December 30, 2015

How Do You Know When You’re In Love? Here Are 26 Signs!

You think you may be in love, but do you know for sure? Love goes beyond feeling attracted to someone. It goes beyond feeling excited about someone. When you are in love, you feel something much less superficial than lust. So, how do you know when you’re in love? Following are 26 signs that you should watch out for!

1. You Notice People In Love More

On the street, at work, at home, on TV, and everywhere else, love suddenly becomes very clear to you. You notice people holding hands, doing loving gestures, and giving loving kisses more than you used to. This is a sign that you are focusing on love, so you are seeing more of what you are focused on. It’s just like if you were focused on a particular type of truck or a certain musical – you would see it everywhere you go because your brain or awareness is suddenly looking for it.

2. You Are Willing To Say Things That Matter

You’ve moved into the state where you are willing to say things that matter, such as how much you care about their presence in your life, how happy you are, and how much you want them to be healthy and happy. You have become fond of them beyond an attraction level, and you genuinely want them to know that you appreciate them.

3. You Are Starting To Remember Your Old Likes

When we fall into ‘lust’ we tend to drop all of our favorite things in order to be with that person, but once we start to get more comfortable with them, and the relationship, we start to remember that there is a world outside that we used to participate in! Many people think that craving to do outside stuff is pulling away from the relationship, but in reality you have just come to a place where you feel attached enough to someone to pursue your own activities knowing they will be there when you come back. That’s love.

4. You Are Planning Your Future

You are no longer living minute to minute in the relationship; you have begun to look long term. You can see yourself with this person for a long time to come, and whether you are thinking marriage, kids, or just planning your retirement, you have them in your picture.

5. You Want Them To Meet Your Parents

Introducing someone to your friends is all about determining whether or not you should date them, but when it comes to your parents – or a parental figure in your life – that is serious! It means you are committed enough to take the chance of your parents disapproving words, and you care about them enough to want them to meet your family.

6. You Compromise Easier

When you are no longer thinking about yourself and your needs, and you are focused on someone else’s needs and desires – and you are willing to compromise for their happiness – then you are in love. You have formed a strong enough bond to be compassionate to that person and put aside your selfishness for their happiness. Even if you really want to do one thing over another, you will be more inclined to reject it if the person you love can’t stand it.

7. You Are Blind To The Things That Don’t Matter

Your friends and family notice how shy your partner is, but you think they are adorably cute. Everyone thinks that your partner’s love for reality TV is weird, but you think it is just a part of who they are. When you are willing to accept someone’s habits, faults, and weirdness, even when other people are judging them, then that is a huge sign that you are in love.

8. You Can’t Help But Smile Around Them

You are not worried or stressed out around them; instead, you can’t help but smile, feel good and protected. When you are in love, you feel like you are in the right place with the right person, no matter where you are, which usually manifests into a lot of smiling and laughter.

9. You Can’t Help But Smile When You Think About Them

If you catch yourself smiling when you think about someone, then you are in love. If the image or memory of them is enough to warm your heart and put a smile on your face, then you have a special intimate connection with them that screams love.

10. You Feel Their Pain

When we are focused on someone, but not really in love, we have a harder time feeling their pain than we do when we love them deeply. There is a bigger connection that occurs when love is present, which causes more of an empathetic reaction to losses, failures, or disappointments. So, whether their pain is small or big, you will feel it and empathize with them if you are in love.

11. You Are Silly Together

You are willing to be ridiculous together and you get a kick out of it. When you can move past the ‘proper attitude’ and get into a silly state that you wouldn’t get into with other people, then you truly feel comfortable with that person, and it is a big sign of love.

12. They Are Who You Want To Be Around After A Long Day

If you find yourself craving to get home to someone after a long day, then that is a good sign that you are in love. We crave things that make us feel good in our lives. We crave things that we want to keep in our lives. If you are craving to see someone, then you love them enough to make them a permanent part of your life.

13. You Only Have Eyes For Them

We instinctively look for someone to be in our lives until we find that special someone. As a way to ensure we find the perfect mate, we are always comparing, taking notes, or noticing better opportunities. But when love hits, our eyes stop wandering and we become all about the person we are with. So much so that it becomes hard to imagine ourselves with anyone else.

