February 18, 2016

Rules And Tips On How To Make Out With A Girl For The First Time

What to do during your first make out

As soon as you like a girl, the thought of making out pops into your head. Unfortunately, making out with a girl is an awkward thing to do for the first time. You’re not sure if she wants to make out. You’re not sure if she’s going to like making out with you. And all these questions and fears can hold you back from trying to make out with her. But, it is very important to understand how to make out with a girl for the first time because if you miss your chance or blow it, you may not get another one.

The Importance Of Making Out For The First Time

This article is going to assume that you already have the first kiss under your belt. Just a simple little kiss the showed a girl how much you like her without being aggressive. If you haven’t done that, then you definitely need to get on it if there is a girl who you like. Don’t wait too long for the first kiss or you might enter into friend territory and never get your chance to even try.

The same goes for making out. Making out is about kissing passionately. It’s also about touching and being close to each other. If you wait too long to make out, it’s going to become harder and harder to go for it. It’s going to feel extremely awkward to start a make-out session if you wait too long. And, you can easily send the message that you’re not interested in that way if you wait too long, which may cause her to distance herself from you because she’s not sure whether or not you’re really into it. After all, a guy who is really into her would want to make out with her!

The importance of making out is simply that it strengthens your connection, progresses you to the next level of your relationship, and makes you more of a couple then just simply casually dating.

When Should You Make Out With A Girl For The First Time?

This is going to disappoint some guys looking for a specific answer, but there is no specific time when making out is appropriate. Every relationship and every person requires it at a different time, and you need to watch for the signs in both yourself, and in her, in order to time it out just right.

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If you haven’t had your first kiss yet, or if it was just a little peck and not much more, then you may end up making out during your first real kiss – the type of kiss where your lips linger for a few seconds and your heart skips a beat. However, for most girls, it will probably be too aggressive to start making out directly after this kiss, and it’s better to get your first romantic kiss in and leave it at that before your first make-out session to create a nice first kiss memory.

4 Rules For Making Out For The First Time

If you want some rules to remember for how to make out with a girl for the first time, these are them. Remember them, use them, and your make-out session will go as well as it can.

1. You Must Have Had Physical Contact Before

You have to feel a physical connection with her. That means that you must have either kissed, hugged, held hands, or touched in some other way. The initial nice and non-aggressive connection is a gateway to a make-out session. It shows that she doesn’t mind being physically close to you and that she may be ready for a make-out session with you. If you just go for it and start making out without any previous physical contact, you have no idea whether or not she really wants a physical connection with you and it could end in major disappointment for you.

2. You Must Have An Intense Desire To Make Out

There has to be a moment. The movies don’t have it wrong on this one. There is a moment where you look into each other’s eyes or end up face to face, and you instinctively know that you’re going to kiss her. You feel something pulling you towards her – a type of energy that you don’t feel when you are just talking to her or standing beside her or looking at her. It’s intense. It’s impossible to ignore. It’s your cue that the moment to make out has arisen.

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For the most part, if you are feeling an intense desire to make out, then so is she. That type of energy is a shared energy. Essentially it’s the chemistry between you being felt. Unless you are totally misreading the feeling, and she is actually focused on something else, this is going to be the moment that she will reciprocate making out.

3. It Should Be Sensual, Not Weird

The first make-out session should be pleasing. It shouldn’t be about trying to go all the way or trying the new move that you read or heard about. Basically, you want to make it as sensual as possible.

Think of it like this: you want to gratify the senses, especially the feeling of your bodies, lips, and hands touching. You want to feel each other and experience a type of oneness that you haven’t felt before. Kissing and touching are really all you need to make the first make-out session stand out in her mind. Touching each other’s hands, face, and bodies is the goal.

You can talk a little, but don’t get too deep with the conversation. Talking to a woman while you make out helps break up the kissing. It gives her a chance to hear your sensual voice, and if you say the right things, it could intensify the pleasure she is feeling. The bottom line is that it’s sexy for her to hear a low, deep voice in the middle of making out. Stop, look into her eyes, smile, ask her if she likes it, and then continue making out.

