June 22, 2016

15 Things Mature Women Don’t Do In Relationships

What are the things mature women don’t do

Mature women are definitely different than immature women in relationships. Immature women are trying to figure out who they are, how relationships fit into their life, and what kind of relationships they want in the future. But, mature women have figured out those things, which makes them very different in relationships. If you are ready to experience a real relationship that feels good, supportive, and fun, then I highly recommend finding yourself a mature woman and develop a relationship with her. But, before you do, you need to know a few things about what mature women don’t do in relationships.

1. They Don’t Put You First

Immature women are quick to put everyone else first and let their own needs and desires go to the backburner. They are eager to please and don’t want to say no or hurt someone else’s feelings.

Mature women understand that they need to take care of themselves first before they can take care of anyone else. They know that taking care of their needs, desires, and wants, helps them feel better about themselves and improves their health and happiness.

Understanding this will help you take it less personally when they say no to you. They aren’t trying to hurt your feelings; they are just trying to make sure that they don’t put other people ahead of themselves anymore.

2. They Don’t Get Upset With The Truth

You don’t need to lie to mature women. They are not going to fly off the handle and throw a tantrum over the truth. Immature women may not want to hear the truth, but mature women know that the truth is the only way to solve problems and avoid all the time-wasting nonsense that comes from dishonesty.

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Also, mature women know who they are and have a better understanding of how the world works. They are not easily hurt by the truth because they are more grounded in reality than immature women, and they can face that reality head on.

3. They Don’t Put Up With Lies

Immature women are often willing to close their eyes to lies. They can be easily swayed to ‘get over’ the lie and move on with the relationship. But mature women understand that lies are a form of manipulation, and they are not willing to be manipulated by anyone.

If a mature woman finds out that you are lying to them, she will take some time to find out the underlying reason of why you lied, and then decide if a relationship with you is really worth the trouble or not. She will not buy into your cover up stories and compounded lies.

And if you think you can lie to a mature woman and get away with it, think again. Women are very good at reading body language signals. In fact, research has shown that women can read facial experiences of emotions much better than men can, which means that they are able to pick up on the underlying messages that other people are sending. The more experience women have with relationships, the better they become at picking up on those lies you are trying to pass off.

4. They Don’t Pretend To Be Someone They Are Not

Immature women adapt to the people around them. If they are seeing ten different people in the day, then they may put on ten different faces to make sure they are always fitting in and pleasing the people around them.

Mature women know that they are who they are, and if other people don’t like them, then there is nothing they can do about that. They are not going to change themselves simply because they know that the other person wants them to be someone different. They know that pretending to be someone you are not is exhausting, and it doesn’t pay off anyway as most people can sense a fakeness to you that is a turn-off.

Therefore, mature women say what they want to say, do what they want to do, laugh how they want to laugh, dress how they want to dress, and take part in activities that they want to take part in. For instance, you will not find them going to a sports event if they really don’t like sports.

Moreover, if a mature woman is hurt or upset, she is going to let you know. She’s not going to try to pretend like she is not a human with emotions, just so that you don’t label her as emotional or irrational, which is something all women have been taught to be worried about being labeled as.

5. They Don’t Hide Their True Sexuality

Since a young age, women are taught that if they are too sexual in nature, they will be labeled as stupid, slutty, and desperate. They are also taught if they are not sexual enough, they will be labeled as rigid, cold, and masculine. They are taught what sex they should like, how they should show interest, and how feminine they need to act in order to be truly desired. In other words, it’s a lose-lose game for women until they fully mature and embrace their true sexuality with open arms.

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Mature women know who they are and who they like. And they are not afraid to flirt, let loose and embrace their full sexual power. They also aren’t afraid of being judged by society, their friends, or their partners. This is why they are known to be more direct when approaching someone they like and more fun and open in the bedroom.

6. They Don’t Purposely Hurt Other People

Women have always been good at saying or doing the exact right thing to make someone else feel unworthy or bad. Immature women may try to be mean or twist words in order to make someone else feel bad, but mature women have much more emotional intelligence and never say or do things to hurt other people purposely.

A mature woman will watch her words, the tone of her voice, and the meaning behind what she is saying. She won’t blurt out what she is thinking if she knows it is going to hurt someone else. Instead, she will think of a compassionate way to say something or – as the golden rule dictates – she will say nothing at all!

The bottom line is that a mature woman has a handle on her emotions and reactions. She understands how she affects other people and how other people are affected. She uses that awareness to interact with other people in a kind, compassionate, and non-violent way.

