February 16, 2016

8 Ingredient Formula For How To Get A Girl To Like You

Make her fall for you

This is not an article about playing games. Lots of guys will tell you to play games with a girl to get her to like you, but the truth is that games affect HOW she likes you. She may be unsure of what you are thinking. She may feel inadequate as you use some games that make her think that she is not good enough. And, she may not fully like you the way you should want a girl to like you – she may just be pulled in by the games.

If you want to know how to get a girl to like you for you, and then possibly get into a happy relationship with her where you both feel connected and amazing, then this article is for you. This is the stuff that you need to know about getting a girl to like you.

Keep in mind, not every girl is going to like you, but that has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them. It has to do with what they have been taught, what they believe, what they are focused on, and many other things. So, while this is an 8 ingredient formula for getting a girl to like you, it’s not going to work on every girl.

1. Be Confident

You have probably heard this before because confidence is the sexiest trait a guy can have, hands down. If you are confident, then you give a girl confidence that you are a guy worth liking! Confidence doesn’t just draw a girl in, though, it also gives you the ability to do what you need to do to win over a girl.

Girls want to be pursued by guys, and you need to have the confidence to stay in the game and make some bold moves that let her know you like her. If you are too shy to talk to her, show her you are interested, ask her out, or approach her when you need to, then she is not going to be able to tell if you really like her or not, which will not work out in your favor. Either she will think you are not interested because your lack of confidence will make you look like disinterested, or she will not be able to tell whether you are interested or not and, to avoid being rejected, she will distance herself from you.

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Have faith in yourself that you can approach and a get a girl to like you. And have faith that if she doesn’t, for whatever reason, you will be just fine! When you have that type of confidence, you can use all the other tips on how to get a girl to like you much more easily.

2. Image Is Important

Girls are not as hung up on what you look like as you think, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t matter to them. They will look past the physical appearance, such as how tall you are, what your face looks like, and whether you are big or thin. But if you are dirty, smelly, and wearing your grandfather’s clothes, then a girl may not be into you no matter how awesome you are.

In fact, how you dress is very important. Research has shown that girls instinctively look at how guys are dressed to determine if he will be a good provider for their family in the future. Better dressed guys send a message that they are more stable, goal-orientated, and driven than their sweat suit or ripped clothes counterparts. Even if girls are not thinking about having a family, they will still have this instinctual judgment inside of them.

If you like a girl, then you have to focus on your image. Dress better, get a cool haircut, and smell good. Even if you don’t have your image on point yet, a makeover can change the way a girl feels about you in an instant. I have seen girls not even notice a guy, and then once he changes his style around they completely become infatuated with him. Keep that in mind as you consider whether or not to change the way you look.

3. Learn How To Mirror People

Girls are drawn to guys who they have similarities with, so mirroring is a perfect way to show any girl that you are more alike than different. You don’t even have to talk to a girl to do this! It is simply a way of catching her attention and showing her that you are a guy that she would find interesting. It is also a way of developing a sense of trust towards you. People generally trust other people who are similar to them, and trust is important to forming a relationship with anyone, especially a girl!

Mirroring also helps a girl feel more comfortable around you. Instead of a stranger, she views you as someone who is similar to her. And being comfortable around you will allow you to talk to her and get her to like you even more.

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The bottom line is that research has shown that a man who mirrors a woman’s facial expressions while she talks will make her feel attracted to him and find him interesting, intelligent, and caring. In other words, she will like you! Therefore, you may want to resist the urge to keep a straight face while talking to a girl, and, instead, use this technique as it will help you win her over during a conversation.

Examples of mirroring include:

– Nodding your head when she nods her head.
– Smiling when she smiles.
– Showing disgust when she shows disgust (towards something else, not you!).
– Turning your body in the same direction she does.
– Raising your eyebrows when she raises hers.

Just don’t get too exaggerated with this. You want her to notice your mirroring on a subconscious level, not on a creepy level. So if she laughs loudly, you are more than welcome to laugh normally in order to mirror her on some level. But, an equally loud laugh, that is not your own and natural, may just turn her off from you.

