January 3, 2016

100 Positive Affirmations For Important Areas Of Life

Tired of talking to yourself negatively? Then it’s time to use positive affirmations in your life. Positive affirmations are important because they help you push down the self-doubt you are feeling and boost your confidence.

If you don’t think you need to use them, think of this: you are already saying stuff to yourself, and the chances are good that what you are saying is not very positive. Maybe you are saying that you are unworthy, ugly, stupid, or some variation of those things. Maybe you are beating yourself up with your words in one or more particular area of your life. If you are, then you are using negative affirmations. And because you are saying them repeatedly, you are telling your subconscious that the negative things you are saying are true, so your beliefs and behavior are affected negatively because of it.

You have a choice to either use negative or positive affirmations. You are always going to use one or the other, so why not use positive affirmations where you tell yourself things that boost your confidence and affect your beliefs and behaviors positively? Not sure where to start? Following are 100 positive affirmations for all areas of your life.

Affirmations For Self-Esteem

Too often we are our own worst enemy. We talk to ourselves in a way that we wouldn’t talk to anyone else. We don’t value ourselves and we don’t recognize what we are capable of in this world, and the more negative affirmations we use, the more useless we believe ourselves to be.

Using positive affirmations for our self-esteem can help us remember how valuable we are to this world. The more we tell ourselves why we should be confident, the more we believe it. So, use the following self-esteem positive affirmations to remind yourself of how great you are.

1. I am becoming more confident in who I am and who I want to be.
2. I am a huge gift to this world.
3. I forgive myself for any mistakes that I have made.
4. I create my own life and have the power to make it amazing.
5. My unique talents can benefit others in a great way.
6. I have a lot to offer other people.
7. My choices are always made perfectly with my best interest at heart.
8. I have a wealth of inner-strength to draw from.
9. I am never alone in this world and always supported.
10. I trust myself to do what is right.
11. I am an amazing person.
12. I am just as good as everyone else.

Affirmations For Body Confidence

Men and women beat themselves up about their bodies. But, if you look around, you will see that we all come in different shapes and sizes, and contrary to the media or narrow-minded of the world, we don’t need to look a certain way in order to be good enough.

Every single day men and women struggle with something that they don’t like about themselves, wishing they were different. It’s time we stopped comparing ourselves to what we think we should like and start valuing ourselves for who we are. The following positive affirmations can help you get unstuck from the negative body talk.

13. I have an amazing body that helps me do what I need to do each day.
14. My body is strong and capable of many things.
15. My body is beautiful.
16. I always speak to myself in a loving way, just like I would to others.
17. I am proud of my body.
18. I feel good in my clothes.
19. I am perfect with all my imperfections.
20. Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person I am.
21. I want to enjoy my life, not focus on my body.
22. I refuse to let society tell me how beautiful I am.
23. I am a real person, and real is never perfect!
24. I don’t need to change anything about my body in order to be a beautiful person.

Affirmations For Happiness

Positive affirmations are essential to happiness. The way we talk to ourselves determines how happy we are in life. If we are constantly saying negative affirmations to ourselves, then how can we ever feel pleasure in our lives? It’s not possible! The following positive affirmations are important to remind ourselves of what state we want to live in.

25. I am at peace with my life.
26. I accept all emotions in my life, but never stay stuck in negative ones.
27. I focus on gratitude daily to remind me of how great life is.
28. I shine with happiness to everyone I meet.
29. I see the humor in all situations and laugh easily.
30. I love my home and all that it provides me.
31. I enjoy being by myself and cherish my time alone.
32. I follow my intuition and always make choices that make me happy.
33. I easily let go of my anger because it is useless to me.
34. I forgive others so I can stay present where happiness lives.
35. I have an overwhelming sense of joy that helps me maintain my happiness.
36. I can see the good in everyone and everything.

Affirmations For Success

Success in business, family, health, and everything else requires the belief that we are good enough. Success comes from taking action on what we want. That’s why we need to motivate ourselves through positive affirmations to keep moving forward and taking action on the things we want most in life. If we talk negatively to ourselves, then we are going to hold ourselves back from doing what needs to be done. The following positive affirmations for success can help you move towards more success in life.

37. I have everything it takes to have the success I want.
38. I am living a life that will bring me the success I want.
39. Success is my natural birthright.
40. I am receiving more and more every day.
41. I am following the path that will help me achieve success.
42. I easily learn things that help me get to where I want to be.
43. I love the job that I am doing.
44. I strive to stay aligned with the energy abundance for the highest success possible.
45. My actions are always moving me towards more success.
46. I am doing great things for the world through my work.
47. I allow my intuition to guide me exactly where I need to be.
48. I easily attract luck into my life.
49. Success flows into my life easily.

