January 31, 2016

15 Romantic Ideas For Your Next Date Night

Plan a romantic date night for her now.

Everyone has the ability to plan a romantic date night. You really only need three ingredients to plan a romantic night: surprise, excitement, and love. It’s much easier to think of some romantic ideas when you keep those things in mind. But, don’t worry if you can’t come up with your own, because following are 15 romantic ideas for your next date that you can easily do. Some take more time to plan, while some take more money, but you will find a romantic idea that inspires you to get planning!

1. Create Your Own Hotel Atmosphere At Home

It’s fun to rent a hotel room out for the night and get away, even if it is just for one day. But not everyone can go to a hotel. The good news is that you can bring the hotel to you with just a few little tweaks in your home. This will take a little bit of imagination, but when you create a hotel in your own home, clothing is optional and acting inappropriate is allowed.

The best two parts in a hotel are the restaurant and room, so focus on those two points. For the restaurant, buy one of those fancy menu boards, create a menu that will make you both feel amazing, and then make it or bring it home from your favorite restaurant.

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Make sure you have a selection of drinks to choose from. Set the table with candles and flowers to recreate a romantic table. In fact, you may want to change your kitchen up with some flowers and candles so that it looks a little different than your regular kitchen, which will help with the restaurant atmosphere.

For the bedroom, put on some clean sheets, put some mints on the pillow and some flower petals on the bed, and rearrange the room a little to create a sense of the unknown. You will be surprised at how moving a few things around can make a bedroom feel completely new.

2. Cooking Class

Learning anything new together is a great way to spend a date night. When you share new experiences together, you feel more connected during and after, and that helps you feel more in love. This is especially true when it’s something you have never experienced before.

When it comes to cooking, there are so many different types of classes out there, from Mexican to Italian to pressure cooking, that you could literally be experiencing something new each week.

The best part is that as you learn about a specific type of cooking, you are ensuring that there are plenty of yummy date nights to come with unique and exciting food. Cooking instructors make sure you leave knowing what you need to know to create the meals they demonstrated.

3. The Before The Bar Date (Without The Bar)

If you are no longer going to the bar, but remember those late nights eating poutine or pizza and getting ready to dance the night away, then a night out getting ready to go to the bar, without actually going to the bar, will bring back some old feelings of excitement about what is happening and passion about the person you are with.

Get dressed as if you are about to spend the night out. Drive down to the place where your favorite bar or old hangout was or is, and order some greasy or fatty food to get you ready for a night of drinking, dancing, and having fun. Enjoy the atmosphere, let other people’s energy infuse with yours as they anticipate their long night ahead, and then go home and pretend that you just had a long night out that ends – well, however you want it to end.

Note: If you feel like it, you can actually go to the bar. But speaking from experience, things change and it doesn’t seem as exciting as it once did if you haven’t gone for a while. Plus, it’s loud, smelly, and exhausting! But, if you are still into that, or just want to really relive the nights you use to party until the wee hours of the morning together, then go for it!

4. The Happy Hour Date

Skip the dinner and just go out for drinks and a nice conversation. Happy hour is usually between 5 and 7 on any weeknight, and because you get your drinks for cheap, you can double up the amount you are getting and let yourselves unwind.

There is something about sitting down with your lover and sipping on a drink. It’s not something that we do often, and there is a certain kind of presence and calmness that comes from this kind of date. But, at the same time, a feeling of excitement and pleasure can be felt.

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Without the food, you will be focused on each other and your surroundings. With the right atmosphere and a few drinks, this can create a mood where you learn more about each other, laugh, discuss, and feel more connected than ever.

5. Out Of Town Date Night

Get out of town on your next date night, and enjoy the country as well as the experience of driving into a new town and looking for something new to do. Don’t plan where you are going. Just head in a different direction than you went last time, stop in the nearest town, then find something new to do there.

It will feel exciting and refreshing to get out of familiar surroundings. You will find yourself smiling and holding hands as you discover new territory together. And whether or not you end up in a dive bar or discover a new activity, you are going to have a shared experience to remember and talk about for a long time to come.

6. Go Camping In Your Own Yard Or Home

Camping out under the stars is one of those romantic ideas we all think about. But the bugs, setting up, and packing up isn’t exactly appealing. The good news is that a tent will go up anywhere, not just in a campground. You can set it up in your home and feel like you are in a brand new place. Or, you can set it up in your backyard and create a little getaway for the two that will let you experience all the benefits of camping with the added luxury of heading to your own bed if you get too cold or there are too many bugs.

