January 15, 2017

11 Tips On How To Be Witty That Anyone Can Apply To Their Life

How to be witty

J.K. Rowling said in one of her books that wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure. A witty person can win over people easily. A witty person can get what they want out of relationships because they are able to charm other people and influence them. A witty person can adapt to any situation and turn it into something positive for themselves. In other words, learning how to be witty is one of the best things you can do for your relationships and success with them and life in general.

Being witty is not about telling jokes or doing silly things. It’s about being in situations and coming up with a clever and comical observation. It’s about being in the moment and thinking on your feet. It’s about saying and doing things that make you look charming and earn other people’s affection and interest.

Not everyone is naturally witty, but everyone can learn how to be witty. It takes practice, just like everything else, but because it is such an attractive and important trait to have, the motivation to practice should be there for you.

11 Big Tips On How To Be Witty

Following are some tips that will help you be wittier. Some of these tips may not be what you expected, but all of them are important to develop a wittiness that people find charming and engaging. The bad news is that you are not going to become witty overnight. The good news is that all of these tips are doable for anyone and you have the power to become wittier if you choose to put in the work.

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1. Practice Common Sense

The thing about witty people is that they are able to judge a situation ‘as is’ without embellishing anything. They point out the facts and have good insight into what is going on. They aren’t silly or off the wall. They see the facts, and they are able to see the truth and find the humor in those facts.

Common sense is developed by slowing down and thinking things through. Don’t react quickly to situations or comments. Take some time to get all the facts around what’s going on and think about them before you react. The more you practice this, the quicker you will be at having good judgment around a situation.

2. Learn More About Body Language

Keep in mind that reacting to situations and other people includes your body language as much as it does your words. Just like you can display ignorance or prejudice through your body language without saying a word, you can also display wittiness through your body language without saying a word. So it doesn’t matter how witty you are verbally, if you are sending an opposite message through your body language, your words are going to be meaningless.

The fact is that a lot of people don’t know what their body language is really saying to others, and a lot of people don’t even think about their body language. Are you one of them? Learn more about how facial expressions, hand gestures, and even positioning your body can influence the message someone receives from you.

3. Become Wiser

Witty people know a lot of things. They are able to draw from their wisdom and find a humorous angle because of it. They have a lot of experience in life and because of that they have a lot more common sense, intelligence, and insight than other people. This is why the elderly are often witty. But, age isn’t really a factor when it comes to wisdom.

Wisdom comes from experience and being open to new ideas and perspectives. Always look at experiences with curiosity. Ask questions in every experience you have. What can you learn from the experience? What can you take away from a situation to make your life better? Is a different way of viewing things more beneficial than how you view things now? These questions will help you accept new idea and perspectives into your life and become wiser because of it.

You will notice that as you become wiser, you will be able to see perspectives that other people can’t, which will often be humorous. This will help you stand out as the wittiest person in the room!

4. Learn About What Makes People Laugh

To be witty, you have to make people laugh, which means you need to understand what people find funny in the first place. I know plenty of people who think they understand what makes people laugh, but it’s obvious that they don’t because they often end up offending people or turning people off. Have you ever gotten that reaction? Then you may need to study up on what people find funny.

It’s important to note that what some people find funny may not be what other people find funny, which is why being witty is so important. Wit appeals to most people. It’s not about making fun of someone or something. It’s not about acting silly and doing things specifically for a laugh. It’s not about making a joke at someone else’s expense. It’s about seeing the humor in a situation and then pointing it out in an intelligent way.

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Start by researching randomness. When random things line up in certain way, most people will find it funny. For instance, if you talked about heading to a certain place, but decided to go to another place, and then accidentally ended up at the first place you talked about, you can easily use your wit to make people laugh about what happened.

Also, pay attention to comparison. When you can compare a person or situation to something that other people are familiar with, you can often get a laugh. That’s the basis behind most comedy routines where they start out asking you if you are familiar with something and then compare something ridiculous with it.

In short, when you know what makes people laugh, you will be able to spot the details in a situation that are funny (randomness, similarity, etc.) and then use them to be witty.

5. Understand Your Language

Never stop improving your communication skills. Witty people have a way with language that many other people don’t have. They don’t say ‘um’ every second word or say things in an unorganized way. They are quick with their words, and often your brain has to catch up with what they are saying before you understand how funny their statement actually was.

