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April 27, 2017

Life-Changing Points Pulled Out Of Speeches By Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn’s wise advices

Jim Rohn was an amazing man. He was a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and author, and he had a kind and easy way of talking and sharing his wisdom. But, if you never had an opportunity to attend one of his seminars or listen to one of his speeches, you can’t understand how powerful his advice was. I went through a few of the speeches by Jim Rohn and pulled out some bits of pure gold that could impact your life in a very positive way.

The Psychology Of Wealth Speech: What Jim Rohn’s Mentor Taught Him

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In this speech, Jim Rohn talked about how he was forced to lie to a Girl Scout selling cookies because he couldn’t afford to buy them. Instead of telling her that he couldn’t afford them, he told her that he already had plenty of Girl Scout cookies in his home. He felt horrible about that and decided that he didn’t want to live like that anymore. Once he decided that, he met Earl Shoaff, an entrepreneur and motivational speaker who changed his life.

One of the things Jim mentions in this speech is that it seems when the student is ready the teacher will come. This is something really important to keep in mind. We need a teacher, or a mentor, to help us understand concepts that we don’t yet understand. So, if you are ready to grow in any area of your life, keep your eyes open for that teacher!

5 Life-Changing Reasons You Should Seize The Day

Jim found that Earl Shoaff put things so simply that you couldn’t help to understand them. For instance, when he asked Jim why he wasn’t making more money, Jim replied that his earnings were all the company could pay him. Earl said, “No, this is all the company is paying you. They pay out a lot more money over top of you.” He made it clear that the company had more money to pay and Jim didn’t need to work on the company, he needed to work on himself in order to make more money. In other words, he needed to focus on personal development.

He also taught Jim that some of the most valuable things are put on the highest shelf, and each book you read can be stood upon to help you get closer to reaching those things. This concept has changed the way I look at reading. Each book I read can be added to the stack I step on that helps me reach the life I want. So simple, but so obvious when you think about it.

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And, Jim said in his speech that one of the biggest things Earl taught him was that ‘success is what you attract by the person you become’. In other words, you don’t just attract success by wishing for it. As you work on yourself, you grow into a smarter, more appealing, and more aware person, and it becomes easier to attract the people, situations, and experiences that you need for success.

He also talked about how profits are better than wages. He said, if you want to earn a living, then depend on wages. But, if you want to make a fortune, then depend on profits. And, if you think you can’t make profits while you make wages, then Earl will change your mind with this thought – ‘while you work on your wage full time, you can work on your profits part time’.

Lastly, Earl taught Jim that your income is related to your philosophy, not the economy. This is all about perception, and it’s so true. For instance, if you think you are not worthy of getting a raise, then you are not going to get a raise. You will do things to sabotage yourself, both consciously and unconsciously. What you think can happen will happen, so make sure your philosophy about yourself, your potential, and how much wealth can be created is high.

The Skills To Help You Get Out Of A Mediocre Life Speech: This Is The Stuff You NEED To Know!

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This is one of the speeches by Jim Rohn from 1981. The advice was life-changing then and it still is. Following are a few of the key important points from this two hour speech.

Unless you change who you are, you will always have what you got. But, Jim says that the good news is you can have more than you got because you are capable of becoming more than you are. You are capable of growth. You are never stuck where you are because you can learn and use what you learn to reshape yourself and the world around you.

Also, get stronger and wiser from the disappointing times. You can’t get rid of them. They are going to come into your life. But you can change how you interact with them. As Earl taught him, ‘don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better’. So, instead of wishing for less challenges, wish for more wisdom!

5 Life-Changing Truths About The Power of Compassion

Next, take advantage of the good times when everything is going right. The more you use the good times to set yourself up for the bad times, the better the bad times will be. For instance, if you are making a lot of money suddenly, invest your money, save your money, and use it for personal growth. Don’t spend it on stuff that doesn’t help you prepare for the bad times. Spend it on stuff that helps you have an easier time when the down times come. And we all know they will!

He also said to become like a child. Be curious. Get excited. Have faith. Have trust. All of these qualities are child-like qualities, but they are always traits that help us grow and find more success in life. When you are curious, you look for answers. When you are excited, you take action. When you have faith, you take leaps that you wouldn’t otherwise take. And when you have trust, you keep working towards things even if they haven’t shown up just yet.
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How can you change anything in your life? Jim says that you need to become a good reader. He says that you can learn from your experiences, but reading helps you learn from other people’s experiences. That’s the key to getting out of a mediocre life faster. You can learn as you go, or you can learn as you go AND as other people go. This viewpoint has changed the way I look at books. They are not just full of information, they are full of failures and successes (lessons) that I may not have for years – or ever.

