December 2, 2015

55 Relationship Quotes On Love, Finding A Relationship, And Having A Happy Relationship

Whether you are single and looking, dating, or in a relationship, it’s important to be as happy as possible. Each stage has a lot to offer you – if you approach it in the right way. But, if you approach it in the wrong way, then love, dating, and relationships can become so painful that you can close yourself off to them and miss out.

There are two ways you can learn how to approach each stage. You can go out and read a ton of books on relationships and listen to experts speak, or you can find relationship quotes from those experts that help you quickly gain new insight into yourself and your relationships.

If you don’t feel like going out and listening to a ton of information right now, don’t worry, I got your back! I went ahead and listened to some of the best relationship advice out there and extracted some relationship quotes that I think are pretty powerful. Keep these relationship quotes in mind on your journey and you will find that you will have a much easier time.

Relationship Quotes For Love

So many of us have a warped vision of love. We learned what love is ‘supposed’ to look like from our parents or other role models, but we didn’t always get the healthiest version of love from them. The following relationship quotes talk about love and what love really is. Pay attention to them because they just may help you figure out a better way to approach love!

1. 2.we-go-into-a-loving-relationship-trying-to-fix-som

2. 20.seldom-do-a-husband-and-wife-have-the-same-primary

3. 15.we-will-not-despair-of-love-but-work-towards-it

4. 12.sometimes-people-need-everybody-to-love-them-becau



7. 37.when-it-comes-to-love-we-think-exactly-the-same-as

8. 30.your-love-life-isnt-something-thats-happenin

9. 8.people-behave-differently-when-their-emotional-lov

10. 18.real-authentic-love-is-something-that-begins-with

Relationship Quotes On Finding A Relationship

We also develop unhelpful beliefs about what it takes to find a relationship and how we should deal with the entire process of it. Looking for someone to love can be one of the most stressful times of our life. We can develop bad habits and behaviors, we can start off on the wrong foot, we can close ourselves off, we can look for something we don’t really want, and we can get stuck in a pattern where we keep accepting the same old stuff into our lives. The following relationship quotes can make finding a relationship a much easier period of life.

11. 25.weve-got-to-take-our-time-and-look-for-the-expe

12. 32.if-you-want-something-different-why-dont-you-m

13. 48.dont-personalize-rejection-often-times-the-fla

14. 23.the-longer-you-wait-the-harder-it-is-to-let-someo

15. 44.relationships-require-a-day-to-day-hour-to-hour

16. 40.when-you-see-crazy-coming-cross-the-street

17. 21.when-people-show-you-who-they-are-believe-them

18. 45.we-have-to-be-happy-with-ourselves-we-have-to-be


20. 26.i-can-open-up-my-heart-i-can-open-up-my-spirit-a

21. 46.your-friends-and-family-must-meet-your-prospect-i

22. 29.the-most-important-relationship-that-we-will-ever

23. 22.were-often-attracting-people-into-our-life-that


25. 49.every-relationship-you-have-with-anybody-at-any-le

26. 28.there-is-a-thin-line-between-a-parasite-and-a-frie

27. 17.if-you-have-multiple-relationships-with-a-number-o


Relationship Quotes For People In A Struggling Relationship

Unhealthy patterns in a relationship can develop quickly, and if you don’t fix them, then things are going to be bad in the relationship. The following relationship quotes can help you look at your relationship and your partner – and how you approach them, in a completely different way. You may discover that you can fix your relationship by changing a few things, or you may discover that your relationship is not fixable.

29. 6.dont-make-someone-pay-for-sins-real-or-imag

30. 43.i-think-in-order-for-marriage-to-work-you-have-to

31. 10.relationships-are-give-and-take-and-thats-on-a

32. 9.common-sense-says-there-are-two-kinds-of-changes-t

33. 50.intimacy-is-into-me-see-its-that-im-g


35. t (5)

36. 33.the-most-effective-way-to-reconnect-is-to-take-cha

37. 19.its-not-enough-to-shut-your-mouth-and-open-your

38. 36.compromise-and-cooperation-are-often-the-essential

39. 27.the-mandate-for-any-great-relationship-and-the

40. 41.if-that-person-completes-you-youre-in-trouble

41. t

42. t (3)

43. t (4)

44. 13.people-violate-you-when-you-dont-have-clear-bou

45. 4.your-ability-to-tell-the-truth-is-going-to-determi

46. 16.ive-learned-that-relationships-are-like-an-orga

47. 24.ive-learned-to-not-compromise-ive-learned-t

48. 34.the-fact-that-i-have-been-happily-married-to-my-hu

49. 1.when-you-tell-the-truth-to-a-partner-and-they-go-a

50. 38.if-you-put-sand-in-your-hand-and-you-really-squeez

51. 7.take-time-to-bring-fulfillment-to-yourself-when-y


53. 14.if-you-find-yourself-struggling-in-a-relationship

54. t (2)

55. 42.havent-you-been-with-people-who-were-just-wonde

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