January 31, 2016

20 Of The Best Things About Being In Love

Being is love is the best damn thing

Being single has some advantages, but being in love does too! I’m talking about healthy relationships where trust, communication, and satisfaction are high, and even when disagreements come along, you can still say that you are in love and work things back to where they were.

I’m NOT talking about being in love with an abuser or someone who mistreats you. I’m not talking about when you are unhappy and unfilled in your relationship. I’m talking about the type of relationship that you should be striving for. If you are not currently there, hopefully these will be some reasons to strive for that healthy relationship.

1. It Gives You Courage

When you love someone else, you are willing to do things for them that you wouldn’t necessarily have the courage to do by yourself. The love you feel gives you the courage to act on going after your dreams so that you can become a better person for them, or so that you can create a better life for them. Working harder, becoming more intelligent, and staying true to the person you want to be are all things you gain courage towards when you are in love.

2. It Gives You Strength

When someone has real love for you, they are behind you one hundred percent. They believe in you and encourage you, and you feel a thousand times stronger than you feel when it’s just you pep talking yourself up.

Strength is necessary to follow through with your courageous attempts. For instance, applying to a job you want and going in for an interview takes courage, but you need strength to stick with the job when tough times come around.

3. It Encourages You To Think Twice

Before you do stupid stuff, you will consider the person you are in love with. This is a huge benefit of being in love. Not only does it stop you from doing things that could actually harm you, but it also encourages you to listen to your inner guidance system more about what is right or not right for you. That will ultimately help you create the life you want because your inner guidance system knows what the next step in your journey needs to be.

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4. It Helps You Accept Your Mistakes

When you are in love, you still make mistakes. The only difference is that you don’t beat yourself up about it over and over again because you have someone to remind you that it’s alright to make mistakes. You are still loved by them. You are still the amazing person they knew before the mistake. And, they fully accept you for the human that you are who makes mistakes.

Someone who loves you will also forgive you for the little mistakes you make with them, such as forgetting to do something for them, having a huge mood swing where you say something you shouldn’t, or doing something unintentionally that makes them upset. They won’t harp on those mistakes or try to make you feel bad because being in love is not about hurting the other person. Instead, they will forgive you and work with you to make things better in the future.

5. It Makes You Of Service To Someone Else

One of the best things in life is being of service to other people and enriching their lives, and when you are in love, you get the honor of doing that to someone’s life day after day. As some experts say, for the most rewarding experience, you shouldn’t focus on give-and-take in the relationship, you should focus on giving everything you have to the relationship. That means doing things to make the other person happy and comfortable in the relationship, sometimes even at the sacrifice of your own happiness and comfort. It’s amazing what we will do to see the people we love smile.

6. You Can Be Yourself

When you walk out of the door in the morning, you have to put your best self forward. You can’t be too silly. You shouldn’t swear and you can’t walk around with your pants off. You can’t laugh too loud, let your stomach out, or do any of the other millions of things that you don’t want to do in public. But, when you get home to the person you love, you can act like yourself around them. If you laugh loudly, you can do that. If you have some extra fat on your body, you can let it all hang out. The person who loves you, loves you for who you are, not who you think that other people want to see. Being yourself is an amazing benefit of being in love.

7. You Always Have Someone On Your Side

There is nothing worse than having no one on your side. People may put you down, bicker with you, and make you feel like you are wrong for being you, but being in love fixes that. You have someone to cheer you on and tell you how right you are. If you want to do something crazy, like branch out with your own business, your partner will be on your side. If you want to switch jobs, your partner will be on your side. If something like a skull ring (personal example) is something you want, then your partner will be on your side and make you feel like it’s something you should get. They are not there to put you down or make you feel bad, they are there to be on your side always.

8. You Become More Mindful In Life

Being in love means you spend quality time with the one you love, and that means you are more present and mindful of what is going on around you. Quality time means no TV or computers. It means sitting around talking, having a cup of coffee, sitting outside and enjoying nature, going out and taking in the sights, and all those other things where you really feel like you are living and doing stuff that matters. That’s what being mindful is all about.

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9. You Smile More

Being in love means you feel good, and that means you smile more. You are more willing to smile with the person you love as well as without the person you love, so this benefit lasts all day and every day. Smiling has many benefits, including lowering stress, strengthening the immune system, and even making you feel more comfortable in situations you might be a little tense about. It can improve your relationships with other people by making you more likable and approachable. And, it just feels good to smile.