7. They Don’t Put Up With Drama

Drama is a part of a woman’s life for a long time. Drama over lies, hurt feelings, imagined scenarios, or other people’s games. Drama is simply a conflict that doesn’t need to be there, and mature women have discovered that fact as they have dealt with the pain, frustration, and annoyance of drama in their relationships as they’ve matured.

Therefore, if you think you are going to start some drama over nonsense with a mature woman, think again. She will instantly put her foot down and let you know that she is not willing to accept drama in her relationships, and she is definitely not going to be dramatic simply because someone is trying to egg her on.

This means that if you are immature, and still bringing in lots of drama into your relationship with her, you won’t have much of a relationship with her. All you have to do is prove that drama is a part of who you are, and she will distance herself from you or end the relationship altogether.

8. They Don’t Put Up With Being Used

Immature women will put up with all sorts of people who use them for their time, money, energy, car, looks, or other things. Mature women know that they deserve relationships with people who actually care about them and will not use them for what they have or who they are.

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Therefore, if you want to be in a relationship with a mature woman, you better be willing to give and take. You can’t just take and take and take and expect her to be fine with it.

She knows that she needs to compromise sometimes and even let you have your way so that you can feel good. She’s fine with that. But if you are always focused on your needs and never on hers, you will not be in a relationship with her for long.

9. They Don’t Pretend To Be Right All The Time

One of the best things about being a relationship with a mature woman is that she knows that she’s not always right. She is mature enough to admit that as a human, she doesn’t know everything. And that keeps her open to your perceptions on life and allows her to admit when you were right, and she was wrong.

This kind of attitude makes relationships so much easier. There isn’t a constant struggle of wanting to be the smarter or better person. There is just a natural relationship where two people are figuring out life together, and sometimes one has insight that the other one doesn’t have yet, which makes them both equally important to each other.

10. They Don’t Try To Change You

Maturing and understand that everyone is different in life is a beautiful thing. It helps you allow other people to be who they are, without trying to tell them what they should change and who they should become. Mature women have accepted that other people are who they are based on their past experiences in life, and they don’t try to change those people.

Of course, this doesn’t mean a mature woman will accept anybody into her life. Just because she knows she can’t change you doesn’t mean that she wants someone like you in her life. In short, if a woman doesn’t agree with your lifestyle, then this means that you may not be in a relationship for a long time with her.

For instance, if you are an addict, then while an immature woman may stay by your side thinking she can help you and change you into someone else, a mature woman will understand that you are the only person who can help yourself and that she may need to remove you from her life if you are too toxic to it.

11. They Don’t Get Jealous Of Your Success

When you get into a relationship with a mature woman, you will find a level of support you have never experienced with an immature woman. This is because she doesn’t feel a need to be better than you or have more than you; she wants you to succeed and experience a life full of accomplishments and achievements.

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Mature women will celebrate your successes with you. In fact, they may even see and celebrate your successes when you are unable to see and celebrate them for yourself. They will be your biggest cheerleader in life, and motivate you to do even more with the amount of encouragement and support you get from them.

12. They Don’t Ignore You

Some women are known for taking up the entire conversation with information about themselves. They don’t listen to what other people are saying because they are so focused on themselves and sharing their story or thinking their thoughts. Mature women have the ability to take the focus off themselves and let other people talk and share information too.

We all want to feel valued in life, so being in a relationship with a mature woman is a great way to feel more valued. She will validate your feelings, listen to your stories, sympathize with you, understand where you are coming from, and be someone you can share your life with.

13. They Don’t Gossip About You To Other People

Immature women are known to share all the good and bad about their relationships with everyone, but mature women keep their relationships – and the secrets that they’ve learned in them – private.

You don’t have to worry about them talking bad about you to other people. You don’t have to worry about them telling other people your most embarrassing story. You don’t have to worry about them posting that picture of you on social media so that they can laugh at you. They cherish your relationship, and they do not feel the need to talk bad about you, poke fun at you, or try to make you look back in other people’s eyes.

14. They Don’t End The Relationship Over Ridiculous Things

Immature women can break up a relationship over nothing. It may be a dirty look. It may be hurt feelings. Or it may be something that you will never know about because they didn’t even bother telling you why they were so upset.

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You don’t have to worry about losing mature women over nothing. They are not going to end a relationship with you just because of a problem they are having with you. They understand that relationships take work, and they are willing to make your relationship a priority and work on problems that have come up.

15. They Don’t Resent Your Other Relationships

Lastly, mature women know that you need other relationships in your life. As opposed to immature women who try to keep you all to themselves, mature women know that your relationship with them is unique and can’t be replaced, so they don’t get jealous of other relationships or resent you having them.

They encourage you to get out with your friends, family, and coworkers. And they want you to form strong relationships that help you become who you want to be and have the success you want to have.

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