14. You Don’t Get Embarrassed Around Them

No matter what they wear or what they do, you don’t get embarrassed. Even if they are sick and go out of the house looking like they have one step into death’s door, you still don’t get embarrassed. You accept them for everything that they are, good and bad, and who they are does not make you uncomfortable at all.

Moreover, you don’t hide the fact that you are in a relationship with them. In fact, you are more than willing to show off the fact that you are with them to anyone who is questioning it!

15. You Don’t Need Any Convincing

You don’t need someone to tell you why that person is good for you or why they will make your life awesome. You don’t need to be reminded that they may change down the line in order to accept who they are now. You believe that they are the one for you, and nobody needs to confirm that for you.

16. You Want To Work Through The Tough Times

It’s easy to let go of a relationship if you are not in love, but if you are in love, it is much harder. If you are willing to work through any issues you are having with someone, then you love them enough to stick around despite the lack of perfection in your relationship. In addition, if you are willing to make some positive changes in your life in order to have a happier relationship, that is a testament to how you feel about them.

17. Your Feelings Are Not Conditional

If you find yourself feeling the same about someone no matter what is happening, then you are in love. For instance, if you are happy, sad, drunk, embarrassed, tired, sick, or going through a hard time, you will feel the same about them as you do at any other time. Alternatively, if you only feel close to them when you are drunk or need help, you are not in love.

18. You Feel Complete

That old saying ‘you complete me’ is not something that experts believe in because you should be complete yourself without someone else in your life. However, if you feel like your life is now complete (you are not missing anything anymore) because you have found someone who makes you feel good and offers you what you can’t get when you are happy and single, then you are in love.

19. You Finally Get Those Sappy Songs

How do you know when you’re in love? Those slow songs, that used to make you sick or have no impact on you whatsoever, suddenly have a ton of meaning to them. You may even cry or feel pain in your chest when you hear them because they resonate with you on such a deep level.

20. You Like Their Smell

According to research, we are able to sniff out various parts of people’s genes that control a part of the immune system, called major histocompatibility genes (MHC). It helps us determine who we are supposed to be with. Instinctively, we find ourselves drawn to people who have a different MHC composition than us so that we can produce kids who have a strong immune system. To take this a step further, when you are in love, you lose the ability to smell out other people who may be compatible with you so that you won’t leave the person you are with.

And that is just the start of what research has found about smell and love. The bottom line is that your nose knows when you are compatible with someone, and if that someone smells pleasant to you, then you know that you are in love.

21. Your Whole Life Feels Better

Happiness, joy, and gratitude become more abundant in your life when you are living in a state of love. So, you won’t just feel good around that certain someone, you will be on a natural high in all areas of your life, even areas that used to frustrate you or make you feel drained.

22. You Take More Risks

The feeling of love lifts you up and helps you face your fears more. You are more willing to take risks and face rejection or loss. You are more confident in yourself and of a favorable outcome in everything you attempt. And, because of this, you are rewarded with more success in all areas of your life.

23. You Don’t Feel Urgency In The Relationship

You don’t feel desperate or out of control. Instead, you feel good just to be around that person, and you know that the relationship is going to take its own course from here on out. You don’t have to push it along in any way in order to feel more satisfied than you do right now.

24. You Want More For Yourself

There is something about being in love that makes us want more and better things for ourselves. This applies to health and happiness. For example, you may start meditating like you’ve always wanted to do or watching what you eat so you can be healthier and live longer in someone’s life. It also applies to success and career where you start making big plans for your future and what you want out of life.

25. You Can’t Stop Talking About Them

When they come up in almost every conversation you have, then you know you are in love. We talk about the things that matter most to us, which is why talking about them in any aspect is important. You may tell others how cute that special someone is or how nice they are. You may refer to their habits, interests, or talents during conversation. Or you may just sigh their name once in a while. No matter how they come up, it is a sign that you are in love.

26. You Read This Article!

Only a person in love would look up articles on ‘how do you know when you are in love’. If you weren’t in love, you would be looking up signs that you are really meant to be together or signs that you should leave the relationship, but not signs of ‘love’ in particular. In other words, if you have love on the brain, then you are in love.

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