Next he talks about how we need to use what we got because whatever we don’t use, we lose. My grandparents were great examples of this. My grandfather used his brain every day. He worked through problems. He invented new things. He read. He debated. He pondered. His brain stayed strong until the end. My grandmother, on the other hand, watched soap operas all day. For the last ten years of her life, she struggled with things such as memory, awareness, and thinking. Now, there may have been other factors involved, but I’ve seen this truth time and time again. What you don’t use, you lose. So, what do you not want to lose? Your vitality, energy, mind, body, ambition, passion, or faith? Think about it.

Next he talks about whatever you sow, you shall reap. Yes, this is a quote from the bible, which, by the way, Jim said has a lot of good information in it for finding the success you want. This quote is a simple truth that we all need to understand if we want to move towards the life of our dreams. What we do today will produce the results of tomorrow. If we do nothing today, then nothing will happen tomorrow. But, if we grow, take action, and plant those seeds of success today, the rewards will come.

He also talks about developing reasons to find success in life. It doesn’t matter how much intelligence or knowledge you have, you won’t do what you need to do unless you have reasons. Your reasons may include being respected, feeling good, doing good, helping others, finding joy, feeling satisfied, having an exciting journey, supporting family, travelling, or spending time with family and friends.

8 Awareness Quotes Discussed: They Could Change Your Life!

Jim said that one of his reasons was the pain he felt about not being able to buy those Girl Scout cookies that we talked about earlier in this article. The bottom line is that your reasons will alter your whole life, so pay attention to them.

He also said that we need to develop some real goals. Jim said that some people develop lousy goals, such as wanting to make enough money to pay off a bill. While that is a goal, it’s a goal that results in a lousy effect. You will make enough money to pay off a bill, but that will be it. So, why not make bigger goals that are really worthwhile of your energy? (I talk about one of the speeches by Jim Rohn on goals soon in this article.)

Lastly, Jim said we need to develop the ability to ask. Jim said that if there was one art to learn well, the art of asking is it. Asking starts the process to receiving. The process is mental and emotional, and while he couldn’t explain how it works, he said it just does. You don’t need to know how it works, just take advantage of it. Ask with intelligence. And be clear and specific when you ask – don’t mumble, or you are not really asking for something.

How To Work Smarter Speech: Time Is Precious

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This was one of the speeches by Jim Rohn in his later years. He began his speech talking about how it seems like we don’t have a lot of time in life. Even his 93 year old father didn’t seem to have enough time. This is something that most of us think about. Time goes so fast, and making the most of it seems to be a constant issue in life.

This speech was not about how to plan your day in terms of time. It was about how to make the most of your time today, tomorrow, and in your life.

One of the big points was his approaches to the management of time. He said to ignore the subject. I find that when we ignore the subject and just get into the flow, we use our time most wisely. We work. We do things that matter. And, we do it without interruption of worry, questioning, or other thoughts.

Jim also talked about how all life forms strive to their potential, with the expectation of human beings. Jim said this is because we’ve been given the ability to choose. We can do whatever we want. We can work on one plan and then develop a new plan. But, we still have the choice to strive to be all we were meant to be or settle.

For example, we can choose to learn as many languages as possible or choose to learn just one language. That’s why it’s important to choose to use your time to make the most of your life. Choose to do things that maximize your potential and you will be managing your time just fine.

Next Jim talked about the fact that if you don’t have time for the things that matter in life, you may want to consider doing something less intense. For example, if you are working too hard, and bringing your work home sacrificing time with your family, you may want to consider getting a job that demands less of your time. That way you can spend time with your family or doing hobbies or learning something new.

Jim also said something during this speech that we have all heard. Don’t work harder, work smarter. To me, this just means that we need to focus on the things that really matter and cut out the things that don’t. It also means tackling the big things first so that they get done before we get too tired, too unenthusiastic, or too bored to do them.

Next he talked about how we should use our time to work on developing our skills. Jim said that when we do that, we will eventually get more success with less effort. But, first we need to put in the time developing our skills so that we can get to a point where things require less effort and less time because we are so skilled!

Jim also said to take charge of your life, time, resources, health, etc. When you start something, you are in charge. Later, it’s in charge. So, you need to take back the leadership in your life and make sure things go the way you want them to go. Take it upon yourself to constantly work on your personal development, growth, and responsibilities.

