November 8, 2015

6 Reasons Why Mothers Are Special People

There is a reason that we get so angry when someone makes fun of our mothers. They are special, and regardless of the relationship we’ve had with them, they hold a special place in our heart. Following are just a few of the reasons that mothers are special people.

1. They Put Their Life On Hold For You

In the beginning of their children’s life, and even sometimes for the entirety of their life, mothers put their own personal desires and needs on hold for their children. Their children’s needs come first. While some people think that times have changed and fathers shoulder more of the responsibility for their children, the truth is that traditional values still hold true in many households.

For example, while many mothers do go back to work quickly after having a child, a recent Pew study found that 41% of working mothers believe their career advancement was negatively impacted by being a parent. [Source:] I know my mother has reminded me about how much time she lost in her professional life and how it affected her overall status and advancement!

2. They Keep You Decent

None of us want our mothers to see us doing something bad, and when we are caught doing something bad by someone else, we are often reminded of what our mothers would think about the situation.

No matter what they have done in their life, they expect better for us and try to instill the best values they can in us. They shape us into who we are at the core. While this can be annoying at times, it is definitely one of the reasons that mothers are so special for our happiness and overall well-being.

3. They Are Always There For You

When everyone else turns their back on you, your mother is always there. They will take you in, love you, feed you, support you, and help you get back on your feet during the tough times in life. Their door is always open.

4. They Influence Your Relationships

Even though we try our best to keep them out of our relationships, our mothers actually have an impact on them. Research has found that a young child who has a secure relationship with their mother will have an easier time resolving conflicts, overcoming relationships issues, and enjoying satisfying relationships with their romantic partners. So, if your relationship is good, then your mother has probably had a part in making that happen!

5. They Are Willing To Be Honest With You

A lot of people in your life will not be honest with you. They will not openly express their concerns with you because they don’t want to tick you off. But mothers are special. Mothers are willing to tick you off. They actually seem to enjoy it sometimes. They will confront you when they see that you are doing something that could harm you physically, emotionally, or mentally, which may just save your life.

6. They Know What You Really Need

Mothers have known us intimately since we were created. They have a special energetic connection with us and can sense when we need something. This is probably why they have our favorite dinner waiting for us when we come over or why they bring toilet paper to our home at the exact moment that we need it.

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