December 13, 2015

50 Quotes About Life That Have Inspired Me

Life can be fun and exciting, but it can also be boring, depressing, and even full of despair. That’s just life! During the times in that life feels hard, quotes about life can help you see things from a different perspective and get back on track. In fact, many of the following quotes about life have helped me view things in a different way and inspired me to get out of a funk and get busy focusing on what really matters or moving towards what I really want. Some are short and some are long, but they are all powerful in my mind.

The truth is that other people have had experiences and insights in life that can provide you with a shot of wisdom that you need to shift your perception. So much so that Oprah has made her career on getting these bits of wisdom out of others, and it has helped mold her into the insightful person she is now – which is why she is so often quoted. Therefore, if you are feeling a little stuck or weird in life right now, I strongly suggest you read the following quotes and pin up the ones that resonate with you where you will see them the most.

50 Quotes About Life


2. 38.the-cause-im-working-on-or-anybodys-cause-




6. 32.surround-yourself-with-people-you-want-to-be-aroun



9. 28.the-miracle-is-not-in-what-you-lost-the-miracle-i

10. 7.being-brave-means-being-shit-scared-all-the-way-to

11. 2.for-99-of-us-i-dont-know-what-i-want-is

12. 37.theres-no-easy-way-around-it-no-matter-how-tal

13. 22.i-just-didnt-want-to-pretend-to-be-someone-else


15. 13.most-people-are-settling-for-less-than-their-poten


17. 34.if-youre-watching-too-much-television-and-you-k

18. 48.theres-always-the-next-level-of-proficiency-at

19. 29.i-believe-we-all-have-unlimited-possibilities-to-b

20. 11.if-we-act-the-way-we-want-to-feel-then-we-are-goi

21. 10.its-hard-to-stay-motivated-when-youre-confus





26. 49.i-was-in-the-company-of-great-men-indeed-some-of

27. 33.we-have-a-tendency-to-experience-not-reality-we-h


29. 18.when-you-get-to-the-point-that-your-spirit-is-just

30. 6.being-brave-isnt-supposed-to-be-easy-and-for

31. 39.i-believe-that-everything-youve-ever-done-you

32. 14.i-call-it-sunrise-faith-the-kind-of-faith-where-y

33. 50.if-something-is-worrying-you-always-do-something

34. 16.being-delusional-is-a-sure-fire-way-to-stay-in-neu

35. 17.all-of-us-are-completely-unique-people-and-so-any

36. 36.there-is-a-way-of-living-that-allows-you-to-be-ful

37. 27.i-had-two-options-one-was-to-remain-silent-and-wa

38. 31.i-think-we-need-to-slow-down-take-the-good-parts

39. 26.i-believe-that-the-nature-of-humanity-is-duality

40. 41.i-didnt-want-to-believe-this-but-ive-come-t

41. 15.all-life-is-energy-and-its-also-why-all-life-i

42. 46.matter-and-energy-are-inseparable-but-they-have-t


44. 3.there-are-no-accidents-to-me-in-a-perfect-universe


46. 20.if-you-want-to-know-what-youre-going-to-be-like

47. 4.everything-ive-ever-done-started-with-a-fear

48. 21.when-you-hold-onto-your-history-you-do-it-at-the

49. 30.sometimes-the-door-closes-for-us-so-we-might-turn

50. 47.the-two-biggest-barriers-to-you-fulfilling-your-pu


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