September 25, 2015

The Power Of The Subconscious Mind

What is a subconscious mind?

Subbconscious mind is the part of their mind that is not fully aware, but they don’t know just how powerful it is to their overall happiness and success in life. Once you know how powerful that part of your mind is, you will have the key to change your life for the better.

How It Works

Your subconscious mind stores a ton of information.

– When you stubbed your toe on the bed, your subconscious stored that information
– When you had a bad relationship and felt used, your subconscious stored that information
– When you successfully rode a bike for the first time, your subconscious stored that information
– When someone made you feel like you were ugly or unworthy, your subconscious stored that information

In short, everything that has happened in your life has been stored in your subconscious mind.

Moreover, your subconscious can store information that your conscious mind doesn’t even notice. For instance, a message that flashes on your TV may not be something you consciously notice, but your subconscious mind still makes an imprint of the message and store it.

8 Techniques To Affect The Subconscious Mind

That message may affect your beliefs and attitudes without you even knowing it. For instance, a message about how great a particular fast food chain is could influence your opinion of it in a positive way, even if you have never been to the restaurant.

Therefore, when you make a conscious decision, your subconscious mind is playing a part in your choice. It brings up the experiences, beliefs, and messages that you have received and they influence your choice in a big way.

And that’s the power of your subconscious mind. It influences your behavior today based on what has previously happened in your life, and it dictates whether or not you make the decisions that could benefit your life in a positive way.

How Important Is Living Consciously?

Your subconscious mind is the autopilot that drives your life, but it is not set in stone. You have the ability to affect your subconscious in a positive way and reprogram it to help you hold beliefs and attitudes that serve your life in a positive way.

Change won’t happen overnight. You have spent your whole life storing information in your subconscious, so reprogramming it can take some time.

For instance, if you have been surrounded by unhealthy relationships since you were young, you probably hold the belief that it is almost impossible to have a happy relationship. Every negative experience you have had to back up that belief is safely stored in your subconscious to give you the proof you need when you are making a conscious decision about a relationship. It can take some time to overwrite those experiences and develop a new belief.

How The Conscious And Subconscious Mind Work Together

However, by using some simple tools to reprogram your subconscious and how it views relationships, you can develop the belief that happy relationships are not only possible, but something you deserve.

In the end, your subconscious mind affects your beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors, which affects your entire life. It holds all the information that you are not consciously aware of and it influences your conscious decisions. So, if something is not working out for you in life, the chances are good that your subconscious mind is playing a big part in how things play out. But, as powerful as those subconscious beliefs are, you have the power to reprogram your mind and change your life.

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