fellow citizens of the world, ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man,’ was beautifully said, sums up the message of his speech, and is just as important today as it was back then.

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The message paints a picture of cooperation, where we are all working together for the freedom of all. If this one line from his inaugural address had come true, imagine how the world would be now. A world working together for the freedom of all man and woman, not just the person who has certain beliefs or customs, but every man and woman.

His vision for the world was truly a great one and can be seen in this speech. If there were more leaders who held his core values and were willing to convey their messages to the public and other leaders, then this world would take a huge step in the right direction.

If you ever wonder what we can do to make this world better, watch this speech. It’s a great message to memorize. It’s also a great message to try to convey to other people in your own words. If we can all live in a way that aligns with the core values that promote this kind of message, the world will improve.

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