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July 18, 2016

6 Must Read Books To Create The ‘What You Think You Become’ Belief

These are the must read books

What you think you become. We’ve all heard that said before, but just how true is it? From my experience, it’s extremely true. When I’ve thought I was a loser at work, I became a loser at work. When I thought I was an attractive person, I became an attractive person. Throughout my life, as far back as I can remember, what I’ve thought I’ve become.

As someone who has grown into a personal development enthusiast, I can say that every book I’ve read, every lecture I’ve attended, and every online course that I’ve taken has said the same thing in one way or another – what you think you become. And there’s a reason I want you to read, listen, and study these things.

The More You Learn About Something, The More You Will Believe It

The thought that your thoughts are creating who you are going to be is exciting! It means you have the potential to create an amazing future where you are healthy, happy, and successful. But, not everyone has a firm belief that they are in that much control of their future. In fact, many people don’t give a second thought to their thoughts and how they influence their present and their future and, instead, feel like they are being manipulated by something or someone else in life.

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If you are on the fence as to whether or not you thoughts influence your future, then you need to start by reading up. Books will influence your beliefs one way or the other. While I didn’t always understand how important thoughts were, the following books were just a few of the many I read that helped me understand how important your thoughts are to your happiness, success, and health.

1. You Are The Placebo by Joe Dispenza

This book is incredible for making you think about your thoughts and how they affect what you become, especially physically. One of the things I liked the most about this book is that Joe Dispenza does an excellent job explaining things from a quantum perspective. If you are feeling run down or are dealing with some sort of health issue, then this is the book you will want to read.

Joe Dispenza is a diligent researcher who has explored the science of spontaneous remissions and healing from conditions that were chronic or terminal. He started this after he healed himself from what was almost guaranteed paralysis. In the book, he uses the placebo effect to target new genes and restructure the cells in his body. He gets stronger each day and eventually he is up and walking after he was told he wouldn’t be.

In the book, you will read real stories of how powerful people’s thoughts are when it comes to their health. For instance, one man thought he was cursed and became really sick to the point of death. It wasn’t until the doctor convinced him (through the placebo effect) that the curse was lifted that he started to get better. This takes ‘what you think you become’ to a crazy level where other people can influence your health if you let them influence your thoughts. And that’s very important to understand!

In short, you will learn how your thoughts affect everything in your life. You will learn how they can keep you stuck or change the way your life is going. The information is backed by stories and science, so it will be a good read for anyone who wants some real proof that your thoughts affect your life in this way.

2. The Magic Of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz

“Think big and you’ll live big.” That pretty much sums up the idea of ‘what you think you become’. This book was written in 1959, and it focuses on how thinking big can lead to great accomplishments, a huge income, lots of friends, lots of respect, and much more.
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April 17, 2016

Manifestation Miracle By Heather Matthews: An In-Depth Review

Have you heard of Manifestation Miracle?

Manifestation Miracle claims that with the right knowledge, you can walk into any house you want and buy it and that you can quit your day job, along with other bold promises like that. Ever since the secret came out, I’ve seen bold promises like that that don’t really amount to anything for people who believe them. But, Manifestation Miracle is a popular course, and it continues to be something that people are talking about and taking part in. That’s why I had to buy the course for myself and do a Manifestation Miracle review. If it can help you get the life of your dreams like promised, why wouldn’t you want to try it out?

The Manifestation Miracle was created by Heather Matthews, who is an energy coach and life consultant, and an expert on energy flow. However, most of the videos inside of the program are done by Mark Ling. Even the bonuses commonly are done by Mark Ling. So, he’s kind of the face I put behind the Manifestation Miracle for now. It’s like he heard about her idea, helped her create the product, and then is doing the leg work for her as far as I can tell. But, either way, the program itself is valid and on point, and I think anyone who wants to start attracting more into their life will benefit from it.

As a side note – when you buy, you will be asked if you are female or male. You will find that in the pre-recorded affirmations, as well as the bonuses, your gender will come into play, so make sure you answer honestly.

