March 2, 2016

10 Questions That Make You Think About Your Value In This World

What’s your value in this world?

Even though you are just one person, you have the ability to be extremely valuable to this world! You have the power to affect it in a positive way through your everyday actions and choices. You have the power to influence others positively, make other people feel good, and do good things that promote more happiness and health in this world. You can be valuable in your everyday interactions, and you can be valuable in a way that may not be immediately obvious.

You also have the power to affect all of that in a negative way. You can make this world a worse place, affect other people negatively, and do things that have a negative effect that may not be completely obvious at the moment.

Not sure if you are adding value to the world and the people around you? Here are some questions that make you think about how valuable you really are.

1. Would My Friends And Family Care If I Disappeared Tomorrow?

This is a great way to determine how much value you are adding to your closest relationships. Are you important enough to those people that they would care if you disappeared tomorrow? Are you giving just as much as you are taking from them? Would they miss your company or your contribution to their life if you were to vanish? Would their life be less fun, rewarding, or happy?

This question will give you a lot of insight into the little and big things you do for the people dearest in your life. It may even give you insight into how other people really view you in a way that you may have never thought of before. And, if you find that you are doing nothing for them, then hopefully you will get motivated to make some big changes in your relationships.

2. Did I Make Someone’s Day Better Today?

You are valuable when you do good things for others. The little acts of kindness can make a big difference ion other people’s lives. The love you show or a genuine smile can brighten up the day of someone who feels lonely and miserable. Even holding the door for someone can help them feel more noticed and cared about as a human being.

You can tell when you made someone’s day better because they are relieved, smile, or have one less thing to worry about. Even if they don’t show their gratitude, it’s apparent to YOU when you ease someone’s suffering or lessen their stress.

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So, did you do something today to make someone’s day better? If you did, then you were valuable in their life.

3. What Do I Want To Accomplish In 1 Year From Now?

What are you doing to contribute to the world? Are you becoming smarter and more of an asset for problem solving? Are you learning how to help other people grow and become happier in life? Are you taking care of someone and making their life more fulfilling? Are you building a business that will help other people and the world?

Look at what your goals are for at least the next year and determine how they are influencing your ability to do things for, not just yourself, but the people and the world around you. The only way to keep adding value is by growing and becoming stronger and more capable.

4. How Am I Different From Others?

You are unique. And contrary to popular belief, that is a very good thing! It helps you stand out and contribute. You just need to figure out what your unique qualities are and then see the value they have.

So, what do you bring to the table in your relationships and career? What value do you add to the team of life?

Think about it this way: If a virus had wiped out most of the human race, what would be your role in a surviving group. What you contribute? Would you be a counselor? A provider? A doctor? A peacekeeper? A builder? What value would you have in that kind of scenario?

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The value you would have in that scenario is valuable in this world too. It is what you have to offer people around you that they may not have the ability to offer themselves. Everyone brings something unique to the table, and recognizing that value in yourself is important.

5. Am I Making Ethical Choices?

When it comes to questions that make you think about your value, this one requires total honesty from you. It can be hard to admit the truth, but the answers are important.

Are you living by your ethics? Are you living an honest life where you focus on what is right and choose the right way, even if it is harder than the wrong way? This is an important part of adding value to the world. By choosing to live by your ethics, you are doing things in a way that is not only a good example for other people, but not harming them in any way.

For example, are you recycling or reusing? I know that it can be easier to throw recyclables in the garbage (only a fraction easier, but still – for some people that fraction seems like a lot!) We all know that recycling is right. We all know that it is important to the sustainability of our world and that our contribution is necessary. Recycling is a matter of choice. You choose to do the fraction of extra effort and play your part in lessening your environmental footprint or you don’t.

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Pay attention to all your choices today. I guarantee that ethics will come into play in some or most of them. There is a right and a wrong way to do most things, and your value depends on which choice you make.

6. Am I Doing The Best That I Can At Work?

This one of the most important questions that make you think about your value. You spend a huge portion of your life working. Statistics from Real Sociology say that you spend about 35% of your total waking hours during a 50-year working life at work.

