February 26, 2016

10 Women Reveal How To Attract Women Like Them

Would you like to attract women?

If you are a guy looking for a woman, then I urge you to stay on this article about how to attract women. I have a friend who writes for a dating blog for men, and she tells me that men are not very inclined to listen to a woman’s advice when it comes to attraction in dating and relationships. To me, that’s crazy! Who better to get advice from on how to attract women than women themselves? That’s why I went out and asked 10 women for their number one quality that attracts them to men and then created this article around their answers.

Remember, every single woman has a different preference when it comes to men. Every woman wants a man to treat her in a certain way. But when it comes to attraction, women are pretty much on the same page about what gets their attention and makes them want to learn more about a man. In fact, many of the women who responded had similar answers and I needed them to give me their number two and three reasons why men attract them so that I could include some different ideas.

Curious to learn what attracts women? Let’s talk about the top 10 points.

1. A Guy Who Seems Confident In Himself

“It doesn’t matter what he looks like, what he’s doing, or even how he laughs – if he has confidence, I am attracted to him.” – Tanya

This was the number one answer between many of the woman who answered. A confident attitude is something that women can’t resist.

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Tanya made it clear that there is a difference between confidence and cocky. She can easily tell when a guy is very high on himself and looks down on other people, and that’s a turnoff, but when a guy holds his head up high, doesn’t seem to worry about what other people think, and looks like he’s acting in a way that is true to himself, it’s obvious that he’s proud of himself and thinks a lot of himself. And that is attractive! All women want a man who believes in himself and isn’t afraid to be the man he wants to be.

2. A Guy Who Is Emotionally Sound

“If a guy can keep level headed in a crazy situation, I find that seriously attractive.” – Jeannie

Even though this point isn’t talked about a lot, a few of the other women also agreed on this point as very important when it comes to how to attract women. A man who doesn’t go around punching walls when things get stressful, or doesn’t lose it when they don’t get their way, is much more attractive than a man who can’t keep a level head.

It’s funny because I hear a lot of guys talk about how women are not capable of giving advice because they are too emotional. Yet I see a lot of guys who are much more emotional than women are. They throw tantrums, get angry quickly, and are quick to act in an immature and irrational way when they are upset.

In any case, a guy who can stay emotionally cool when the shit hits the fan is definitely an attractive man to most women. It shows a sign of inner strength and an ability to work through things, and it indicates that he will be much more likely to handle stressful situations in a relationship in a healthy manner.

3. A Guy Who Displays A Little Bit Of Dominance

“When a man gives me a sexy, dominant look, I can’t resist!” – Amanda

Dominance is not about being controlling, at least not when it comes to attracting women. I think that many guys confuse arrogance with dominance, and that’s where they go wrong. Most women I talked to agreed that being dominant means being powerful. In other words, having the power to go after what they want and have the confidence that they get it.

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Amanda pointed out the scene from Goodfellas where Ray Liotta gives a woman a sexy and powerful look after wrestling with his woman on the bed. The friend is so flustered that she bumps into a wall and can’t stop looking at him, and, of course, they end up sleeping together.

You don’t need to be a jerk to be dominant. It’s a very masculine trait (that females can have too) that oozes out of you when you feel confident and in control. And it is especially made clear through your eye contact and body language.

4. A Guy Who Is Authentic

“I have a finely tuned bullshit meter! If I detect that a guy is being authentic with me, then I am completely intrigued with him.” – Cheryl

Unfortunately, too many guys are being coached by dating gurus on how to attract women, and they are being taught to play games. Women have fallen for those games and have learned from them. In other words, they dated a guy and realized that he was not everything he seemed to be when they first met. In the end, those games were more hurtful than they were attractive, so women become very attuned to whether or not other men are trying to pull the same trick.

Cheryl said she knows that some guys are going to slip by her, but for the most part, she’s able to tell when somebody is being authentic and true to themselves, and she finds that extremely intriguing and attractive. It shows that he’s willing to be himself and he’s not going to become someone completely different within weeks or months from now.

In other words she doesn’t have to worry about falling in love with a man who turns out to be completely different once he feels like he has her in his grips.

5. A Guy Who Is Respectful

“A guy who seems to respect other people for who they are, always attracts my attention.” – Sara

Most women have dated the jerks, and contrary to popular belief, they don’t want a bad boy. They want a good guy who is respectful and kind and understanding, but still has confidence in himself and his ability to please them. That’s the ultimate combination.