How Manifestation Miracle Works

This is a course that contains various elements that work together to help you speak the language the universe speaks – or, in other words, get in a vibrational match with the universe so that you can attract what you want in life. Your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs will all shift as you go through the Manifestation Miracle course, and you will find yourself happier, having more success, and attracting more of what you want into your life.

There is a lot of information, video, and audio in Manifestation Miracle. I was over-the-top impressed with how much you get for the price they had it on when I bought it and still have it on during this Manifestation Miracle review. And, you can download everything in the course to your computer. All informational downloads are in PDF format, all audios are in MP3 format, and all videos are in MP4 format.

Basically it is a step-by-step blueprint that helps you figure out exactly what you need to do to manifest what you want in your life, and it helps you experience abundance. All aspects of the program work together to help you raise your energetic vibration.

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Heather Matthews calls this destiny tuning. The program helps to raise your energetic set point for you. It helps you speak to the forces of the universe. This may sound silly if you are new to the law of attraction and manifesting, but this is why some people can manifest awesome things into their lives easily while others struggle with getting somewhere better.

When you have the right vibration, you can manifest easier, and some people are just naturally in tune with that perfect vibration. The rest of us struggle to get ourselves into that energetic frequency that allows us to do what we need to do, see what opportunities there are out there, and manifest the things we want most in life. Manifestation Miracle is like a law of attraction hack to get the universe to listen to you and work for you better.

What Do You Get With Manifestation Miracle?

Like I said, I was surprised at how much you get. But, they are there for a reason. All of the components of Manifestation Miracle complement each other. They are all meant to raise your vibration, so make sure you take advantage of each aspect of the program if you buy it.

1. Manifestation Miracle Manual

This is a huge eBook at 162 pages. You can print it off, but it is quite big. It would be better to save it to your computer and read directly from there.

There are 5 parts to this manual.

Part 1 – You Are Destined for Success: here you will learn about the secret ingredient to making the law of attraction work for you – destiny tuning. There is an exercise called ‘heartstorming’ that is meant to help you connect with your true passions and interests. It’s a simple exercise that will leave you wanting to do more things that you enjoy on your terms. There is also an exercise that helps you choose new feelings to help you feel good consciously when you are feeling less than good. There is also a section in this book that talks about how you are what you think, feel, see, and vibrate – which is such good information (that a lot of people don’t understand) for making the law of attraction work for you. And that’s just in the first two chapters! There are 3 more chapters in this section of Manifestation Miracle that help you get on your own path, tune into your intuitive power, develop your intuition and more.

Part 2 – Getting in Tune with Your Personal Destiny: Here you will get more connected to your soul through information, an exercise, and a meditation. You also figure out what you are all about, what makes you happy, and take a self-assessment exercise. You will do an exercise called The Burning Bowl where you clear negative thoughts from your mind. You will learn why too much stuff affects your emotional and spiritual space. You will learn why you should find a mentor in life. And, you will learn why and how to fall in love with someone special – YOU. There’s MUCH more in this section, but just know that this is stuff you probably already know you need to do if you are reading this Manifestation Miracle review. If you are not clear on this stuff, then it’s like a piece is missing because you are not clear on your personal destiny, and you will feel that on some level.

Part 3: Raising the Roof with your Energetic Vibrations: Learn about how your feelings and your destiny go hand in hand. You will want to get more in tune with your feelings when you understand this information. When it comes to the law of attraction, you create what you feel, and this information can help you speed up your manifestation process big time. This part includes an exercise to help you gain awareness around your feelings. You will also learn more about affirmations and how they play a huge part in your attraction efforts (there are done-for-you affirmation mindtracks included with your purchase). In this section, you will also learn things like why and how to make a vision board and why gratitude is so important to your manifestation.

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Part 4: The Happiness Factor: Do you really need a reason to be happy? If you do, this part will give you one! Learn why success doesn’t bring happiness and what you need to do starting right now. Do an exercise on how to find your happy place. Learn where happiness really lives, how to find it in your life, and do an exercise where you step outside of your comfort zone (where all that good stuff you want is). There’s much more to this part on happiness, and by the end of it, I had a whole new awareness of my happiness and, of course, I felt pretty happy with all my new information and tools for happiness.

