November 18, 2015

How To Have Good Luck In Love In 3 Easy Steps

Some people have all the luck in love. They find plenty of people to date, they have success on their dates, they are happy in their relationships. And they generally have a good time with relationships and love. It seems like everything lines up for them perfectly.

Other people have no luck in love. They can’t meet anyone decent. Their dates are a disaster. And they can’t get into a happy and loving relationship. For them, it seems like the lucky people have taken all of the luck in the world and left them with failure as the only option.

The truth is that there is enough luck for everyone to succeed in love. All you have to do is believe that and learn how to have good luck in love, and you will find that your life will become full of luck.

This article is going to teach you how to have good luck in love, but the principles inside of it can be applied to all areas of your life. When you understand how luck is created, you have the tool for success. So, write these tips down, create a game plan to draw more luck into your life, and then get started today.

Think About How You Define Luck

If you go to a casino, then luck on a slot machine means going to the right casino, picking the right machine, and placing the right bet. Really, that’s it. Some people take it further and have little habits that they do that they think helps them win. They tap the screen, push the button twice each time they play, sit with their right leg crossed over their left, and a bunch of other things that don’t really have any influence over how a machine is going to randomly come up with a win.

In love, you can define luck in the same way. You pick the right place to go, pick the right person, and do the right things to win them over. There are many factors that get you to the right place and around the right person and doing the right things, though, and those factors line up to create your luck. Tapping your head, rubbing a lucky stone, or saying a lucky chant, though, is not going to help be luckier in love.

The bottom line is that if you are unlucky in love, then you are going to the wrong places, picking the wrong people, and doing the wrong things, and there are many factors that are contributing to your lack of luck with women. That is good news! It means that your luck isn’t being controlled by other people or some random force out there. You are the master of your own luck, and by changing a few things in your life, your luck in love can completely change.

Step 1: Go To The Right Places

Are you going to same places to pick up women? Or are you changing things up, getting outside of your comfort zone, and going to places that help you increase your chances of meeting someone?

Listen, just because the bar works for your friend to find someone, doesn’t mean it will work for you. This is especially true if the people at the bar don’t line up with your core values in life. If they are focused on partying, and you are focused on finding a serious relationship, then you currently have different relationship values, and you are not going to work out.

If you want to increase your luck in love, go to places where you resonate with the other people. For instance, if you love sports, go to a game in your city. The chances of meeting someone who likes sports will be much higher there than at a bar.

Also, going to a place of interest is going to be more comfortable for you. If you are out of your element trying to pick up someone, then you are going to be awkward, nervous, and lacking confidence. But, if you go to a place where you are in your element, then you are naturally going to be more at ease and have more confidence, which is essential to having success in love.

So, the first step to having luck with love is to go to the right places! But, I want to make it clear that sometimes the right women will be at the wrong places. That’s why you have to learn how to pick the right people.

Step 2: Pick The Right People

Some people are going to be horrible for you. They will have completely different beliefs, opinions, and ways of doing things, and you will clash with them at every turn. You simply cannot get on the same wavelength and create harmony because you do not have the same mindset and attitude.

If you pick these people, then you are always going to have bad luck in love. In the beginning, you may find a way to make it work because you are attracted to the person and your hormones are telling you that they are really a great catch. But as time goes on, and you start to clearly see this person for who they are, you are going to become annoyed, frustrated, and angry, and things are going to get complicated.

Therefore, you need to change your belief about who you attract. Why? If you believe that you attract bad people to you, then you are going to keep attracting bad people to you. This is because your focus is on bad people and not good people.

We have the ability to completely block out things and people we are not focused on. They become invisible and we can only see the things that align with what we are focused on.

For instance, one time a friend of mine and I went to a bar and a guy tried to pick her up. It was hard to watch. It was like he wasn’t even there. Her focus was set on looking for the type of guy she wanted. This guy was dressed poorly, gave off an energy of low self-confidence, and had a weird haircut. She was looking for a guy who stood out with his clothes, confidence, and appearance, so she just couldn’t see this guy as the nice guy he was.