Also, don’t get too weird with the kissing. Close-mouthed and passionate kissing is fine for the first time. If you open your mouth and use your tongue, don’t get too crazy with it. If you do, then you might freak her out and ruin your chances of another make-out session. In addition, kissing her face and neck is fine if you are feeling it. It is a nice break from kissing on the lips and, when you get back to her lips, it will feel great.

Lastly, keep your hands busy, but don’t go under the clothes unless she initiates it. She may not want you to touch her directly yet, and if you do, then you might ruin the make-out session. It’s better to avoid touching her most intimate areas and stick with her hair, face, neck, back, arms, hands, and legs. And, if you feel her hand going under your shirt, don’t waste any time going under hers! It a sign that she wants you to do more than what you are doing!

4. End It Nicely

There is no time limit on the first make-out session. You may only be able to make out for a few seconds because you have to go somewhere. Or you may spend hours in each other’s arms making out, taking breaks, and enjoying the process. Making out should go for as long as you feel comfortable doing it.

If you start to feel uncomfortable – as if it’s getting to be more of a chore than a make-out session, then maybe she is as well, and you can simply end it with a nice long kiss where you put your hands on either side of her face. That will signify that you are done and help her finish off nicely as well. And even if she wasn’t ready to quit yet, you are leaving her wanting more, which is a good thing! You didn’t push her to the point of boredom or awkwardness, so she will be on a high from making out with you and will feel amazing.

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Make sure you smile at her and maintain eye contact for a few seconds to let her know that you really liked it. You can even say something, such as “Looking forward to the next time that happens,” to really let her know that you enjoyed it and want to do it again. As a bonus, she should respond favorably, which means you are now guaranteed another make-out session with her!

5 Signs That She Wants To Make Out

I know that a lot of guys have felt the sting out of misreading the moment and going in and for a make-out session when the girl was absolutely not even thinking about it. This can happen to any guy, so if you are worried about going in at the wrong time or misreading the signs, then this section will help you understand what signs of girl gives off when she is thinking about and ready to make out. Because when it comes to how to make out with a girl, there are some signs that she will give you to let you know she’s ready.

1. She Is Reluctant To Leave You

If she should be getting up and walking away, but she is reluctant to get up or move away from you, then she may be thinking about making out. She may even move a little bit closer to you. Basically, she is keeping herself in a position where you could make out if you want to.

2. She Turns Her Face Toward You

This is a huge body language sign. If she is close to you and she turns her face towards you, then she is giving you the go-ahead to come in. If she didn’t want to make out with you, she would make sure that her lips are not close to you and that she is not faced towards you.

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If she does turn her face towards you, try moving your face a little bit closer towards her to test and see whether or not she would be willing. You don’t have to move forward a lot, because if she is not willing to make out that she will turn away from you with just a little movement from you. However, if she just slightly moves back a little, but keeps her face towards you, then she might be a little bit nervous about making out but still willing to go for it.

3. She Licks Or Touches Her Lips

If she is thinking about making out, then she will lick or touch her lips. She may do it naturally as she imagines her lips touching yours, or she may do it intentionally to draw attention to her lips and convince you that making out with her would be a good idea. Either way, you will see her gently licking, biting, or touching them, or perhaps caressing some sort of food or drink in them.

4. She Talks About Making Out

If she starts to talk about kissing or anything intimate in nature, then this is a sign that she has being intimate on her mind. Respond to her and see how she responds back to you. If she keeps going, then that’s a good sign that you can start making out with her.

5. Her Behavior Changes

If her whole behavior suddenly changes, that she’s definitely thinking about something that’s making her feel different. For instance, if you were just talking about what you want to do on your next date, and suddenly she looks down at the ground and stops talking, that’s a sign that she’s thinking about something that may be a little awkward.

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To make sure that she’s not thinking about dumping you, watch for signs of flirting, such as a soft smile, a soft look, playing with her hair, looking at you over her shoulder, laughing nervously, or anything that strikes you as feminine. When a girl is thinking about kissing or making out, and hoping that you will make a move on her, she will become very feminine in nature as she anticipates what could happen.

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