When should you reach your goals? Jim said that ‘reasonable time’ is enough time. That’s a huge insight for most of us who are trying to get things done within a certain amount of time and stressing out about along the way. We even beat ourselves up when we don’t reach our goals within a time limit that we set forth.

What’s reasonable? He said that it’s not the hours you put in, it’s what you put into those hours. In the beginning, you may not have the skills that make your time really productive. But, when you have developed those skills, your productivity will flow and it will flow fast. So, the time it takes you to reach your goals depends on what you are trying to reach, the skills you need to reach it, and the time it takes those skills to make it happen.

I find a lot of successful bloggers I’ve talked to feel this way. They started their blog, developed their blogging skills, and once they had the skills, they started to see success faster than they had for months or years. And each blogger took a different amount of time to reach their goals. Some took only months, while others took over 5 years to finally develop the skills they needed to make their blog successful.

Lastly, Jim talked about setting goals. He said that setting goals is important to managing your time. Why? You have a direction. You know what skills you need to work on to get to the goal. You have a focus that brings inspiration into your life on what to do next. Having big goals in life will keep you focused and help you make the most of your life and your time. But, it’s important to have goals in all areas of your life so you don’t get too caught up in one area and forget to pay attention to other areas.

Setting Goals Speech: Creating The Life You Want
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April 23, 2017

The Art Of War By Sun Tzu Applied To Your Relationships

Art of war on relationships

It’s been a while since The Art Of War by Sun Tzu was written, but the wisdom found inside are still truths today that you can apply to all aspects of life. If you have not read it yet, I highly recommend that you do. Until then, you can read reviews of it and articles on how the lessons apply to various areas of your life such as business and negotiation. But, the reason you need to read it for yourself is because the ideas inside can help you outside of the scope of business and negotiation.

For instance, if you want to improve your relationships and stop the conflict in them, The Art Of War can help you, and we will talk about how some of his strategic rules can do that in this article. I’m going to paraphrase a lot of what Sun Tzu says and change some words that he uses like ‘enemy’ and ‘battle’, which is not what relationships should be about – even the most negative relationships we have. So, let’s take a look at his advice that can help you with both intimate and non-intimate relationships.

Know Yourself And Your Partner

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In The Art Of War by Sun Tzu, he made it clear that if you know yourself and your enemy, you don’t need to worry about having a hundred battles. He says that if you only know yourself, you will suffer a defeat for every victory you have. And, if you don’t know yourself nor your enemy, you will lose every battle you take on with them. This applies to your relationships in a big way!

You need to know both yourself and the other person if you want to stop fighting and start finding peace in your relationship. When you have awareness around yourself and your needs, you will be able to communicate better with other people about who you are and what you want, and they will have more of an understanding about where you are coming from. That will help them see your point of view clearer and stop a lot of the resistance that comes from not understanding each other.

When you take the time to understand other people, you start to understand their strengths and weaknesses. You understand their needs and how they view the world. You understand their belief systems. And you can work with that knowledge to come to a resolution that makes everyone happy.

8 Things To Remember To Improve Every Relationship You Have

But, when you have no self-awareness or awareness of other people’s feelings, beliefs, and thoughts, you will make choices based on instinct and reaction. You can’t make beneficial choices that benefit your relationship because you don’t know what will benefit your relationship. You don’t understand what you need or what they need, so you struggle and resist and fight and never find the peace that you want.

I’ve known a lot of people who operate from a lack of awareness in their relationships and are always in a constant state of struggle. Some of these people have been struggling for decades because they are simply unwilling to take the time to get to know themselves and other people.

If you find yourself struggling in your relationships, then self-awareness and general awareness of other people’s thoughts, feelings, and struggles, are two things you should be working on starting today. Speaking from experience, you will instantly find less struggle in your relationships and more peace.

Don’t Let Fights Go On And On And On

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Sun Tzu said that your objective should be victory, not battling it out for a long period of time. This advice can help you be viewed as a person who moves towards peace, not struggle, and it can help you gain the respect of the people around you.

Think about how this applies to your relationships and how beneficial it will be for your relationships. If your main objective is to fight, then you are going to be viewed as someone who wants to stir up trouble and create problems. Nobody holds someone like that in high regard. Nobody wants to be in a relationship with someone like that.

