November 16, 2015

12 Insights On Never Giving Up To Help You Reach Your Goals

Obstacles are going to happen in your journey through life. Some will be small and easy to overcome while others will be big and make you want to give up. But, never giving up is the way to a truly successful life.

Giving up guarantees that we don’t reach the goals we set out for ourselves. It also guarantees that we never know if we could have reached our dreams or not. That’s a terrible way to live, and it may be the best reason to never give up! If you are in a state where you feel like giving up right now, and those reasons are not enough, then following are some insights into how you can make never giving up a part of your life.

1. Don’t Follow In The Footsteps Of Others Who Have Given Up

Too many people give up on their dreams. So many, in fact, that I guarantee you know a few people who made ‘never giving up’ a fairytale rather than a truth. When you feel like giving up, sit down and ask yourself some questions.

– How many people do I know that have given up on their dreams?
– How are they feeling?
– How do they act?
– Are they living a happy life, a mediocre life, or a miserable life?
– Do I really want to follow in their footsteps?

Take some time to really study people who have given up, answer these questions, and visualize yourself in their state. I guarantee that you will gain some inspiration to keep going after your dreams if you do.

2. Get Support From People Who You Respect

You can talk yourself out of anything, but with a support group, they can help talk you back into what you need to do. People who love you or are on your side will naturally motivate you to keep moving despite setbacks. In addition, talking to people who you respect can help you get through tough times when you feel like giving up.

For example, on MasterChef Chef Junior Addition, a sweet little boy named Ian was having some problems opening up his scallops during a competition and he started to cry and look like he was going to give up. The other kids gave him encouraging words like ‘It’s OK, you can do this!’ and ‘Just believe in yourself!’ He started to feel a little bit better and then Chef Ramsay came up and gave him some words of encouragement, showed him what to do, and said, ‘Come on, you can do this’. Ian’s eyes went from tears to enthusiasm in a split second because of this encouragement.

3. Take Some Time To Regenerate

Sometimes we go for things full throttle because we know that never giving up is the way to get them. But, depending on how big the goal is, it may be wise to give yourself some time to regenerate before you continue on your path. This doesn’t mean that you have to stop working towards your goal, it just means you need to take some time off from doing the hardest tasks on your journey that are draining your energy and making you feel like you want to give up.

Going back to Chef Ramsay, he gave some advice in a Reddit answer on this subject. He talks about how he had run himself into the ground in Paris trying to work at some of the best restaurants in the world. He took a break from trying to be the best by getting on a boat for 6-9 months and working as a private chef. Those months working in a low-pressure atmosphere helped him regenerate and it also taught him things that helped him when he got back into going after the success that he now has.

4. Focus On Your Bragging Rights

As you move through life, there are many things that you accomplished in one way or another. Focus on those things and brag a little to yourself. Celebrate your awesomeness and what you have accomplished, and use the feeling from that celebration to keep moving forward.

If you are unable to find something to brag about, ask a close friend or family member to name off some of your accomplishments. Often we can’t see the successes we have had in life because we have talked to ourselves too negatively and made those successes into less than they actually were. But, you can bet that the people close to you will be able to name off some things that you have bragging rights for and give you insight into exactly why you are such an incredible person who deserves success in life.

5. Prove Others Wrong

If you are like most people, then other people’s opinions will cause you to want to give up. Their waving finger, nasty words, dirty looks and lack of support can make going back to your comfort zone tempting, but don’t! Make a point to prove other people wrong despite what they think about what you have done and where you are going. Show them how amazing you truly are.

Martha Stewart is a great example of this. When she went to prison, a lot of people thought that her career was over. But she proved them wrong. When she got out, she felt refreshed and ready to tackle the world – which she has done. She is more successful than ever with her television shows, her partnership with Walmart, and many more business ventures.

6. Don’t Ignore Important Reasons Behind Your Goals

The best way to change your life and the lives of people around you is to stop ignoring things. When you do that, you feel more like moving forward towards your goals because you can clearly see why you need to continue to move forward. You can’t see what you don’t acknowledge.

