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March 29, 2017

12 Quotes About Not Giving Up And Staying Strong

Be strong and don’t give up

There’s a common belief among people who actually go after what they want: If you give up on something you want, you give up on your life.

The fact is that no one ever complained about following their dreams. No one ever complained about going after what they wanted with a vengeance. The only people you will hear complain about life are the people who couldn’t stay strong and gave up.

Aim to be the person who never complains about what you didn’t get to achieve. Use the following quotes about not giving up and staying strong to help you out. They are all equally important to remember as you work towards what you want in life.

1. Failure Leads To Success
photo of perfect slim female body with alarm clock in the hand on the wonderful yellow background
“Failure is an integral part of success, so don’t let that be the reason you give up.” – Prince Ea

One failure can make you want to give up, but failure after failure can beat you down and make you feel unworthy and incapable. I get it. But, if you choose to look at failure differently, it still won’t feel great when it happens, but it will not be a signal to give up; instead, it will be a signal to try again and keep going.

Try viewing failure in a few different ways.

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First, view failure as something that happens as a result of trying, which is a good thing. Most people don’t even try, so you’ve already taken steps beyond what most people will do.

Second, see failure as a way to build your character and make you stronger and more capable of taking bigger risks that might result in bigger payoffs, but also bigger failures.

Lastly, see failure as a tool that can help you understand how to move forward in a way that gives you a greater chance of getting what you want.

When you view failure in those three ways, it will feel much less draining. And, you will find yourself not giving up and staying strong in the face of failure, despite how badly you wanted a success instead of a failure.

2. Others Will Always Try To Get You To Give Up

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“Many will find fault: YOU must find the forward path.” – Tristan Bishop

When I first started my online business, everyone else thought it was ridiculous. It was what I wanted to do, but because they found so much fault in it, I felt like giving up. Thankfully I didn’t. I’ve gone on to create some amazing things and live a life that I want to live. But, it took a lot of strength to find the right path forward despite all the faults that other people found in it.

Other people won’t just try to affect your career path or your desire to go after your passions. They will try to affect the very essence of who you are.

For instance, I know a young man who recently came out as gay to his parents. Both of them see it as a phase, and they are trying to get him the ‘support’ he needs to realize what his true path forward is. Thankfully, this young man is strong and understands that his parents don’t understand who he is. He’s not going to give up on his vision for himself, just because they can’t understand it. He’s going to stay strong despite their disapproving looks, words, and actions. And that’s what not giving up on yourself is all about.

3. Not Many People Go After What They Want

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“Don’t cry because you want to give up, cry because you care enough to keep going.” – James Ellsworth

Almost everyone feels the desire to give up when they try to make changes in their life or go down a path that is challenging, but what those people need to realize is that they cared enough about themselves and their happiness to try. Most people won’t take the first step.

10 Things To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up On Love

Most people won’t go after what they want. This shows in New Year’s resolutions where almost everyone sets out goals for themselves, but, according to statistics, less than 10 percent of people actually achieve those goals. Their fear and resistance keep them stuck in a place they don’t want to be and they spend their time crying – not because it’s hard, but because they can’t even try to go after the life they want.
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March 27, 2017

3 Essential Skills You Need To Be Successful At Creating The Life You Want

Skills to create successful life

A lot of people want to know about the skills you need to be successful in life, but I think that knowing about the skills you need to be successful at creating the life you want can help you not just be successful in life, but create a life that you actually want to live. You can be successful at something you hate doing; in fact, a lot of people are doing that right now. But, being successful at something you hate doing doesn’t fulfill you in a way that makes life feel amazing. That’s why I highly recommend working on creating your own reality.

Most People Believe That Life Is Happening To Them

Vishen Lakhiani talks about an evolution of consciousness starting with the ‘early man’ (think caveman without communication skills) and ending with ‘the god mind’ (think about not listening to a higher power but being a higher power). Vishen says that most people are operating one step up from the early man in a ‘modern man’ state. This is where they feel like life is happening to them and that few things are in their control.

How can you experience real success in that state? Your dreams are desires go unrealized as you deal with the hand you are dealt on a daily basis. You chalk up whatever happens in your life as ‘just the way it is’ and you do the best that you can to make it through life instead of the best that you can to live a happy and fulfilling life.

birlikte baarmak & ekip baars

In order to be successful at creating your reality, you need to get out of the ‘modern man’ mindset and move to the next step, which he calls the ‘culture hacker’. This is where you notice that your thoughts, feelings, and actions are impacting your life and your goals. This is where you see that you are able to create situations and outcomes that you want and you are able to create the success that you want.

Once you get into this mindset, you will stop crossing your fingers hoping that life doesn’t deal you a bad hand and you will start doing things in your life that help you reach the success you want. So, let’s talk about the three essential skills you need to make that happen.