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April 15, 2017

8 Awareness Quotes Discussed: They Could Change Your Life!

How to change your life with these quotes

It’s easy to bury your head in the sand and not pay attention to yourself, the people around you, and the world. A lot of people think that they will be happier without living in a state of awareness. But the truth is that having awareness helps you reduce negative thinking and emotions, and it gives you the power to do something about things affecting your life negatively. Hopefully, these awareness quotes will help you see that and change your life forever.

1. Awareness Will Help Increase Your Daily Positivity

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“Hope, hopelessness, despair are relative. Awareness is absolute.” – Deepak Chopra

There is so much that happens to us throughout the day. We hear about things, we see things, and we experience things that we may or may not like. How we feel about these things can depend a lot on how much awareness we are carrying around them.

A Plan To Retrain Your Mind To Commit To Going After Your Big Dreams

For instance, if we hear about some political drama that is going on, it can cause us to lose hope or gain hope depending on our awareness. If we lack awareness around the situation, we often make stories up in our head and come up with the worst case scenario. However, if we have awareness around the situation – even a little, we often move forward with less struggle and more hope that things will work out. This keeps us in a more positive frame of mind.

It’s important to remember that hope, hopelessness, and despair can be natural reactions in relation to what is happening. But, when you see things as hopeless, you are not seeing things clearly. You are being influenced by the current situation. With more awareness, you will start to view things with a clearer lens that takes into account the whole picture, not just one situation, and that will decrease the negative thoughts and emotions.

2. You And Awareness Are One

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“You are awareness disguised as a person.” – Eckhart Tolle

Oprah once said that this was one of the awareness quotes from Eckhart Tolle that was a huge aha moment for her. Essentially this quote means that you are not the voice in your head, despite how loud it gets or how much it demands you listen to it. Instead, you are awareness.

If the voice in your head tells you that you are in a stressful situation, you can feel stressed. But, the fact is, just because that voice says it’s stressful, doesn’t mean you need to feel stressed.

If you gain a sense of awareness and see the situation for what is it, not what your mind is making it up to be, there is a good chance you will feel content at the bare minimum and joyful at the most.

For example, the other day I had to meet up with a judgmental friend who is known to complain and point out faults in everyone. The voice in my head told me I should be stressed and worried about getting together with her, and for a while I was. But, then I realized that I was much more than the voice in my head. I decided to move forward with a sense of awareness around the situation, which allowed me to wait and see what happened without guessing. I took it moment by moment and ended up enjoying the get-together. In short, I chose to live in my true state – awareness, and it helped me make the most of the moment and see it as it was rather than what my imagination decided it could be.

3. Can You Develop Your Awareness?

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“Taking responsibility for your destiny. Embracing the possibilities that arise today. Being open and alert to changing situations. Having a confident flexible response to change. Finding solutions when problems and obstacles block the way. None of these depend on god-given attributes, good luck or a happy childhood. They are awareness skills, and it’s totally realistic for you to develop them if you use hope as part of your inner strength.” – Deepak Chopra

All awareness quotes from Deepak pack a powerful lesson, which is why you will see a few from him in this article. This quote was from a meditation lesson he was doing on hope, and it makes it very clear that you can become skilled at awareness and exactly how you can do it.

Life-Changing Points Pulled Out Of Speeches By Jim Rohn

Looking at the skills he mentions, I can clearly see that people in my life who lack awareness also lack most of these skills. They don’t take responsibility for their own life. They are resistant to change. They give up when obstacles block the way and complain consistently about the obstacle instead. And, they come from all walks of life, but still, use their life as an excuse for where they are. I wish they could read and understand this quote, but the fact is they probably aren’t ready to hear it and wouldn’t be able to fully grasp its importance.

If you are still reading this article on awareness quotes, then I’m willing to bet you can see the importance in developing these skills. In fact, you probably already have a few of them locked down.

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April 14, 2017

6 Characteristics Of Champions

How to be a champion?

A champion is someone who comes out victorious when competing against other people or going after something they really want. There are many different characteristics of champions that make them winners, and the good news is these characteristics are not magical or unachievable by ordinary people. They are human characteristics that everyone has access to.

If you don’t have them yet, you just need to understand why they are so important and then put in the practice needed to develop them. And, they do take practice. You can’t just turn on a certain trait because you want it to. You have to change your beliefs around that trait and then use techniques and tools to help you develop it. Then, you need to work on maintaining it so that it becomes a part of who you are.

The bottom line is that you have the potential to be great. If you want to be a champion in life, then following is a list of traits that you will want to work on.