Affirmations For Health

We all talk to ourselves positively when we set out a new health goal. But, soon, we start to say negative things that stop us from doing what we want to improve our health. Positive affirmations can remind us of what state of health we want to live in and help us to keep taking the steps that are necessary for achieving better health. Whether you are healthy now or want to be healthy, the following positive affirmations are important to keep health a priority in life.

50. I am improving my health every day.
51. My body is healing itself.
52. My body is healthy and strong.
53. I am full of energy.
54. I easily adopt new habits that help me stay healthy.
55. Perfect health is my right in life, and I want it.
56. I do good things for my health daily.
57. I enjoy exercising and moving my body.
58. I nourish my body with foods that it needs to thrive.
59. I love myself enough to make healthy choices.
60. I take it day by day and enjoy the process of being healthy.
61. I make sleep and relaxation a priority in my life.

Affirmations For Relationships

Healthy relationships can boost self-esteem, happiness, success, and health in life. They are important for motivation, value, and support. If you want to have better relationships, then you need to talk positively about other people and the relationships you have. You need to have a positive focus on them and how you interact with other people. Instead of complaining about your relationships, use the following positive affirmations to make them better.

62. I take my time to listen to other people and understand them.
63. I love everyone who is in my life.
64. I treat others with the respect that they deserve.
65. I enjoy spending time with my loved ones.
66. I enjoy nurturing my relationships and watching them grow.
67. I value my relationships and the benefit they have on my life.
68. I am blessed to have good people in my life.
69. I apologize easily when I am in the wrong.
70. I accept my contribution to an unhealthy relationship and then fix it.
71. I choose relationships that uplift and fulfill me.
72. I accept and appreciate other people for who they are.
73. I am open and honest with the people in my life.
74. I always make other people feel important when I am around them.
75. I always treat others the way I want to be treated.

Affirmations For Money

Money is always an issue. I think positive affirmations for money is the most searched term for positive affirmations. We all want to feel better about money in our lives, and many of us are struggling with our views around money and how we deal with the money we do have in our lives. It’s important to remind yourself of what you want in terms of money, as well as how you want to use money in your life in order to feel good. Following are some positive affirmations that can help you do that.

76. I take steps daily to increase my income.
77. I always save money in order for peace of mind.
78. I pay off my bills every month to help me stay ahead of things.
79. I buy things that will benefit my life.
80. I use my extra money for things that will increase my happiness.
81. I love money and everything it can do for me.
82. I view money as energy that is easy to attract.
83. It is not all about having money but, rather, living life on my terms.
84. I am willing to take action in life and bring in money.
85. Money comes to me in unexpected ways.
86. There is enough money in the world for me to have however much I want.
87. Money gives me the capability to help others and make the world a better place.

Affirmations For Love

Many wise people believe that life is based around love. Most people view love as a romantic thing, but love is really about everything in life. Love is in the way you view other people, the way you treat other people, the way you are viewed and treated, and your perception on life. If you make love an important part of your life, you will feel it all around you. Whether you want positive affirmations to attract love into your life or positive affirmations to remind yourself of how important love is in life, the following affirmations can help.

88. I deserve to be loved fully for who I am.
89. I openly accept love into my life.
90. I love myself as much as anyone will ever love me.
91. I fill myself up with love every day.
92. I talk to myself lovingly in all situations.
93. I see love everywhere I go.
94. I only have to be myself in order to be loved.
95. I attract loving relationships into my life easily.
96. I base my decisions around love for myself and for others.
97. I value love and make it a priority in my life.
98. I always choose love over anger, abuse, and pain.
99. I never refuse a loving gesture in life.
100. I feel the love that flows to me and through me daily.

Creating Positive Affirmations On Your Own

If the above positive affirmations don’t work for you, create your own! It’s actually quite simple. Affirmations are just statements that you want to believe in life, so you simply need to reverse the things you are saying to yourself from negative to positive.

For instance, if you are telling yourself that you are never going to amount to anything in life, but you want to do something with your life, then find some positive statements that make you feel better. Leave out any negative words and put your statements in the present tense. In other words, say uplifting things as if you currently believe them about yourself, such as, “I deserve to have everything I want,” or “I am working hard to get the life I want.”

Do not say things that you don’t believe because they will just piss you off, rather than uplift you. For instance, if you do not believe that you are a millionaire, then saying, “I have millions of dollars in the bank!” will just tick you off when you see a negative bank balance. Instead, say something like, “I am making decisions that increase my wealth every day.” That positive affirmation is much more believable, and it will encourage you to make decisions every day that increase your wealth!

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