Work is really all about contributing in some way. Everyone’s work benefits other people in some way. And, if it doesn’t, then you are definitely not adding any value to the world! For example, if you are stealing for a living, then that’s not valuable. If you are mistreating people or animals or causing suffering in any way, then that’s definitely not valuable. But, if you are in a career where you make other people’s lives better or easier, then you have the chance to add value!

So, are you putting the most into your work that you can? Are you a benefit to your job or business? Are you adding value each day that you are capable of contributing to the world through your work? Are you working your hardest and giving it your all?

If you are not doing all that you can at your job, then you are not adding as much value as you can to the world. Worse, if you are outright slacking on the job, complaining about it, doing the bare minimum, or cutting corners, then you are really diminishing your value to the world!

You have a huge chance to be valuable in this life through your work. Make the most out of each day that you have to work, and be as valuable as possible so that you can feel great about yourself and your contribution.

7. Was I Kind And Loving Today?

Every day we have a choice to be mean and hateful or kind and loving. What did you choose today? Not only will your choice impact your happiness and health, but it will also impact your value to everyone and everything in your life.

If you are mean and selfish, for example, then you are affecting your relationships negatively. You are making their lives harder or sadder or more miserable just by being in them. You are taking away from them instead of giving. That’s just not valuable to them.

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Being kind and loving to strangers can also contribute to their lives in a valuable way. Just as doing acts of kindness is important, so is having patience, being courteous, and showing compassion. Think about all the mean and selfish people that you come across in your day, and imagine what a patient, courteous, and compassionate person could do for you.

It’s just a matter of choosing to be more thoughtful and compassionate in life. In all your interactions, that kind of attitude will be of great value.

8. Am I Lying To Myself In Any Way?

When you are not authentically you, it is hard to be valuable to the world. You are too busy living a lie and trying to make it work out in your favor. You can’t just concentrate on your unique qualities or go with the flow of life, which is what helps you to contribute and be useful.

You may be lying to yourself about little or big things, but if you stop and ask this question, there is nothing too small that will escape you if you really allow yourself to answer honestly.

For example, are you lying to yourself about how happy you are? Are you pretending that everything is great and making you feel wonderful? Are you pretending that you are satisfied and fulfilled in life? If you admit that you are lying to yourself, then you have the ability to figure out what you need to actively work on to become happier. You have a starting point for more happiness in your life, which will, of course, make you more of a value in this world through better relationships and better intentions.

9. Do I Do Things Without Expecting Something In Return?

Some people think that, psychologically, doing something automatically comes with an expectation of return in some way, as if it is impossible to do something without getting something in return. It is very possible to do things without expecting something in return, and I have found that this is when I add the most value to other people’s lives and this world. I will look after other people’s pets and houses when they go away. I will buy gifts for other people just because I know they will like them. I will pick up trash on my walk without getting credit for it. All of these things are done without any expectations, and I feel like I really contribute in some way when I do them.

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If you run a business or have a job where you are directly serving other people in some way, this is a great question to ask yourself. By going that extra mile without needing to earn a commission or get recognition, you are doing something simply because you know it would benefit the people you are doing it for. Even responding to messages and giving people extra information is a way to add value. They don’t have to pay for it, you are not getting anything in return, but you are helping them out with something that they are specifically having trouble with.

10. Do I Generally Think Positive Or Negative Thoughts?

Answering this question will give a lot of insight into how you live your life. Your thoughts dictate your behavior and willingness to do things, so they create the tone of your day and influence all of your interactions.

For instance, if you are focused on negative things, then you can be judgmental, stuck in the past, worried about the future, or trying to maintain some sort of reputation that causes you to focus on yourself. All of those things are not going to help you add value to the world. In fact, they will detract from other people’s lives and the environment because your negativity will cause you to make poor choices and do unkind and thoughtless things.

Positive thoughts, on the other hand, are motivating and can help you take action in your life. They inspire you and give you energy, and they help you relieve tension and stress during the most difficult times. They help you seek out ways to accomplish good things or find a desirable outcome, and that helps you contribute positively. They promote well-being both in mind and body. And, they encourage you to keep your awareness open and allow in new strategies and beliefs that can make a difference in your life and other’s. In short, they have a huge influence over your ability to be valuable in this life.

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