10. They Just Get You

One of the best things about being in love is that you are understood, even if you have no words to say. The person knows you, how you think, what your habits are, and what your expressions mean, and they understand how you are feeling by understanding all of those things. They just get you. They know why you’re not feeling good or why you are hesitant to do something. They know why you are laughing or why you are crying. They don’t need you to explain yourself because they understand. So, you can sit quietly with them and enjoy the moment or get the comfort that you need.

11. They Don’t Use You

In many relationships, the other person has something to gain by being in the relationship with you. They want more money or more status or someone to take care of their needs, but being in love is about being with someone you care about, not about what they can do for you. If there’s nothing to gain from your relationship, and that doesn’t matter to you, then you are in love.

I know one man who bases everything his wife does around himself. For instance, she can’t change jobs because then she wouldn’t be able to get home and cook supper for him. For him, there’s something to gain from their relationship and if she were to leave jobs, he would leave her. That’s not love.

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12. You Feel Better With Them

While being in love makes you feel good at all times, there is a sense of relief when you can reconnect with the person you love. It feels comfortable and right, and you feel at home with them, no matter where you are. Your focus goes off your problems and on what is going on around you. When you see them, the person you love and who loves you back, everything becomes alright.

13. You Never Feel Lonely

It’s interesting that one of the synonyms of the word lonely is unloved. Being in love means you will never feel lonely again. As you go about your day, you always know that there is someone in your life who loves you and will be there for you when you need them, and that is a powerful feeling! Even if you are on the other side of the planet, the person you love still loves you, and there is a sense of company because of that.

14. You Become More Positive

Being in love feels good and increases your optimism in life. Even if you start to dwell on something negative, the person you love can help you work through it and come out feeling good again, which is a great way to stay positive! Being negative means getting stuck in those negative thoughts and feelings, while being positive means getting stuck in those positive thoughts and feelings. Love has a way of getting you stuck in the latter.

15. You Treat People With Love

When you are focused on loneliness or hate, that’s what you project into the world. But, when you are in love, you are focused on happiness and fulfillment, and that’s what you project into the world.

In other words, your family, friends, co-workers, and the strangers you meet each day, benefit from you being in love! They get the thoughtfulness, compassion, and kindness that love promotes, and that helps you create more loving relationships.

16. You Inspire Other People To Love

The next time you are around someone who is NOT in love, listen to how they talk about love. I’ll bet you that they complain about love and relationships and how they feel about everyone who has been in their life. Many people are bitter about love, and they are willing to share it with everyone, whether they want to listen or not.

But, when you are in love, you inspire other people to be in love too. You talk well about others. The happiness and fulfillment that you give off will affect others and they will want it too. They want to feel like you do, and they quickly learn that love is what you are all about, so love must be the way to get it.

17. There Is Someone There To Help You Out

Alone or in an unhealthy relationship, you have to fend for yourself when you are sick, tired, or stressed, but when you are in love, someone is willing to help you out when you need it. They see your struggles and they do what they can to relieve you of the stress that you are feeling. For example, if you normally cook supper, but you are busy at work, they will cook supper for you. They are willing to take up some duties that you normally carry out to give you a break, help you feel good, and support you when you need it.

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18. There Is Someone To Sleep With

Many people who are not in love say that they feel loneliest at night. Many people in unhealthy relationships say that they are reminded of how unhappy they are at night. It’s a time where you can’t pretend that you are not alone or unhappy, because it is a time of reflection and awareness.

There is something special about being in love and going to bed together. You feel safe. You feel warm. You feel united. All those monsters under the bed and outside of your house disappear, and it is just you and the person you love snuggling up for the night.

19. There Is Someone To Share Your Joys And Sorrows

When something happens that is dramatic, we want to tell someone, and being in love gives you an opportunity to always have someone who wants to listen. You can share the ups and down and celebrate the great things in your life together. You can share your concerns and your excitement. It’s truly a rewarding experience to share those things with someone else and have them listen and validate them as you share.

20. You Don’t Have To Keep Secrets

Being in love means that you don’t have to keep secrets, and you don’t have to worry about them keeping secrets. You communicate, you share, you openly discuss things with each other, and there are no secrets to worry about or wait for. The relationship is easy and honest, and there are not many relationships (outside of being in love) that feel like that.

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