For example, let’s say your goal is to eat healthier. You may have created that goal because you want more energy, want to feel better about what you are eating, and want to support local farms instead of big companies that conveyer out processed food. These are all valid reasons to eat healthier, but if you start to ignore them, then you may start giving up on the goal. It won’t feel like such a big deal to eat processed or unhealthy food anymore, so giving up will be a viable option.

7. Some Paths Come To An End

Just because a certain aspect of what you are doing comes to an end, it doesn’t mean the journey has come to an end. There are plenty of different paths that you can take to get to where you are going, and one path may work for a while, but not for the whole journey. Enjoy the path you are on, take what you can from it, and when it ends don’t give up on your dreams and goals.

The best way to visualize this point is with competitions. If you want to be a great blogger, for example, then you may enter a blogging competition to help you learn, improve, and hopefully win. But, everyone except for one person is going to be a winner, which means that for most people the challenge will come to an end. If all of those people gave up after losing the competition, then they would never reach their goals. They simply have to find a new path to take towards their goal of being a great blogger.

8. It’s Not How You Start, It’s How You Finish

The desire to give up often comes around when mistakes are made or roadblocks happen. It gets frustrating during those times and the thought of not doing well becomes the dominant thought, which can easily cause you to give up. That’s why it is important to remember as you move along towards your goals in life that it doesn’t matter how you start or how you move towards the goal – the real factor is how you finish. If you achieve your goal and have the desired results, then that is what matters.

For example, a friend of mine was writing a book and her plan was to write every day for at least 2 hours a day. Life got in the way, and she found herself not writing more often than not. As her deadline started to get closer, the thought of giving up crossed her mind, but then she remembered why she wanted to write her book, which inspired her to sit down and bang it out just in time for her deadline.

She didn’t start off great on her goal. In fact, she didn’t even put a lot of effort in towards her goal throughout the duration, but in the end she pushed through it and finished it, and she was very happy with the results. This example isn’t an excuse to procrastinate. It just shows that obstacles happen, and even if you can’t overcome them immediately, you will be able to overcome them down the line. The trick to overcoming them is never giving up.

9. Stay Focused On What You Want To Do

If you lose focus on why you are working towards something, then giving up will become an option. You will start to see new opportunities and things you want to do, and you will leave the old goal behind in the process. If you continue this long enough, you will never get anything accomplished.

How can you stay focused? Create a vision board! This will help you clearly see what you want and why you are getting there. You may want to divide it up into sections. For instance, put pictures, quotes, and reminders about what your goal is on the left side of the board and pictures, quotes, and reminders of how you will feel and what you will accomplish on the right side of your board. Put your vision board somewhere where you will see it daily and get inspiration to stay focused on what you are doing. This will take some time to put together, but it will be a powerful way to stay focused and avoid giving up.

10. Remember That You Are Good Enough

When failures happen – and they will happen – you can start to talk to yourself in a very negative tone. This negativity can cause you to give up because you feel like you are not capable or worthy of succeeding, which is absolutely NOT true. You are good enough to overcome and succeed.

Always remember that feeling ‘not good enough’ is a part of being human. When setbacks occur, emotions can run high and we can be our hardest critics. But, everyone who has had success has felt like they were not good enough at some point, and they still succeeded. What you tell yourself does not define you. What you do defines you.

11. Have Faith In The Process

Everything is a process, and if you are focused on what you want, then you will attract things and people into your life that help you move through the process quicker. You must have faith that is how it works or giving up will feel like the best option when things don’t work out quickly. You can look back at old experiences in your life to see that everything really does need to go through a process.

If you want even more inspiration, read about gratitude, the Law of Attraction, positive self-talk, and manifesting the life you want. You will find a ton of inspiring messages in articles based on those topics, and it will help you strengthen your faith in the process and the end result.

12. Get Off Your Butt And Bounce Back

If you find yourself sitting around thinking about giving up, get off your butt, do something that you can do towards your goal (even if it is a tiny thing) and this will help you bounce back and get back on track.

Make the mantra ‘Get off your butt and bounce back!’ a powerful part of your life. Write it down somewhere you can see it when things get tough. Even better, get your best friend, partner, or parents to say it to you when you are down in the dumps and feel like giving up. You will find it is a powerful reminder that sitting around on your butt is not going to help you accomplish your goals, but getting up and doing something will!

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