7. Go Glamping

If you really want to get away from home for the night in camping style, but you don’t want to set up the tent and have all your luxuries taken away, then go glamping, which stands for glamorous camping. You will find glamping spots near you, or within a few hours’ drive, and it takes the work out of camping while allowing you to get cozy under the stars. The downside is that this can cost a lot of money, but the upside is that it is one of the most unique romantic ideas for date night that you will both enjoy and look back on fondly.

8. Botanical Garden Date Night

Botanical gardens are romantic on their own. They are peaceful, full of pretty flowers, smell great, and offer a place where you can slowly stroll and enjoy nature in comfort. Most botanical gardens offer a date night, where you can enjoy a dinner with drinks and then enjoy the garden with a limited amount of people around. Some botanical gardens will have dancing or dance lessons, while others will just allow you to enjoy the night in a smaller group setting. Either way, it is a great way to get out into nature, have a nice romantic dinner, and then continue the romance for as long as you are allowed to stay there.

9. Power Outage Date Night

Normally this date night happens by force. When the lights go out, you are forced to light up the candles and talk to each other or do something that doesn’t require power, such as playing a game by candlelight. Nights like that feel great. They help you feel more present in your life and give you some quality one-on-one time with your partner.

This is one of those romantic ideas for date night that will take some willpower, because it can be hard to shut off the TV, computer, and lights, and then not turn them back on. But it will be worth. Just make sure you have everything ready beforehand so you don’t need to turn on a light, or look something up, and break the ambiance of no power.

10. Computer Course Date Night

As said, learning something new together can strengthen your bond as well as be fun and exciting. But, sometimes we are just too tired to go out and learn something new.

If you want to learn something new, but you don’t want to leave the comfort of your own home, then get online and buy a course that appeals to you. You can spend the night learning as you drink wine and discuss at your own leisure. The great thing about this is that you can wait until the last minute to decide what kind of course you want to take, and then get online and find it.

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It doesn’t matter what you decide you want to learn, you will find it online. For example, Udemy offers all kinds of courses, including cooking and relationship courses, while Mindvalley offers personal growth courses.

11. Fondue Night

Fondue is all about eating slowly and playing with your food, which creates a romantic time of conversation and fun. There are restaurants out there that serve fondue, but they can be expensive, and if you are on a budget, then you may not want to shell out that kind of money (as good as it would be!) Fortunately, you can buy a fondue pot for a fraction of the price and then you can find a ton of fondue recipes online and create everything from appetizers to dessert on your own.

12. Try To Escape A Room

Do you want to have a romantic, but blood pumping evening? Then book time in an escape room, which you should be able to find somewhere relatively close to you. An escape room is a game where you are put in a room and have to escape some sort of situation within a certain amount of time, which is usually about an hour. It requires that you work together, which is a perfect activity for staying connected, and it gets your heart pumping as the time dwindles down, which is perfect for reigniting the passion in your relationship.

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Date nights that are focused on getting the adrenaline pumping is a way to recreate the feeling that you used to experience when you first started dating. Research has shown that an adrenaline producing activity not only gets you aroused, but also makes you feel aroused about the person you are with. Therefore, a date night where you have to escape a room may have you later locking yourself in your room.

13. Meet Each Other For The First Time

This is a classic date idea to turn up the romance in your relationship. Plan to meet at a bar as strangers, and then get to know each other in a way that leads to meeting up later on for a chance to get to know each other even better. You can play out whatever fantasy resonates with you. Book a hotel room on the spot to go along with your game, or take each other back to ‘one of your homes’ and keep playing out the game that you just met each other.

Stay in your roles and you will find this date night very romantic. You will still feel the connection that you have; in fact, you might even feel it more than normal as your partner does things to delight you or things that they have never done before. It’s a great way to reignite the passion and have a great night together.

14. Plan Your Future Together

This is the ultimate expression of love, therefore, I consider this one of the top romantic ideas for date night. We get so caught up in our daily routine that we often forget to sit down and talk about our relationship and where we want it to go. But, working on the relationship is important if you want to stay strong, unified, and happy.

Therefore, make one of your date nights all about planning your future together. You may want to plan the next month or the next year. You can discuss what you want to work on in your relationship and what you think will make it even stronger.

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Make the conversation lighthearted over a few glasses of wine, and take the time to really connect with each other and communicate in a way that you don’t do on a day-to-day basis. This will be a date night that not only feels good to both of you, but also helps you create a stronger relationship in the process.

15. Take A Long Romantic Walk

When it comes to romantic ideas for date nights, a lot of them require food or money, but not this one! Going out for a nice long walk can help you enjoy nature and each other at the same time. It helps you disconnect from all the distractions in your home that cause you to be disconnected. And it gives you some time to be present with each other and feel unified as you do things like walk, talk, sit, and watch other people.

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