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July 18, 2016

7 Tips From The Richest Man In Babylon To Increase Your Wealth

How to increase your wealth taken from The Richest Man in Babylon

In the Richest Man In Babylon, you will find to-the-point lessons to increase your wealth. The book started off as a series of pamphlets that were originally given out to the public by banks. Then in 1926, they were combined to create the book that so many people know today. This book promises to give you financial principles that will lead you away from being broke to being rich. But does it really hold the formula for personal wealth? I think so!

Many people believe that it just gives information that other financial books clearly give, but with a fancier title. This is kind of true, but still – the book can help you understand your finances better and teach you how to create wealth. In fact, many people say that it has opened their eyes to their finances and how they view them.

It may have been written by a man who was born in 1874, but the information was true then and is just as true now. Plus, it gives you the information in an easy-to-understand manner, unlike a lot of other financial books on the market.

Whether you want to read the entire thing or not, you can benefit from a few of the key principles he talks about in the book. Following are some insights that everyone who has read the book takes away from it. They are guaranteed to benefit you too.

1. When You Have Money In The Bank, You Can Really Enjoy Life

“Money makes possible the enjoyment of the best the earth affords.”

This is the mindset you should move forward with. It is the mindset that will help you build the type of wealth that you truly deserve. Wanting to be wealthy doesn’t make you greedy. It doesn’t make you focused on the wrong things. Money really is the way to enjoy the best of everything life has to offer you.

– When you have money, you can go on vacation and see your best friend or family.
– When you have money, you can afford the first class seat and not have to spend four hours with no personal space.
– When you have money, you can buy someone something that will make them extremely happy and bring you closer together.
– When you have money, you can help out the needy and make a difference in people’s lives.
– When you have money, you don’t have to worry so much, and you can just sit back and enjoy all the things that life has to bring you.

Money does all that and more, and you should want to bring in money to your life.

I once took a course called Unlimited Abundance, and it involved working through limiting beliefs you had about yourself and money. Money being evil was definitely one of the biggest beliefs people had, thanks to society and influence. Most of us grew up thinking that being rich is a bad thing! It’s not unless you make it a bad thing.

The Science of Getting Rich – A Book Review

If you have a negative belief around money, then the Richest Man In Babylon makes it clear: money is a good thing, not a bad thing.

2. Save Some Of Your Money And Then Use It To Grow Your Wealth

As the richest man in Babylon named Arkad talks about how he became so wealthy, he mentions a man named Algamish who reveals a simple secret to becoming wealthy: save some of your money.

Do you save? For most of us, when we get our paycheck, we pay everyone but ourselves. We pay the store that sells clothes. We pay the grocery store. We pay our bills. As Algamish says, we pay everyone but ourselves, and we labor for others! Think about that. All the money you get paid goes towards paying others, not yourself. Yes, it can bring some new clothes into your life, but it doesn’t put money in the bank. And if you want to be wealthier, then you need more money in the bank!

To save means you will have to live on less than you earn. Ask most people and they will tell you that when they start saving instead of spending, they don’t really miss out on much at all. Yes, you may not get to go out for those fancy dinners anymore, but you can make them at home!

How much should you save? You have probably heard that you should keep ten percent of your earnings as savings, and that is exactly what is said in the Richest Man In Babylon. He does say not to let it be less than ten percent, so you can do more if you want! If you can’t do more, that’s OK too.

What you need to do, according to this book and every book on building wealth out there, is save your money and then use it on things that will make you more money. And then use the money you make from that to make even more money. In the book, Algamish talks about money earned from money as the children of your savings. Those children should also be used to work for you and make more money.

Once you have your money working for you in that way, you can enjoy all the things that you want to enjoy. But, in the beginning, as you are trying to grow your wealth, don’t spend it on things like clothes. Invest it on stuff that will further your business or increase your money. Invest it wisely, not foolishly, and you will start increasing your wealth in a way you never could just by saving ten percent of your income.

Just make sure you invest it wisely or you will be no better off than if you haven’t saved anything at all. As Arkad said, you need to invest only where your principal is safe. If you don’t, you will lose all your saved money, as so many of us have learned. And that’s a hard lesson to learn!

3. Your ‘Necessary’ Expenses May Not Be Necessary

Many people may be asking how they can save ten percent when all of their money is going towards their necessary expenses. But, the Richest Man In Babylon covers this point really well. As Arkad said, “Study thoughtfully thy accustomed habits of living.”
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November 8, 2015

Making Money Online: How To Do It As Quick As Possible

Everything online is about content. If you can create content, either written content, audio content, or visual content, then you can create something online that can earn you money. Making money online is all about giving information, answering questions, and entertaining people, and some ways of doing those things will make you money very quickly while other ways will require much more work and consistency.

Don’t get me wrong. To make money quickly, you still have to put in some effort. You can’t do one thing, cross your fingers, and hope that the money will come rolling in. You don’t have to put a full-time effort in. A few hours a day can be enough to help you earn some extra money quickly if you have a job or school to go to during the day. But, if you have a lot of time on your hands, think of it this way: the more time and effort you put in, the more of a payoff you will get.

And remember that your effort will pay off in more ways than one because making money online is not just about making money right now – it is also about creating a passive income stream where you will make money for months and years off one piece of content.

So, what are the quickest ways to make money online? Let’s take a look at the quickest ways for written, audio, and visual content and the good and bad of each avenue. This is an outline on making money quickly online, so if something interests you, learn more about the particular concept to make the most of it!

The 3 Quickest Ways To Earn Money From Your Writing

Written content is king online, and there are many different ways you can make money through your writing. Following are the quickest.

1. Ghostwriting

If you write well, then one of the quickest ways to start earning money – within a week of so – is to write content for other people. Every informational website you go to, every blog you check out, and every eBook you read could have been written by a ghostwriter. Many business owners outsource their writing so that they can focus on other aspects of their business, which means that there is always work to be done in the ghostwriting business.

The downside is that you can’t just start your own ghostwriting business and expect to get clients. You will have to use some type of service, such as Constant Content or iWriter, which means that you will be charged a small fee for every piece of information you create.

When it comes to making money quickly, iWriter is probably your best bet. For now, they rule the market in content creation through ghostwriting because they offer clients cheaper articles and writers quicker pay.

You can set your payments to weekly payments, and all you have to do is make a minimum amount of money every week to get paid directly into your PayPal account. It’s worth nothing that I have not found a quicker way to make money through ghostwriting online than iWriter.

The downside to iWriter, besides the time it takes to write articles, is that most clients are not willing to pay what you are worth.

For instance, if you are a good writer on iWriter, you could easily get to an elite plus status where you can earn about $40 for a 700-word article, which means you will earn 5 cents per word. While that price is still much lower than many other sites that offer prewritten articles (such as Constant Content), most clients won’t pay it. Instead, they will pay an elite plus writer the next lowest rate, which is an elite rate of about $10.50 for a 700-word article, which means you will earn about 1 cent per word. Obviously, that will make a big difference to how much money you can actually make.

However, clients can choose their own prices to pay you and tip, which helps a bit. Moreover, you can choose which clients you want to write for based on their topics and expectations. And if you can get some good clients who request from you regularly, you will find that making money quickly is pretty easy.

2. EBook Creation
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