The best way to be quick with your words is to build your vocabulary and practice your grammar. The more you work on your language, the more you can fluently spit it out when you need to.

6. Be A Social Butterfly

If you want to learn how to be witty, then get out and socialize with as many people as possible. Observe how different people are and how they interact differently. As you pay attention to human behavior, you will start to notice many things, including what people find funny. And most importantly, being a social butterfly will help you build your social skills.

If you are socially awkward, then it doesn’t matter how witty you are, people will be turned off by you and not be able to see how clever you are because there is just something that they don’t like about you. The more you get out there, pay attention to your interactions with other people, and adjust your behavior in a way that is socially acceptable, the more you will be able to make people laugh.

7. Hang Out With Intelligent People

Of course, being a social butterfly is not going to help you be witty if you are surrounded by morons. Wittiness is about intelligence, not low grade humor or humor at other people’s expense.

For instance, if you find that your friends find other people’s pain hysterical, then you are going to hurt your ability to be witty in two big ways. First, you are the sum of the people you hang around with the most. So if all you friends are laughing at someone’s expense, it will be hard for you to see intelligent views on a situation. Second, it will be hard to develop your intelligence, awareness, and common sense when you are surrounded by people who lack these things.

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Therefore, hang out with people who are compassionate and mature but are still able to see the humor in situations. These are the kind of people who will help you on your journey towards how to be witty.

8. Admit You Don’t Know Everything

This is the first step on how to be wittier, but I included it in this part of the article because by now you should have a sense that being witty requires you to see things from a different perspective. And being willing to see things from a different perspective means admitting that you don’t currently know everything and your perspective may not be the best way for you to be viewing things.

The problem is that too many people think they know everything so they stay stuck wherever they are! They cannot gain any new insight into anything because they won’t allow it in.

When you are able to accept that you don’t know everything, then you can start to become wiser.

I highly suggest approaching life with an ‘I will always be learning’ attitude. The more you embrace learning, the more you will mold yourself into a highly intelligent person who is capable of being witty.

9. Work On Personal Growth

You won’t find witty people who are not constantly striving for more out of themselves. It just doesn’t work like that.

People who are constantly working on their personal growth are guaranteed to have more common sense, awareness, and intelligence than people who are staying stuck where they are. They are natural results that come from educating yourself.

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The bottom line is that personal growth results in intelligence, and intelligence is the key to being witty. So work on developing your current talents, discovering new talents, and moving towards any dreams and aspirations that you have in life.

10. Practice Seeing The Obvious

A big part of being witty is being quick with your observations and talking about what is happening in the moment in a funny way. That means you need to be able to see what is going on, see the humor in it, tie it into something that is funny, and then say something witty all in a matter of seconds. If you take minutes, the moment will pass and you will not look as witty as you want to look.

Seeing the obvious around us is easier said than done. It requires that we be totally present and look at our environment in a logical way.

Most of us have a blind spot when it comes to the obvious. We try to make things more complicated than they are with our thoughts, beliefs, worries, and more, and we are unable to see the obvious in a situation.

To see the obvious, step back from the situation and observe what is happening in the moment. Don’t add in elements that aren’t there. Don’t try to make something out of it that’s not there. Just observe.

One of the best ways I’ve found to practice seeing the obvious is to pretend like you are on the phone with someone and have to explain what is happening in the moment. Doing this will help you notice the little things in any situation that could be viewed as humorous, and because of that, you will have an easier time pointing out the humor in a witty way.

11. Stop Being So Judgmental

The last thing I suggest you do to be more witty is to start removing judgment from your life. Judging people and events will always stand in the way of you being able to see the situation for what it is.

Your judgments are full of opinions – usually negative ones, and they can cloud your ability to see things through a lens of common sense. And, because you judgments cause you to feel negative towards something or someone, it can be hard to see the humor in a situation.

If you are willing to work on all of the above tips on how to be witty, then you will naturally start to remove judgment from your life. As you become more aware of yourself, others, and the world around you, and see things from a grounded and intellectual viewpoint, judgment will naturally melt away.

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But there will always still be some judgment hanging around. It’s human nature. To replace whatever judgment is still hanging around, try to focus on love. I know it sounds corny, but it is important! If you are busy loving people, situations, and life, you are less likely to judge. In fact, you can’t view someone with pure love and judge them at the same time. Love helps you accept and enjoy things and people as they are.

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