This happens because of your reticular activation system (RAS), which acts as a portal where all information enters your awareness. This portal has a filter. It filters out things that you don’t need and things that have become commonplace, and it allows in information that you find important (what you are focused on) or new. (It also alerts you to anything that threatens you or your survival and stays alert for your name.)

Get clear on who you want to attract into your life. My friend was focused on superficial things, which means she always attracted the guy she wanted in appearance, but his core values never aligned with hers and she always talked about how unlucky she was to attract these jerks to her. It wasn’t until she realized that she wanted a decent guy who would treat her right that she started to see decent guys everywhere!

When you get clear on what you want both mentally and physically in a person, then you will have a much better chance of spotting that person, even if they don’t stand instantly.

For instance, if someone walks into the room you may not notice them despite how attractive they are until they start talking about something you are interested in. Then, your focus will be shifted towards them instantly. Alternatively, if you don’t notice someone walking into the room and they start talking about something you could care less about, your focus will stay wherever it is and you will continue to not notice them.

Write down a list of what you want and read it often. This will help you shift your focus and instantly spot someone who fits your needs and desires and when you see them.

For example:

– I want someone who loves traveling.
– I want someone who owns a large dog.
– I want someone who has a good job.
– I want someone who believes in the Law of Attraction.
– I want someone who is the same faith of me.
– I want someone happy with their life.

I guarantee you that if you write these things down and think about them often you are going to spot more people who have some of the qualities you want. You will see more people walking their large dogs. You will notice the people in the crowd who are having a good time despite the circumstances. What you want will stand out like a 3D picture and you will have more luck in finding someone to love.

Another part of this step is to give those people a chance. If you see something you don’t like, especially something superficial, remember that they stood out to you for a reason so you should give them a chance. Go on a date, get to know each other, and you may just find that the little thing you don’t like has no bearing on your relationship with them.

Step 3: Do The Right Things

You can go to the right places and find the perfect person, but if you don’t do the right things you will never have the luck in love that you want. Following are a few things to help you create more luck in winning over people and keeping them around.

Take Action On What You Want

You can’t win someone over if you don’t approach them and get to them go out with you. Taking action is the biggest aspect of how to have good luck in anything, even love. If you sit around and wait for that person to come to you, then you may never get the chance to get to know them. But if you get off your butt and approach them, then you increase your chances of winning a date.

Pay Attention To Your Timing

If you go in for the kiss before you get to know someone, you can turn them off. If you tell someone you are in love with them before they know how they feel about you, you can send them running. All of these things have a time and a place, and you need to make sure that you do the right things at the right time to increase your chances of success.

Get Clear On The Signs

Fortunately, a lot of things that require timing come with signs. For instance, if a date is invading your space more often than not and flirting with you consistently, then going in for the kiss is appropriate. But, if they are keeping their space and acting more professional than personal, then you know that going in for a kiss will be a bad thing. You just have to get clear on what the signs are in order to be comfortable with doing things that help you succeed in love. Read up on what you know you don’t understand and put what you read into practice.

Use Communication To Your Advantage

We can all express ourselves and listen, but a lot of people choose to clam up around others. Lucky people are just more willing to ask for what they want than other people, even when it comes to love. If you don’t communicate what you want or think to other people, then they can’t know what you are thinking and you will probably not get what you want. It never hurts to ask for something or be honest with someone.

In addition, listening to other people effectively can help you catch those little insights that increase your luck with them. For instance, if two guys are listening to a woman talk, and one catches that she likes red wine sangrias while the other misses that information completely, then guess who is going to be able to impress her by buying her a drink that she really likes? Listening and luck in love go hand in hand.

Now You Know How To Have Good Luck In Love

It’s easy when you think about it. Waiting around for something ‘lucky’ to happen without going to the right places, picking the right people, or doing the right things is like waiting for your water to turn into wine. If you want things to happen, you have to take action on them. Once you start doing what you need to do, you will find that opportunities for love will start to become more frequent and you will feel like your luck has changed.

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