1. Courage

Erfolgreiche Geschäftsleute als Sieger Team jubeln stolz im Büro

Muhammad Ali, who is one of the most recognizable champions in boxing history, said that people who do not have the courage to take risks do not accomplish anything in life. I would add to that and say that people who do not have the courage to take more than one risk, will never become a true success or a champion in life.

Muhammad Ali had the courage to rise up despite criticism. He also had the courage to train hard, keep going despite his failures in his life, speak up for what he believed in, and stand up for what he believed in. The fact is that courage was a centerpiece in his life. But, you will find that courage plays a big part in every champion’s life.

Top 5 Ways To Be Courageous

Everyone who comes out a winner had to have the courage to start going after something they wanted in the beginning. It’s uncomfortable for everyone to start, and there is always a fear that you won’t be good enough, but the eventual winners gather up the courage to take the first step despite their fears.

And when failure comes around – and it always does – champions needed to gather up more courage to keep going after their dreams. They have to believe in themselves despite the failure. They had to keep trying even though their efforts resulted in failure before.

So, courage is an essential characteristic of becoming a champion. But how can you gain courage?

For starters, become passionate about what you want to achieve. Imagine yourself as a champion and everything that comes with it. Imagine your loved ones benefiting from your success and the pride you will feel as you succeed. Let the end result of being a champion fuel the passion inside of you. Then let that passion drive you forward by focusing on it rather than your fear. Every time fear or doubt arises, focus your attention back on what it will feel like to be a champion and let those feelings help you keep moving towards your dreams.

And, perhaps most importantly, understand that despite how much you try and prepare, you can still fail. Many people can’t work up the courage to do something because they are so scared of failure. The fact is that failure will happen because you don’t always get it right. You don’t always do the right things or prepare properly. You don’t always know the correct information. And other people and circumstances can sometimes get in your way of success.

Remember, Edison had about one thousand failures before he invented the light bulb. But, despite his failures, he still accomplished what he wanted because he had the passion to do it and the courage to keep trying. Be like all the champions in the world. Embrace failure as an important part of life and you will stop fearing it and letting it hold you back.

2. Belief In Yourself

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You can’t second guess yourself all the time if you want to be a champion. Champions have a faith in their ability to achieve what they set out to do. They may not always feel fully confident that they will succeed because they know that failure is a part of trying, but their core belief is centered around the fact that they can succeed if they just put enough effort in despite the failures. They also have a belief that they are going to achieve what they set out to achieve in the moment. They aren’t focused on the past or future. They are centered and do something with a belief that they can succeed right now.

Probably the biggest example of that is Babe Ruth, who is known as one of the greatest baseball champions in history, who called out a home run in the fifth inning of Game 3 in the 1932 World Series before he made it. It’s obvious that he believed that he could hit that home run, and he did. And there’s no doubt he had an inner belief in himself that he carried throughout his entire career to make him into one of the most well-known champions of baseball around.

7 Motivational And Inspiring Stories About Finding Courage In Life

The thing to remember is that believing in yourself does not mean you put down other people or bully other people. It’s not about rejecting other people’s ideas or support. It’s about trusting in your capabilities and letting that faith help you do what you need to do with confidence.

For instance, Susan Boyle had faith that she could impress the judges on Britain’s Got Talent, and that helped her do what she needed to do to become the success that she has become.

How can you develop faith in yourself? The biggest thing to remember is that if you have the desire to do something, then you have the potential to achieve it. The desire to achieve something is what helps you keep your awareness open to new tips, tools, and techniques to achieve your dreams. It’s what helps you practice continuously with faith that you will succeed. It’s what helps motivate you and keep the faith when things are stressful. In other words, if you feel the desire to achieve something great, then that desire is going to help you keep moving forward and become a champion in whatever area you want to be a champion in.

3. Creativity

lachende frau freut sich wie verrückt über gute nachrichten

Bobby Orr is known as the guy who brought more offense to defense. He was a defenseman who rushed the puck up the ice and set up teammates with passes. He redefined the position of defenseman in hockey, and he did it so successfully that many other hockey players followed his lead. This ability to be innovative and step out of the role he was supposed to be in made him a champion in hockey.

To become a champion, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. There are a lot of great people who have carved out a proven path to be the champion that you want to be.

But if you think (or believe) that you can do something that is not normally done, then why not do it? Why not test out your theories to see if they will work? If you are willing to push the boundaries and see if you can tweak something to make it better – or make yourself better, then there is a good chance you will discover a new technique or way of doing something that makes you stronger and more capable in that particular area.
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