December 15, 2015

5 Visualization Techniques To Help With Goals, Confidence, And Health

Visualization is an exciting and free tool that we can all use, and it is powerful! It can help you decide what goals you want to have, come up with new ideas, achieve your goals, feel more confident, and give you control of your life.

The chances are good that you already use visualization in some way. You may visualize things happening, good or bad. For instance, you may try to visualize yourself winning the lottery or going on a date with someone you like. Or, you may visualize the worst case scenarios when you get worried about something.

You can use visualization to your advantage. In fact, using the following visualization techniques, you can change the course of your life, create goals, boost confidence, improve health, and relieve stress.

1. Visualizing What Goals You Really Want To Make

At the core, we all have a good idea where we want to go. We know who we want to become. We know what our passions are and what will make us happiest. But, many times, we shove all that knowledge way back so that we can tackle the life happening around us, and we forget about what matters most to us.

If you have decided to create some goals that are going to get you the ultimate life that you want, you may be struggling to figure out what those goals should look like. This visualization technique can help you tap into that place holds all of your dreams in life, and give you a peek into what goals you need to make to experience your ultimate life.

Take a deep breath in and as you exhale, feel your entire body relax. Start from the top of your head, and relax every single bit of you relax from your head, ears, face, shoulders, arms, chest, hips, legs, and feet. Anything you still feel tension in, go back and relax it. You want to get relaxed and let your conscious mind take a break for a while so you can connect to a deeper part of yourself. (Note: You can use this relaxation method for all of the visualization techniques talked about below too.)

When you feel relaxed, visualize yourself 5 years from now. See yourself in your future home, having everything you want in life. In this visualization, you’ve done it! You’ve achieved your dreams. You’ve moved into a whole new level of living, and you are happy!

You may visualize yourself living in a mansion, or you may visualize yourself in the same home with some upgrades that make you feel amazing. Visualize yourself going to the computer and checking your bank balance. See that it is exploding with money! There are no financial worries or stress, just pure success and happiness in all areas of your life because you have achieved greatness. Take a deep breath in and celebrate at how far you have come.

Take some time to visualize yourself walking through your home and then stepping outside the front door. Smell the flowers around you. See the mountains or the ocean or the neighboring houses. Hear the noises that come from your surroundings, such as waves crashing, or birds chirping, or kids laughing, or music playing. Don’t try to tweak your visualization into something you think it should be. Whatever comes to your mind and feels amazing to you is the right visualization for you. Just take in the happiness that you feel, see, hear and smell in this moment as you visualize yourself in your ultimate life.

Now, go back into your home and find a journal that contains everything you have done in the past 5 years. Flip back to exactly 5 years from where you are and read the entry post. What decisions did you make on that day that helped you get to where you are? What clarity did you get about your health, career, passions, or relationships that helped you take the first step to the life you have now. Don’t try to write your own script. It’s already written there for you to see. You made the right choices, you recorded them in your journal, and those choices are what brought you into the life you want.

You will find that there will be some very obvious choices that you made. And, there may even be a few surprises that you have never thought about consciously. Go through the journal entry and don’t worry about forgetting what you see because it is already a part of your life.

When you have the information you need, open your eyes and write down what those choices were. These are the goals or steps that will help you get you moving towards the ultimate life you want.

2. Visualize Achieving Your Goals

This sounds like one of those simple visualization techniques that won’t do much, but it is extremely important. In fact, if you don’t use any of the other visualization techniques in this list, use this one if you want to change and grow into someone with more happiness, success, or health.

Research has shown that if you are not visualizing the future you are aiming for, then you are not going to become who you want to be. This can be applied to every goal you make for yourself, including weight loss, career goals, relationship goals, happiness goals, and spiritual goals. If you do not visually see yourself becoming who you want to be, then you won’t succeed.

If you are creating goals for yourself, then your first step should be to visualize whether or not you are capable of seeing yourself as the person you want to be. Take each goal and try to visualize yourself achieving it. If you can feel yourself achieving what you want, great, but if you can’t, then you need to either reassess making your goal, or tweak it so that you can visualize yourself achieving it.

When you find something you can visualize, make it a point to visualize yourself achieving it many times as you work towards the goal. You can do it every day. You can do it before you start working on the goal. Whatever feels good to you. You will find it will empower you to stay motivated towards your goal and get done what helps you move closer to it.

3. Connecting To The Light

This is one of the visualization techniques that I use when I want to dig deeper into myself and ask some of the big questions. I also use it to improve my confidence. I learned it from Christie Marie Sheldon, the creator of Unlimited Abundance, and it is a technique that helps me feel bigger and more connected to the infinite wisdom of the world. (By the way, I highly recommend her programs!)

