November 8, 2015

10 Reasons To Cultivate An Attitude Of Gratitude

What’s the one thing that can benefit every area of your life? Gratitude! Making gratitude a permanent part of your life will be the best thing you have ever done. Following are just 10 reasons to start cultivating an attitude of gratitude today.

1. It Spreads

Every emotion you give out spreads like a viral disease. If you are negative, you infect other people with your negativity. And, if you are grateful to other people, then they catch the grateful vibe and see more gratitude in their life. Which one would you rather spread around the world?

2. It Brings More Into Your Life To Be Grateful For

When you have an attitude of gratitude, you have an easier time seeing things to be grateful for. When that happens, gratitude fills up your life and makes life a spectacular show of kindness, happiness, luck, and love.

3. It Makes Everything Brighter

When you appreciate everything that you have, everything takes on a brighter tone. People become more vibrant and interesting. Your home becomes more of a palace than a building with four walls. Everything takes on more value to you.

4. It Improves Other People’s Lives

Every time someone is in your presence and feels that you are grateful for them, their self-esteem and self-worth grow, which helps them be more of who they want to be. In other words, you can literally help others have a better life just by having an attitude of gratitude!

5. It Cultivates Creativity

When you are happy and focused on what is working in your personal life and your career, your creativity booms. You stay open to inspiration and you are able to see solutions to problems, come up with unique angles and ideas, and make things happen!

6. It Makes You Courageous

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Fear is what holds you back from going after things you want, but when you have an attitude of gratitude, your awareness opens up and you can see and move past fear so that you can reach what is on the other side. If you want to go after your dreams and goals in life, then being grateful will open up your awareness of how awesome it will be to reach them.

7. It Shifts Your Perception From Lack To Abundance

If you want abundance in your life, you have to be grateful for what you have already. Living in a state of abundance, with what you have right now, is the best way to help you see opportunities that will provide more abundance and take action on those opportunities.

8. It Brings More Peace Into Your Life

When you are not grateful for your life, stress, worry, and anxiety will be abundant. Nothing will ever be good enough. The struggle to get somewhere different will be forever present and cause conflict in your life. Your relationships will be a struggle as you try to demand something else out of them. But, when you develop an attitude of gratitude, all the struggle, negative emotions, and demands will disappear.

9. It Brings More Laughter Into Your Life

Being grateful allows you to focus on the positive, and when that happens, you see more humor in life – even in the difficult situations, and laughter is a by-product of that. Laughter feels good. And, it really is the best medicine! It increases your immune system, reduces pain, and gives you energy. It makes you forget your troubles and stay mindful of the moment.

10. It Leads The Way To Fulfillment

When you have an attitude of gratitude, you feel more fulfilled in life. Your higher vibrational state keeps you in the flow of life and in the path of everything you need and want to make the most out of it. It sets you to the energetic frequency of who you truly are and where you truly want to be.

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