November 25, 2015

19 Tips On How To Make Her Feel Special At All Times

It doesn’t matter where you are in the relationship or what is happening, you can make your woman feel special. But, why would you want to? When you do, you strengthen the connection between the two of you and solidify your relationship. If you are serious about winning a woman over, keeping her around, and locking her in for the long run, then making her feel special is the easiest thing you can do. This article will list some tips on how to make her feel special when you are dating, in a relationship, and when you are apart.

How To Make Her Feel Special When You Just Start Dating

Making her feel special when you are dating is super important to winning her over. If you can make her feel as though she is someone you are putting a lot of energy, thought, and emotion towards, she is going to feel amazing about you and your role in her life. Following are just some of the things you can do to make her feel special.

1. Ask her about herself: You should talk about yourself to some extent, but if you want her to feel special, then you want her to feel as if you are interested in her and her life. Ask questions about her family, friends, dreams, and likes. The more you let her tell you about herself, and validate her as interesting to you, the better she will feel about herself around you.

2. Make time for her: It can be tempting to look like you are leading a really busy life to make her think you are hard to get, but don’t play games if you want her to feel special. Make time for her, move your schedule around, and let her know that seeing her is important to you. This doesn’t mean you have to cancel important events (or that you should at all), it just means you should show her that you want to get to know her more whenever you can make the time.

3. Text her ‘just because’: When you are dating, you don’t need to keep in contact with her all the time. You are not committed to each other yet, so she won’t expect you to text ‘just because’. She will expect you to text when you need to set up a date. When you send her a random text asking how she is doing, she will feel special knowing that you are taking time out of your day to think about her.

4. Treat her like a lady: Women know that they can take care of themselves, but it feels special to have someone want to take care of them. Chivalry is not dead. Hold the door open for her. Help her out of the car. Pull her seat out for her. Put your hand on her back as you guide her into a room. Do things for her that make her feel like the feminine beauty she is.

5. Show her you are listening to her: During your first meeting or on your first date, she will give you some insight into who she is and what she likes. Use that information on your next date and show her that you were listening. For example, take her to a place she was talking about or buy her a small gift according to what she says she likes. This simple act of listening to the things she wants you to know, and showing her that you heard her, will have her feeling very special.

6. Keep your eyes on her: If you really want to make her feel special, then don’t eyeball every woman that comes in the room. Keep your eyes on her and let her know that she is the one you are interested in. As a side note, she may not notice you looking at her, but other people will. One of my friends was told by her best friend that her date watched her, and only her, whenever she got up and left the party they were at. Because he wasn’t much of a talker, she had been starting to wonder how interested in her he really was. But after she heard that, she knew that she was special to him, and they’ve been together ever since.

7. Talk about her to your friends: When it comes to how to make her feel special, this one is important. If your friends call, and she is there, don’t blow it off like you are doing nothing. Instead, tell them that you are spending time with her. Mention her name too. The very act of telling your friends that you are with her shows her that you are not scared to tell them that you are dating and you have nothing to hide from them or from her, which will make her feel very important in your life.

How To Make Her Feel Special When You’re In A Committed Relationship

If you don’t make her feel special during your relationship, then her confidence in your intentions will be reduced. She will start to wonder how much she really means to you, and as she dwells on what she thinks is wrong, she will start feeling worse and worse about the relationship. When that happens, relationship problems start to occur. Treating her special in a committed relationship shouldn’t be that hard to do. Because she should be a priority in your life, all of the above tips that apply to dating and the following things should come naturally to you.

1. Respond to her: Some people don’t consider this a big thing, but it is actually quite huge when it comes to how she feels about you. Have you ever heard that song “Say Something” by A Great Big World? It’s become a hit for the simple reason that it resonates with people in a big way. It is song that speaks of the struggle of having someone fade away from you, which is a perfect reflection of having someone not acknowledge you when you are speaking to them. If you don’t respond, she will feel less important than whatever you are doing. Therefore, if she talks to you, make her feel validated, loved, appreciated, and not alone by responding to her with an appropriate response.

