March 17, 2016

Top Qualities In A Man That Make A Woman Want To Stick Around

How to make her stick around

There are some men who seem to have it all when it comes to their love life. They have women who love them and are obviously proud of them and happy to be a part of their life. But, other men end up repulsing or pissing off the women they are with, and their women are constantly nagging them, rolling their eyes, and complaining.

For many men, it’s a mystery why some men are able to keep loving women in their lives. What makes a woman want to stay with a man? What makes a woman brag about her man to her friends and feel like the luckiest woman in the world? Or, at the very least, what makes a woman thankful that they she has the man she does? This article has the answers! Following are some of the top qualities in a man that makes him a man that no woman wants to lose.

1. Self-Assurance

A man who is obviously happy with himself is a man that all women are attracted to and want. It draws them in because he doesn’t seem needy, and it keeps them around because they don’t have to become his mother and take care of him; instead, they can just be his lover and enjoy being with a man who feels good about himself.

A man who is satisfied with himself is proud of himself and happy with the man he is. He doesn’t talk down about himself or constantly question himself because he is content with who he is and what he is doing in his life. This allows him to avoid complaining about himself or questioning himself constantly both in his personal life and in his relationship, which means that his woman is not constantly dealing with a man who needs to be reassured and coddled all the time – just like a child.

2. Drive To Succeed

A man who knows what he wants out of life and is willing to do what it takes is sexy and a keeper for all women. Women want a man who can take charge of his life and go after the kind of success he deserves. And they will gladly stand by their man as he goes after his dreams. It’s just sexy to have a man who is living his life to the fullest and doing what he can to make his dreams happen. Unfortunately, this kind of man is not easy to find these days.

The fact that many women are now bringing home a big portion of the income seems to have influenced men negatively. I know more men than ever who are giving up on their dreams and taking their spot on the couch instead. I even know many men who would rather be on assistance than go out and work in a job that they don’t find worthy of themselves. And, these are the men who take their toll on their women.

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The women who have the go-getters know that they have every reason to be proud of their men. It’s one of the top qualities in a man that signifies everything is always going to work out just fine, not just when it comes to income, but when it comes to their relationship and their life in general. Because, if he has the drive to go after what he wants for his happiness and work success, then he has the ability to go after what he wants for his relationship success. A man who does what he has to do to make things work is a man that every woman wants!

3. The Ability To Listen

Women need their men to listen in order to feel valued and loved. When they have a man who could care less about what they are saying, it feels like they could care less about them as a partner. That’s why one of the top qualities in a man is being able to listen, show at least some interest while they do, and then recall things that their woman said later on.

You may think that you can get away with pretending to listen, but if your woman questions you later on, and you have no idea what she’s talking about, you will disappoint and hurt her. She will be unhappy and make you unhappy because she feels so bad.

It is a myth that men can’t listen well. We are all capable of listening in an effective way. It requires practice to listen well, and it demands being actively engaged with the person who is talking. In other words, you have the power to listen to your woman and make her feel like the most valuable person in your life by doing so.

Men who can listen and clarify what they don’t understand so that they do understand are highly valued by women. Every woman will brag about a man who listens and does his best to understand.

4. A Sense Of Humor

Life is more fun with a man who has a sense of humor. He can bring you up when you are feeling down and he can lighten the mood when things are getting tense.

I’m not talking about being childish, though. I’m talking about having fun in life and seeing the funny side of things. Childish men who make fart jokes or jokes at their woman’s expense is definitely not one of the top qualities in a man.

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A good sense of humor is brought about by maturity. Being mature means having more awareness around other people’s feelings and needs in life and using your sense of humor in a way that can help them, not hurt them. This is where men who are go-getters and good listeners shine. They are more cultured than their lazy and self-absorbed friends, and they are able to use their intelligence to make their women laugh in a way that makes them feel better about themselves and their relationship, not worse.

5. A Romantic Side

Men who are good listeners and go-getters are also more romantic. They understand the value of making their woman feel loved, and they do it as often as they can. They listen to what their woman likes and then they use that information in the future by taking concrete action on doing something for their woman. For instance, if she says she would love to try out the new restaurant in town, they surprise her with a date night that she actually is excited about being on!

