December 22, 2015

10 Quotes To Help You Find Inner Peace

The other day I was on the phone with a friend who was upset. He had made an appointment to have his oven fixed, but the repairman apparently didn’t have the parts he needed, so my friend blew up at him and his boss, and spent the next few days in a pit of misery. While we were talking and he was explaining what had happened, the phone connection gave out on his end. I honestly believe his negative energy affected the phone conversation – that was how angry he was. He couldn’t hear me, and after a few attempts to say hello, he got really angry with me. I could hear everything he was saying, and for a moment, it rocked my world.

Before I had started talking to him, I was feeling amazing! I had eaten a great supper and had some great conversation, and I felt like I wanted to connect to more loved ones and have that kind of experience with them too. But, this wasn’t quite going that way. He hung up the phone in anger and I debated calling him back. I did, but he continued on with this rant and anger and kept me in a place of inner turmoil as I listened, until I remembered that I had a right to experience inner peace, and he was not going to take away that right.

Not too long ago, that thought would have never occurred to me. I would have thought about this conversation and how upset it made me. I would have complained, felt anger, felt hurt, and even felt sick. It would have taken hours, if not days, to get over the pity party I had made for myself and get back to a place of normalcy. But, because I knew I had the right to inner peace, I felt better within a few minutes.

If you are experiencing inner turmoil because of something that happened, something you did, or something that someone else did, then you’ve come to the right place! Following are 10 quotes on inner peace that have helped me come to a place of peace, no matter what has happened, and I believe that they will help you too.

1. Don’t Let Other People Don’t Pull Your Inner Peace Strings


People are going to do their best to make you feel miserable in life. They may not even know they are doing it. They may be in so much inner turmoil that they don’t understand how their words and actions are hurting the people around them. However, there will also be plenty of other people who will purposefully try to hurt you. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that you can choose how to react to what those people do or say. If you don’t let them affect you, then they can’t hurt you, and you can keep your inner peace intact around anyone.

Simply recognizing that these people don’t have inner peace may be enough to help you maintain it. No one with inner peace will hurt other people because they are not dealing with constant anger, hurt, or resentment that causes them to act out.

2. You Cannot Find Inner Peace From Other People


Many people have learned this lesson the hard way and others have still not learned it. No one can help you find peace, but yourself. They may be able to give you advice or comfort you in times of stress, but ultimately how you choose to think and react is what results in your inner peace. It doesn’t matter how much they hold you, if you can’t see the light in the darkness, you won’t feel at peace.

Therefore, stay centered and be thankful for all that you have. Don’t count on other people to help you see your blessings, look for them yourself.

3. Use Your Built-In Tools For More Inner Peace


You don’t have to find a tool or technique to help you find inner peace, you have some inner tools already built-in, the biggest one being your breath. Your breath calms you when you are anxious, helps bring you back to center, and pulls you back into the present moment to let go of worry and other negative emotions. Pay attention to your breath more often. Spend time taking deeper breaths, from the belly, in and out. You will be amazed at how powerful your breath really is for your happiness and peace.

4. Stay Composed In Life


This quote comes from Elizabeth Gilbert talking about how one of her friends reacted to the September 11th attacks. While one of her friends was terrified and experiencing no inner peace, her other friend went on with her daily life. When asked why she was able to go on, she replied because she was not experiencing the attack, she was experiencing life. And when asked how she would react if another attack occurred, she replied that she hoped it would be with dignity.

The way you react in life will determine how peaceful you feel. Keep your self-esteem high, be proud of who you are, and react with light and grace to whatever comes your way.

5. Forgive Those Who Have Done You Wrong


Forgiveness is not about other people. Forgiveness is about letting go of the anger or hurt you feel so that you can find some inner peace. When you are living your life focused on past events, you can’t get to a place of stillness and peace.

The thing to realize is that other people may not give a rat’s ass about your forgiveness. They may continue being who they are and acting the way they want to act, but you have no control over them. If you want to feel better in life, then forgive them and move on in a way that makes you feel good.