2. Make a point of telling her how beautiful she is: If you are with her, then you think she is beautiful, or at least she hopes you do! Women get so many messages from the media, strangers, their friends, and everyone else about how they are not living up to some beauty standard. You are the one person who can consistently remind her of how great she is. If you don’t tell her, she won’t know. So make a point of telling her whenever you think of it.

3. Buy her flowers: I don’t know one woman who doesn’t like the gesture of flowers. They are beautiful and they hold a traditional meaning to them where a man buys a woman he loves her favorite flowers. If you happen to be in a relationship with a woman who is allergic to flowers, then buy some fake ones. You will be amazed at the selection out there, and I’m willing to bet that not many people have done that for her before.

4. Stand up for her: She probably has people in her life that put down her ideas, dreams, or goals. If you are around when they do, stand up for her. Tell them that you think she is doing great or working towards something great. The power of speaking up for her in front of someone who doesn’t believe in her is huge. You will counteract their negative responses with a loving and supportive one, and that will make her feel like the most special woman in the world.

5. Remember important dates: Forgetting birthdays and anniversaries is often laughed at on comedies, but in reality it makes a woman feel less than important. When you can’t remember the little things that matter most to her, then you are showing her that you don’t care about what matters most to her, which makes her feel very unimportant. Write them down, get alerts about them, and make sure you remember those important dates so that she can feel special instead of bad.

6. Notice the little things: When she does something new or does something for you, take notice. What she does, she does for a reason, and if you acknowledge it then you will be making her feel very good. For instance, if she gets a haircut, it’s because she is unhappy with the old one and wants to look better. If you acknowledge her new haircut, you will help affirm that she made the right choice, which is a very special ability that only you have. She trusts you when it comes to her physical and mental well-being, so make sure you uplift her whenever you can.

7. Listen to her: This is the one thing that many guys don’t understand. Just the simple act of listening to her will make her feel as though she is lucky to have you. Women are talkers. They like to talk things out, vent out loud, and think out loud. It doesn’t mean they need your answers. It’s just how they work through things. Listen to her when she’s venting and, if she asks, give your opinion to show her that you are one of the special guys that has put in the effort to understand what women want.

How To Make Her Feel Special When You’re Away From Her

There will be times in your relationship that you will have distance between each other. You may need to be apart for days, weeks, or even months. During this time, it is very important to make her feel special, but only if you want to keep the relationship strong and on track. It’s very hard to maintain an intimate connection when there is a lot of distance between you. Both of you get busy doing your own things and soon you feel more like two separate people than two people in a relationship. Do the following things to keep that connection strong.

1. Be consistent: If you tell her that you will talk to her every day in the morning and after work, then do that. Unless something happens irregular in your day, be consistent when you call her or text her. This will help her feel as though you are making her a part of your regular routine because she is that important to you.

2. Send a love note: Email is not something we use often in a romantic relationship, but when you are apart from each other, a simple email telling her how much you love, appreciate, and miss her can lift her up even without you being there. This is how to make her feel special in a unique way when you are apart. It’s something she can print off and look at when she needs to be reminded that you in her corner, even if you are not close to her.

3. Arrange a night out for her: You may not be able to take her out, but you can get her friends and family to. The very fact that you take the time to set up a night out for her, and get her friends and family involved, will show her how much she means to you and, as a bonus, show everyone involved how much she means to you, which will make her feel even more special as they gush about you.

4. Make plans with her for when you get back: Let her know that you are looking to the next moment that you are able to get together with her by making plans with her. It will show her that while you are taking care of what you need to take care of, you are excited to get back to her. That will boost your connection with her and she will feel your presence as she spends her days doing what she needs to get done and looking forward to you getting back.

5. Do things together: Obviously you can’t be with her, but you can do activities together to stay connected and make her feel good. For instance, my friend and her husband spend months apart from each other. Her husband recently bought a Fitbit and they are going to have a friendly competition on who can get the most steps in a day. That’s a great way to stay connected and feel like you are actively doing something together even though you are far apart.

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