Romance is more than just gifts and surprises, though. It’s about taking the time to show love through words and affection. Men who understand that will tell their woman how much they love her, give her hugs and kisses, hold her hand in public, and make it known that she is an amazing part of their life that means a lot to them.

6. Patience

A man with patience is so sexy. Every woman wants a man who can be patient with them, kids, animals, and strangers. It is an endearing quality to have because it shows that they can be gentle and tolerant when it counts. It shows that they can be compassionate and considerate towards other people’s feelings and needs, which is something that many women value in themselves.

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Patience doesn’t mean being walked all over. It doesn’t mean standing back and letting other people have their way while you and your woman suffers. It just means showing an internal strength to endure things that are out of your control and waiting for the right moment to do what you need to do or make your move.

7. Decisiveness

One of the top qualities in a man is definitely the ability to make a decision and put an end to any controversy that is happening. It’s not about being bossy or self-absorbed, but it is about having the ability to be a leader when a leader is needed.

Obviously, being a leader is a very masculine trait, and it is not to say that women can’t make decisions or lead a group, because they can, but in a relationship, it is nice to have a man who is willing to stand up and make decisions based on what is important and on his mind.

It’s funny that being decisive is supposed to be a masculine trait, but it seems to be one of the masculine traits that women strengthen and men lose in relationships. How many men do you hear say ‘whatever you want honey’? They leave everything up to their women, and before long their woman feels like their husband is just another child or subordinate that they have to direct and make decisions for. You can see why that is undesirable to women. No woman wants to act like a mother to their partner.

8. Honesty

A man who can tell it like it is will have his woman feeling pretty good about her relationship with him. Yes, there are times that things are better left unsaid to avoid hurt feelings or negative reactions, but a man who is not afraid to share his ‘truths’ with his woman makes her feel like she is important enough to confide in. Women like that! They feel closer to people who are willing to communicate honestly and share themselves openly.

And, women are highly intuitive when it comes to lying. They can read body language much better than many men, and they can sense when something isn’t right. When a man doesn’t lie, he never gives a woman those feelings that something is not right. She never loses a little trust or has to make up stories in her head to fill in the blanks that her man is not giving up. But, a man who is constantly dishonest sends the message that something is wrong to a woman, and she is always left wondering if he’s telling the truth and worrying about what she doesn’t know for sure.

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I know one woman whose husband won’t share anything with her. He’s not just dishonest with his words he speaks to her, but he’s dishonest with his life and how he acts in front of her. She doesn’t know anything about him, and because of that, she feels a huge disconnect from him – so much so that she wants to leave him. It’s hard to be proud and in love with a man who can’t be honest with you.

9. Real Concern

In a relationship, a man who makes his woman one of his top concerns in life is a man that a woman will appreciate and love forever. A man who can sense or see something is wrong and do what he can to alleviate her pain or worry is definitely someone who can make a woman feel good and loved and cherished. Why would she want to get rid of a man like that?

I know one man who is so concerned with himself that he can’t see he is draining his wife of everything she has. When she is sick or tired, he still expects her to cook and clean and work a full-time job. He never shows any concern for her well-being and she hates him with a passion.

Perhaps one of the most shining examples I’ve seen of genuine concern in the public eye is from Bill Klein towards his wife Jen Arnold. At the end of October 2013, Bill’s wife was given the news that she had a rare form of cancer. His compassion and concern towards her was heartwarming and had every woman who watched him and Jen go through the ordeal in love with him because of it. He was a true man in the situation, taking care of her, being strong for her, giving her what she needed, and doing things to alleviate her pain every step of the way. It’s no wonder she made it through just fine. A man like that waiting for her at the other end is a huge motivation to overcome anything to get back to him and life with him.

10. Acceptance

Lastly, one of the top qualities in a man is acceptance. The ability to accept things as they are and go from that point is something that every woman needs in her life. A man who doesn’t focus on the past and is willing to live in the moment and make things work with what he has now is a man that can stand by a woman’s side and move through life as successfully as possible.

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This includes acceptance of what has happened in his life, her life, and their relationship. I see so many men judging women on their past and labeling them with words and opinions that make them feel like they are not living up to what their man wants. Why would a woman feel loving towards a man like that? Being able to accept a woman for who she is, means accepting everything that has made her into who she is, and it will earn you her love and cause her to thank her lucky stars that she ended up finding you.

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