September 25, 2015

10 Habits Of Happy People

How to be truly happy?

Being truly happy requires you to develop some positive habits that improve your mood and keep you optimistic. Following are 10 habits of happy people that you may want to incorporate into your life.

1. They Express Gratitude

Study after study shows that gratitude makes you happier. It helps you enjoy experiences, improve your health, build better relationships, and have more positive emotions.

The reason gratitude equates to happiness is simple. The more you focus on what you are grateful for, the more you will see things to be grateful for.

2. They Forgive Others

Happy people don’t stay focused on people who have done them wrong; instead, they forgive them and move on with their life. This ability to let go of negative experiences is essential to overall happiness.

3. They Do Things They Love

Happy people spend the majority of their time doing things they love. When it comes to career, relationships, hobbies, and free time, happy people focus on having experiences that make them feel satisfied and good at the end of the day. This could be as simple as cloud watching and as intense as going after a degree they want.

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4. They Exercise

Being thin or fit doesn’t automatically equate to being happy, but getting up and moving does. Exercise stimulates the brain, improves mental health and releases endorphins. Research shows that 20 minutes of focused exercise each day can boost daily happiness. [Source:]

5. They Laugh

Not everyone makes laughter a part of their day, but happy people do! They know that finding things to laugh about is important to feel good no matter what the situation is. Laughter can dissolve anger, improve mood, boost energy, reduce pain, reduce stress, and release the feel-good chemicals called endorphins. In short, laughter really is the best medicine for negative emotions.

6. They Forgive Themselves

Not being able to forgive yourself is like tying an anchor around your neck and letting it slowly pull you under. Happy people don’t hold onto what they have done wrong or what they have failed at; instead, they recognize that they are human and make mistakes and focus on eliminating those mistakes in the future.

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7. They Reflect On Who They Really Are

Happy people have a heightened sense of awareness about their beliefs, likes, dislikes, and desires. They are not stuck in a fantasy world where the ego often takes over and forces them to be a certain way in order to be liked or respected. They pay attention to who they are (and who they want to be) and they stay true to that reality.

8. They Don’t Allow Unhealthy Relationships In Their Lives

Who you surround yourself with affects your happiness in a big way. There is a great saying by Maya Angelou – “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.” Happy people recognize mean, negative, and disrespectful people and they either remove them from their life or keep their distance from them.

9. They Work Towards Something

Happy people don’t live without purpose. They recognize their power in this world and work towards achieving something that makes them feel as though they are doing something meaningful in life.

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10. They Focus On Other’s Happiness

While their own happiness is important, their decisions and behaviors are not just focused on their self-interest. They make a habit of recognizing what would make other people happy, and they often adjust their decisions or behavior to encourage happiness in others. This doesn’t mean they do things that make themselves miserable, but it does mean they see the value in being compassionate, loving, and respectful.

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