Part 5: The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow: This is where the Manifestation Miracle starts to happen in your life. There is one little tip in this part that changed my life forever. It is a new perception on how to make life easier and happier, and how to manifest what I want faster and more powerfully than ever before.

2. I’m Worthy of Abundance Success Workbook

This is a 21-day workbook to help get you even more in tune with the vibration of the universe and manifest what you want into your life. This workbook has one ‘focus task’ that lasts for one week in total, and four shorter focused exercises to complete every day. There is no set time to do these tasks, so don’t worry about making time in your schedule, just find time in your schedule.
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April 14, 2016

Save The Marriage System Review: Can This System Give You Instant Help?

How to save your marriage


I wanted to do a Save The Marriage System review because, after going through the entire thing, I believe in this system. There are plenty of books, courses, and ideas out there on how to save your marriage, but this package really hit home for me, so I know that it will make an impact on you too. The author, Dr Lee Baucom, has years of experience helping couples thrive. And, his training in therapy and coaching combine to give you real insights into what is going on in your marriage and how you can start to save your marriage, despite what is happening. If your marriage is in trouble, or you think it is going to be, then I think you will really benefit from this information that you can download instantly and start using today. Following is my Save The Marriage System review on the entire program and what you get.

The Save Your Marriage EBook

When you want to save your marriage, you don’t want to wait a long time. You don’t want to wait for a book to arrive or go out and buy it – you want it now so you can start working on your marriage now. That’s why Dr. Lee Baucom says you can start saving your marriage today with his system. You will get instant information because it is an eBook. I had it downloaded and open in less than a minute after buying it.

This eBook is 159 pages. You can print it off, and in the right margin, with the header ‘notes’, there is a section for you to take notes as you read, think, reflect, and learn.

5 Important Things To Say To Your Husband When Marriage Is Hard

Following is a summary of the 17 chapters in the eBook. If your marriage is trouble, you will recognize how beneficial this information is going to be.

Chapter 1: This chapter covers why traditional couple therapy can fail. I always thought that traditional therapy was the best option when your marriage was in trouble until I read this chapter. So, whether you have been to therapy or not, this chapter will give you some insight into how and why it might not help.

Chapter 2: This chapter covers one thing that you have to focus on for a successful marriage: moving from seeing things from the ‘you’ and ‘me’ perspective into the ‘we’ perspective. In fact, Dr. Lee Baucom says that failed relationships never focus on the ‘we’ aspect, so one of their major downfalls is the ‘me’ and ‘you’ perception. You will learn reasons you may be having the wrong perception and how it is affecting you and your relationship (even if you are not aware of it). This is a huge and important chapter with information, visuals, and a lot of aha moments to help save your marriage.

Chapter 3: This chapter covers the recipe for a successful marriage. In it, Dr. Lee Baucom goes over all the elements that work together to create a successful marriage and how they work together to boost marriage health and happiness. Yes, communication is a part of this, but there are a couple of other elements that you probably haven’t given much thought too. In fact, he teaches how you need one element in marriage to help develop clear communication. I promise that this realization will be a huge help for your marriage – and all the relationships in your life.
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October 7, 2015

The Science of Getting Rich – A Book Review

Do you want to get rich?

I’ve heard about this book forever, but I only just read it. Why? Maybe the word ‘science’ had something to do with it. But, because The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles was the inspiration behind The Secret – one of the books that changed my life, I knew that reading it was only going to benefit my life in some way. So, I did. Following is my review.

You Deserve To Be Rich

What I loved most about The Science of Getting Rich is that it promotes getting rich without guilt or shame. Wallace D. Wattles says that the best thing you can do, not just for yourself, but for God and humanity, is to make the most out of yourself.

What a great concept! When you make the most out of yourself, you can contribute to this world in the most powerful way possible. That concept is hard for most people who have been told that money makes you greedy and unliked. But, when you read this book and understand why poverty will hold you back, and why being rich will help you shine, you can’t deny that being rich is a really good thing.

The Book’s Principles Are Solid Still Today

Even though this book was written in 1910, the principles in it are still true today. Not everything stays the same throughout 100 years, but the way to get rich and have abundance truly has.

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