6. Embrace The Negative


You have to embrace all of reality in order to find inner peace. This includes the negative things and people that come into your life. And, there will be some of those!

You will have times of unhappiness and you will experience a range of negative emotions, but you can’t resist them if you want to find peace. The resistance creates more negative feelings such as hurt or envy. Therefore, allow them into your life and work through them.

You can use the following technique. When something negative happens, take it in, recognize it, and become open to it. Breathe in deeply and surrender to whatever has happened. Let the reality resonate in your heart as you breathe in, and open your heart enough to create space for the truth of what has happened. Then breathe out the negative feelings and recognize that the pain you feel is something that everyone feels and it is a tool or a teacher in life. Breathe back in and try to see the lesson that the negative experience or emotions are trying to give you and then breathe everything back out. Breathe in and out until you feel more peaceful inside.

You will find that technique very peaceful during negative situations. Much more peaceful than dwelling on what happened and resisting it! And, if you take in the lessons, you will start to grow as a person, which will invite more inner peace in.

7. Think From Someone Else’s Perspective


People who are distressed tend to think from a place of ego. They say things like, “Why me?” or “What do I always experience the bad stuff?” In the end, you can see that negative things happen to everyone, and in the very end, it really doesn’t matter! There are lessons to be learned from everything, and the things we think are disastrous, turn out to be pretty good for our lives or don’t affect our lives as negatively as we thought they would.

If it helps, think of people who are terminally ill. Do you think they sit around and worry or stress out about what is happening? No! People who are going to die let go of all the crap that affects inner peace and try to enjoy life for what it is. They are happier to see their loved ones than most people. They enjoy a good laugh and don’t take a good conversation for granted. They enjoy a good meal or snack and appreciate every bite. They are focused on the things that matter most, and because of that they have a sense of inner peace despite their situation. Take a lesson from them to find your own peace inside.

8. Other People Are Not At Peace


If everyone was at peace in this world, then there would be no hate, bullying, and attacks. They would just live their life and let other people live theirs. But, there are people who are not at peace, and those people seem to get themselves out in front of as many people as they can. They want others to feel the turmoil they feel. They want others to suffer the way they suffer. And they are not able to turn inwards and deal with their emotions, so they turn outwards and try to destroy other people’s inner peace.

Some of the things they do are so big that they rock us to our core. But, you can’t let their behavior destroy your inner peace. One of the things the Dalai Lama always talks about is communication. He thinks communication is the way to understanding each other’s point of view, and I agree. If we can understand each other’s point of view, then we can let go of the emotions that cause turmoil. So, try to see the hurt others are feeling and don’t take their actions personally or let them dictate how you choose to live your life.

9. Inner Peace Is Not Boredom


Boredom is not inner peace. It is just a lack of feeling, which may feel like peace at times. I define boredom as more than just feeling bored. It is a state of doing the same thing over and over again, not opening yourself up to life and all it has to offer. It’s closing yourself off to the potential out there, and it is a numbing place to live.

If your life has gone from chaotic to numb, you are not experiencing inner peace. You are experiencing numbness.

Inner peace feels light and positive. It allows you to enjoy the moment and feel good. You smile, love, and laugh more. You see things more clearly. And you don’t resist what is happening around you. If you don’t feel those things, then don’t settle. While boredom is a better emotion than pain, it is not going to give you the inner peace that you desire

10. Know Yourself


Echkart Tolle promotes living in the moment, which is the ultimate way to experience inner peace. When you live in the moment, you don’t resist what is happening, you just observe and participate. You don’t judge, lose yourself in thoughts, or act out from anger – you just live, which is a peaceful state to be in.

When you are aware of who you are, and you are aware of acting or behaving according to who you are, you feel great. You know that you are not lost somewhere in an imaginary world of worry or regret. You know that you are stuck in some bubble of ego that keeps you from seeing the beauty all around you. And, you know that you can’t just sit around and waste your life away because you are aware of how much potential there is. That’s a good place to be in. And it will bring you the peace you desire.

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