4. Use Eye Contact

Your eyes will let her know everything she wants to know about you – if you use them right. If you avoid using eye contact with her, then she will wonder if you like her and maybe even get the impression that you are annoyed with her or hate her, which is not the message you want to send to a girl you like!

Look into her eyes while you are talking to her or while she is talking to you. Don’t stare, but keep eye contact the majority of the conversation while breaking it once in a while to look up, down, left, or right as you think, reflect, and give the eye contact a break.

Average eye contact during a normal conversation should be about 75% when you are talking and 60% when you are listening. If you use eye contact slightly longer than these averages, you will show her that you are more interested in her than the average person she talks to. You will also show her that you are focused on her. Those are two very important things to getting a girl to like you.

If you haven’t talked to her yet, but want her to get to notice you, then make eye contact with her for a few seconds and then look away. That is longer than you would make eye contact with someone you don’t notice, and it sends a message that she is on your radar and that you are thinking about her in some way. Then, when you talk to her, you can show her you are interested in her by maintaining longer than normal eye contact.

5. Smile!

Men have been trained not to smile, but when it comes to getting a girl to like you, smiling and eye contact goes hand in hand. They show interest and kindness and help a girl understand that you are interested in her and not just talking to her for the sake of talking to her.

Even if you don’t talk to her, a quick smile towards her will show her that you have her on her radar (and will put you on hers!) Research has shown that people smiling at you makes you find them more attractive, so it’s a great way to make her find you more attractive!

6. Be Sexy, Not Cute

Cute guys become the friends while sexy guys become the boyfriends. A lot of guys think that girls don’t like them because they are the good guy, but the truth is that they are just not sexy to the girls, and sexy is important when it comes to attraction.

What’s the difference between sexy and cute? It’s really just a matter of being more masculine than feminine. Yes, that’s a thing! And it’s not a bad thing. Girls that are attracted to guys find masculinity sexy. They find it appealing and attractive, and they can’t help but be drawn to it. Just like guys who like girls find their femininity attractive.

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Masculine traits include:

– Being confident and able to make decisions.
– Not allowing other people to push you over or step on your toes (standing up for yourself).
– Not getting too emotional or irrational about things.
– Not being needy: playing it cool and confident instead of insecure or jealous.
– Being steady with your actions and your words instead of being jumpy or talking a mile a minute.

Just don’t cross the line into a jerk. There’s a difference between being masculine and a jerk. You don’t need to abuse women, be extremely aggressive with them, act as if you don’t care, and try to make them feel bad in order to be masculine. A guy who is strong and confident, but still able to treat a girl with the compassion and respect that she deserves, is a guy that every girl wants in her life!

7. Make A Move

If you want to get a girl to like you, then you need to make the first move. Yes, girls may make the first move, but do you really want to take a chance on whether she will or not? Making the first move is definitely a masculine trait that girls love. Girls love to be pursued by guys, just like guys love the art of chasing and winning a girl.

Besides instinct, stereotype is involved as well. Girls don’t want to be viewed as easy, a label that society has driven into their head over and over again. So, many of them will not pursue a guy for fear of being viewed as such.

And, another stereotype that girls want to avoid is being needy. They feel that if they are trying too hard to get you, they come across as needy, so they won’t.

In other words, if you want to give a girl a chance to like you and show it, you need to make a move on her. You need to approach her, talk to her, and ask for her number or ask her out so that you can talk to her some more, which means you need to face the possible risk of rejection. But, if she says yes, then it will be worth it!

8. Don’t Play Games

Once you get her number or get a date with her, don’t play games! Call when you say you are going to call. Do what you say you are going to do. And if you can’t, let her know.

This is where guys fall victim to playing too many games with girls, and this is where girls start to become confused about what a guy really thinks about her. If you want to know how to get a girl to like you now and in the future, then this is key. Be yourself. Be honest. Be interested.

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If you two have chemistry, then things will progress into something awesome. If you don’t, that’s alright! You won’t have chemistry with every single girl out there, and playing games to try to trick them into liking you is just a waste of your time, because eventually they will see the games for what they are, lose interest, and leave you. So, find a girl you like, and who likes you back (without the games), and you will be very happy.

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