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Being respectful means treating people kindly, having manners, and thinking about others. When you can show women that you have the ability to do those things, you are going to draw in their attention, and then you can win them over.

6. A Sense Of Attraction

“I’ve met guys that I wasn’t attracted to until they showed me how attractive they thought I was, then BOOM, I was instantly attracted.” – Erin

You may think this is an ego thing or a desperation thing where a woman wants to be liked so bad she will accept any guy who shows her interest. But in the case of Erin, and many other women, this isn’t true.

Researchers have found that a man’s gaze reflects their sexual motivation. In other words, when a man looks sexually attracted to women, she knows it. It’s interesting that a woman’s gaze doesn’t always match her thoughts while a man’s gaze seems to match his thoughts completely.

Women enjoy sex just as much as men do. In fact, most women are only attracted to men who they are sexually attracted to. This has more to do with just the body. It matters how he holds himself, how much confidence he has, how he makes her feel, and how sexual he seems.

Obviously, you don’t want to be a pervert. Women don’t respond well to perverts. But you do want to let her know that you find her attractive. You can do this through a simple look at her lips, her chest, or her butt. Let her catch you stealing a very quick glance and then refocus on her as a woman that you are interested in intellectually as well. This will definitely catch her attention.

7. Surround Yourself With Other Women

“A man who is surrounded by other women must be a man who understands women. I really find that attractive.” – Katherine

Research has shown that women are attracted to a man with other women who seem to like him. The research clearly demonstrates that even though we think we are making a decision based on our own preferences, a decision is often based off our preferences combined with how we are influenced by others.

You can use this knowledge to your advantage! If you see a girl you like and you want to attract her, then make sure you have some friends who are girls, or at the very least some interested girls around you.

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As Katherine said, a man who is liked by women obviously has a way with women. He’s not a jerk. He’s not an idiot. He’s not shy or awkward. And that makes him a potential guy in any woman’s life.

8. Don’t Show Attention To Other Women

“When a guy clearly only has eyes for me, I can’t resist!” – Sonia

Jealousy is a not a good tip on how to attract women, yet I see many guys dishing it out! Don’t show other women the type of attention you would want to show to a woman you like. You can show interaction and enjoyment, but if there’s a girl that you like around, make sure she gets the message that you only have eyes for her. If you can send that message, you can make her feel like the sexiest woman in the room. And if you can do that, and make her feel that great about herself, then she is definitely going to be interested in you.

This means you can’t look other women up and down in front of her. You shouldn’t even watch them walk away. And if she’s around, you should always make sure that she is an important part of the conversation to you. You may want to talk to her more than other women. You may want to acknowledge her more than other women. The goal is to make her feel as though she is the most important woman in the room to you.

9. Be Mysterious

“I like a guy who has a little mystery behind him. It makes me want to know more, which is why I usually end up going out on a date with this kind of guy regardless of first impressions.” – Lisa

I have met many guys who can’t help but lay it all up on the table during their first meeting with women. I highly advise against that! You want to keep a little bit hidden so that you intrigue a woman and make her want to know more about you.

This shouldn’t be confused with not giving any information at all. You have to give a woman some information in order to show her you are worthy of her attention. Plus, a woman will get suspicious if you are too tight-lipped. But, there should be some obvious clues that there is much more to you than meets the eye.

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Every man has some unique talents and some unique interests and some unique history and some unique everything. You have your own way of doing things and interacting in life, and those are the things you can give clues to without giving it all away. Your goal should always be to gain a woman’s interest and draw her in so she can learn more.

10. Be Well Groomed

“A man who is dressed well, has a great haircut, and smells good is a man that instantly gets my attention. Especially the smell!’ – Alaia

Smell is important to remember when it comes to how to attract women. It can repulse us, it can intrigue us, it can make is hungry, and it can sexually attract us. It doesn’t matter how great you look or how awesome of a person you are, if you have a scent that turns off other people, then you are going to turn off women!

Having a nice scent of cologne or even aftershave can really help you get a woman’s attention. It shouldn’t be overpowering where you can make women sick. But it should definitely be noticeable when you walk by them. It just shows a sense of being clean and looking after yourself, and if your clothes and hair matches that scent, and you wear deodorant (so important!), then you are going to be the complete package in terms of being well groomed.

A word of caution though. Don’t pick popular scents or a scent that has been around since your grandparent’s day. You could remind women of their grandparents if you do. Or you could remind them of an ex-boyfriend who treated them poorly and instantly turn them off. Pick a scent that is as unique as you are. There are many different places where you can create your own scented cologne, so I highly recommend doing that.

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