Some Big Tips On How To Be Successful In Life

Skills You Need To Be Successful At Creating Your Own Reality

A skill is the ability to understand and perform something well. A few of the following things may not feel like skills, but once you understand how powerful they are for creating the life that you want, you will see them as skills and want to work on them.

1. Ordering What You Want From The Big Cook (And Expecting Your Order To Be Delivered)

Young businessman in formal wear and hat with pan in hands. Mixed media

Have you ever asked for something in your life and really believed that you were going to get it? If you have, then you probably ended up getting what you wanted, as long as it wasn’t something completely unrealistic. This is because not only did you ask and believe that something was coming, you expected it. So, you kept your eyes open for ways that you could get it.

For instance, a friend of mine wanted a specific kind of job with specific benefits. He was working at a job he hated, but he knew that his perfect job was out there and he would be much happier in that job. So, he asked for the job, believed he would find it, and then expected to find his way to it. When he met people, he looked for ways they could help him. When he was faced with choices, he chose to do things that would move him closer to the job. And he constantly looked through the job boards to see if his perfect job had been posted yet. He didn’t worry about how he was going to find the job, he just knew that he was. And in less than a month, he met someone on the train who happened to work at a place where they had an opening for his dream job. He found out how to apply, applied, went for the interview, and had the job within a week of meeting that person.

Doing this successfully requires you to understand that what you want is out there, stay open to signs and coincidences, and then do things that help you get what you want. If you can do that, then you can find your way towards almost anything that you want to be successful at.

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March 22, 2017

9 Quotes About Determination That Will Help Strengthen Your Resolve

Determination quotes to strengthen you

Determination is all about you. It’s about making choices and taking action that helps you get the life you want. It’s about making decisions based on what you feel is right and staying the course, no matter what happens or what other people say. Having determination is important for living a life that you want to live. That’s why quotes about determination are so important. They help you keep your resolve to stay determined and build a strategy that helps make it easier. Following are 9 important quotes about determination that you may want to use.

1. Having Determination Despite This Crazy World

business people putting hands together to form a pyramid to show determination or teamwork spirit.

“Courage is waking up every day with hope and determination in an unpredictable world.” – Wasanga Mehana

Life is unpredictable. Your day is unpredictable. And that can be scary to a lot of people.

This is one of those quotes about determination that remind you that life is a day by day thing, and all you need to do is muster up the right attitude in order to face your day. It reminds you that you must maintain hope and keep working towards your dreams, no matter what is going on in the world today.

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So, if you wake up and you are met with bad news or your day doesn’t go as planned, remember this quote. Remember that with hope and determination you can muster up the courage to keep doing what you need to do.

2. Imagination And Determination Equal Accomplishments

setting and reaching goal in five steps - napkin concept sketch with a cup of coffee

“We can accomplish far more than we give ourselves credit for. It just takes imagination plus determination.” – Ari Sytner

Your imagination is NOT a place of unrealistic dreams. It’s a place to come up with ideas that will move you forward towards your dreams. It’s also a place to come up with the dreams and goals you want to achieve based on what you have experienced and what you want to experience in the future. When you combine your imagination with determination, you start to accomplish things you never thought you would accomplish.

The trick is to stop saying ‘I wish’ and start valuing your imagination as a practical tool for helping you see the options and potential you have in life – because that’s what it is, a valuable tool. When you view your imagination as something that helps you see real possibilities, you will start to gain the determination to go after all those amazing things that it can come up with.

3. Focus And Determination Equals Change

Young woman practicing push ups in a park. Side view shot of muscular female exercising with a log.

“With focus and determination you can change it all.” – Brendon Burchard

If you want to be happier in life, then change is necessary. You probably already value change if you are looking for quotes about determination. You likely want to find the resolve to stay determined enough to make changes. But, part of staying determined is understanding exactly how important change is and holding that belief in your mind.

13 Inspirational Quotes For Kids Ages 5-12

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March 13, 2017

7 Life Hacks To Help You Stop Worrying About Failure

Are you worried about failure? Read this then

Are there people out there who don’t worry about failure? Yes, in a sense. There are people who view failure in a completely different way and instead of worrying about it, they embrace it. I know that sounds crazy, but with the right mindset and ways of being, you can view failure as something to embrace too. The following life hacks will help you to stop worrying about failure and start seeing it as something valuable and even needed in your life.

1. Pretend This Is Heaven

Happy young woman drinking juice and using mobile phone at summer resort

Kamal Ravikant, a best-selling author, gave a speech on loving yourself. During it, he talks about a friend of his that died for 7 minutes after a heart attack at the age of 24. She said that after that happened to her, anything she wanted in life came to her. When he asked her why she thought she was attracting things so easily, she said that she started to wonder if this was heaven, because nobody can prove that she really didn’t die for good from her heart attack. And if this is heaven, she said, they I can have, do, or be anything I want.