First, sit with your feet grounded and your back straight. Visualize that from the sky, a light comes down into the top of your head and starts to fill up your entire body. It can flow down your body as a heavy liquid or you can just visualize a light energy filling up every part of your body. Once it hits your feet, visualize the light travelling to the center of the Earth and then bouncing back up to you entering through your feet and traveling up to your heart. At this point, you are connected to the light from above and below, which helps you feel more energetic and connected to the world.

Next, expand your energy into an aura around you. Push that aura out to fill up the whole room. Then push it further to fill up your whole city. Then push it further out to fill up your country. And finally push it out further to encompass the entire world.

When you are done visualizing all of this, you will feel bigger and more confident. You will feel more in touch with the energy around you. You will feel connected to something greater than yourself. This is a great state to be in to ask questions of yourself or even make bold moves.

4. Health Viewing Technique

Our health determines everything else in life. It determines what we will or will not do. It determines how we feel and how much energy we can give to our goals and our relationships. It is important to keep our health at optimal levels.

We already know that there is a powerful mind-body connection when it comes to health. The placebo effect has been shown to be more than pseudoscience when someone really believes that their health is going to change, for better or for worse. In fact, Joe Dispenza has found that the Placebo effect actually influences different processes in our body that are vital to our health.

Therefore, visualizing ourselves in perfect health can help activate the processes in the body that help us become healthier. It’s important to experience a lot of emotion during this technique because the emotion affects the belief, which is what the placebo effect is all about.

Following is a slightly modified version of one of the visualization techniques found in the Silva Mind Body Healing course. You will find that this is another one of those visualization techniques that will help you figure out what you should do in order to get the outcome you want. For instance, you may admit that your diet, exercise, or mental health needs more attention, and then get busy taking action in those areas.

Close your eyes and relax your body from head to toe. Even though your eyes are closed, visualize your current health on a mental screen that is beyond your eyelids, as if you are watching a movie at a drive-in that is currently running in black and white. Now view yourself on this screen in your current health. Take the time to look at yourself and discover why you have this health challenge. Watch how your health is affecting your life in many different ways. How is it affecting your relationships, your career, or your happiness?

You can take a few moments to study your health and the impact it has on your life, and then after a few moments, you will see the movie on the screen changing. It will start to get smaller and take up less of the screen. And it will continue to get smaller and smaller until the movie completely disappears from the screen.

Once it is gone, visualize another movie taking its place. It starts out small, but it grows and grows and grows until it takes up the whole screen. This movie is going to be in color instead of black and white, and it will be of you in perfect health. Notice how much livelier this movie is. Watch yourself being healthy and doing things that your healthiest self can do. Imagine that you are in complete health and notice how it feels to see this lively and healthy person that is you.

Now, let the movie jump off the screen and become a part of who you are. You may want to visualize the movie wrapping around you and pulling you into it. Feel yourself in this movie about your perfect health. Become a natural part of it. Stand tall, feel the strength you have, take a deep breath in and celebrate the perfect health you have.

Take some time to visualize how this new you leaves the drive-in and interacts with the world. How does the new you affect your home life and your work life? Are you able to get up earlier and do more things in your day? Are you able to focus better and put your energy on the things you want most? Feel an intense amount of gratitude towards the health that you now have. All of this, especially the gratitude, will help the placebo effect take hold in your life.

Now take a look at your new life and what you do in terms of your health. What have you changed? What have you let go from your life that was unhealthy and what have you added into your life? When you are ready to come out of the visualization, you will remember those things clearly and be more willing to adopt them into your life.

5. Stress Relief

If you are feeling stressed out, then it is important to take a few minutes out of your day and de-stress. I can’t remember where I learned this visualization technique, but it helps me calm down, rejuvenate, and feel amazing!

Relax your body from head to toe. Now, imagine yourself sitting in your favorite place. For me, it is by the ocean on a cliff. Take in the sounds, smells, and sights around you. Allow yourself to really project yourself in that place and be there for a few minutes.

After a few minutes, imagine a bubble starting to surround you. This bubble is clear and you can see through it and breathe through it, but it is strong enough to protect you from every element.

This is a bubble that can further enhance the experience you are having by allowing you to do things that will feel amazing and rejuvenate you. If you want the bubble to take you under the ocean, it can protect you. If you want it to take you up into the sky, it can protect you there too. If you want to fly over the city and see things from a different perspective, it will hold you and take you where you want to go. So, imagine yourself inside of the bubble and give it directions as to where you want to go, and then enjoy the ride and take in the views, smells, and experiences that make you feel alive and de-stressed.

When you are done, let the bubble take you back to the place you started. Once you are back there, and you are ready to end your visualization, it will disappear and let you get back to your life. Just know that it is always waiting in your favorite place to take you wherever you want to go when you need to relieve some stress.

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