Imagine having that kind of mentality. Would you worry about failure? No, because you know that eventually you can have, be, or do anything you want. Moreover, if you believe this is heaven, then failure must be a part of being in heaven, right? It must be necessary in heaven, for some reason, so why not just embrace it at as a part of your journey to get whatever you want?

How Relationship Failure Leads To Success In Life

In short, pretend this is heaven where nothing is happening TO you, it’s happening FOR you. Everything that happens is happening to set you up with what you want because it’s heaven – a place where you can get anything you want. And let this belief carry through all areas of your life – your health, love life, and career. If you do, then you will take failure in any area of your life as a part of the process of getting what you want – and it won’t seem like a bad thing that you need to worry about.

2. See Failure As A Confidence Building Tool

Mom with her 6 years old daughter walking along city street and eating ice cream in front of the outdoor cafe. Good relations of parent and child. Happy moments together.

Do you want to be more confident in all areas of your life? You can be confident without failure, but you can’t gain the level of confidence that allows you to face life’s ups and downs head on and move through them easily.

For example, you may start a business and have instant success. Of course, you will feel confident during this time. You will feel like you know what you are doing and that you are capable of success, and that confidence will help you move forward. But, when something goes wrong, your confidence will be tested. You may start to doubt your ability to run a business, and that doubt will affect how you interact with your business and how successful your business is. But, if you experience ten big failures in business where you lose or nearly lose everything, and then you build a successful business back up, you will gain a superman-like confidence in your ability to come back from obstacles and still be successful.

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March 13, 2017

13 Inspirational Quotes For Kids Ages 5-12

Get your kids inspired with these quotes

Kids grow a lot between the ages of 5-12. They are developing their self-image, facing challenges, and learning how to live in a healthy way. With the right information, they can build a solid foundation of beliefs and habits that help them transition into their teen years easier.

While kids may not remember a lecture that you give them, they will have an easier time remembering some inspirational quotes for kids. Posting the following quotes in their bedroom, whether in a picture frame or just tacked onto their wall beside their bed or desk, will make sure that they look at them often. The more they look at them, the more they will understand believe them and incorporate them into their core value system. And that will set them up for a brighter and better future.

1. On Choosing Friends

Family with two children sleeping together on a same bed

“Fake friends, negative friends, ain’t nobody got time for that.” – Prince Ea

It can be hard to choose friends wisely as a kid. Kids are often drawn to other kids that are like them, but if they lack self-esteem, they can also choose friends that are controlling or pick on them. That can hurt their self-esteem even more and set up a mentality that they will struggle with for a long time to come – possibly even into adulthood.

Moreover, if they pick friends who constantly make bad choices, they can set themselves up for a lot of trouble in school and at home as they join in with their friends in an act to bond and be alike. They can develop negative habits and beliefs and have a hard time seeing themselves as a good kid who makes good choices and being a good kid who makes good choices.

This quote by Prince Ea is an easy one to remember. Explain to your kids that if they feel like their friends are not being honest or real, or if they are making them do things that are bad, then they don’t need to stay friends with them. There are better things that they can do with their time, including finding better friends who make them feel good and help them do good things that they are proud of.

2. On Belonging

Happy children playing outdoors. Kids having fun in spring park. Friends lying on green grass

“You are worthy of love and belonging.” – Brene Brown

It’s important that kids feel like they are an important member of the world. It’s important that they feel like they are valued in their family, school, church, extracurricular activities, and anywhere else they go. They need to know that they are worthy of being an important part of any group they belong to and that they are worthy of being loved.

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This quote by Brene Brown will help remind them that they are worthy of love and belonging. It will boost their self-confidence. It will increase the value they place on themselves. And it will help them stay committed to groups that value them and disengage themselves from groups that don’t recognize their value and worth or treat them with the kindness and love they deserve.

3. On Purpose

Multikulturelle Gruppe Kinder im Sommer liegt gl├╝cklich im Gras

“Your life has purpose. Your story is important. Your dreams count. Your voice matters. You were born to make an impact.” – Unknown

As adults, we need to know the value of purpose. Without it, we feel like we are just going through the motions of day to day life, and something feels lacking from our lives.

Setting kids up with a strong sense that they have purpose will help them carry that belief into their teens and adult life. It will help them place a lot of value on themselves and what they can do in this world. It will help them take risks and do bigger things than just their day to day life tasks. It will also help them keep their eyes open for their purpose, which will ensure they always feel alive and on a path that has meaning.

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