January 3, 2016

12 Methods To Overcome Indecisiveness About Anything

Feeling indecisiveness over anything is frustrating. When you just want to make a decision, indecisiveness can postpone that decision for weeks, months, and sometimes even years. The longer you stay indecisive, the more tied up and immobile you feel in life. Then, analyzing every aspect will start and that will make it even harder to make a decision.

It’s important to overcome indecisiveness. If you are having a hard time making decisions, then you are having a hard time moving towards what you want. Only people who act on a decision towards what they want will get something new in their life. Everyone else will experience failure and setbacks that keep them stuck with the same old life. So, how can you start to overcome indecisiveness? Following are 12 methods to try out.

1. Change How You View Yourself

A lot of times indecisiveness occurs when you don’t believe that you are capable of achieving what you really want. You can only live up to the potential that you believe about yourself; therefore, if you underestimate yourself, you can’t make a decision that surpasses your current belief about your value. Even if you really want to!

Your self-esteem plays a huge part in your ability to make decisions. When you boost your self-esteem, you boost your power to decide on what you can and cannot do and what you will and will not take action on. If you are going to remember anything about yourself, remember that you have the power to make your dreams come true if you just take action, and let that little boost to your self-esteem guide you towards making decisions and taking action.

2. Remember That It Has To Work For You

Sometime indecisiveness happens because you are trying to make a decision whether to do what works for others or to do what your heart is telling you to do. If you feel like you should be able to do it the way everyone else does it, but your intuition is telling you to do it another way, then you can get stuck in a place of should and want, and you will be scared to make one decision or another.

Whatever decision you make has to work for you. For instance, if everyone tells you that you need to do specific daily tasks in order to achieve something, but you feel like you would rather do daily tasks according to what you feel is important in the day, then you need to follow what you feel. It will work better for you. It will make you happier. And, at the very least, it will be a decision that helps you actually do something towards your goals instead of being stuck trying to decide which route you should take.

3. Judge The Future, Not The Past

No one ever feels amazing about their past. Even if you created a successful business, made a million dollars, and moved to a private beach in Maui, you would still be judging yourself on what you could have done better and what you didn’t do well. Yes, it may feel good to be where you are, but, if you let them, your judgments about your past will keep you stuck wondering whether or not you should do what you’ve done or try something new.

You have to judge yourself on what you can do, not what you have done. Your decisions now are for your future, so when you are making them, leave the past out of it and you will have an easier time deciding which way to go.

4. Let Go Of What Is Supposed To Work

What worked before may not work anymore. If you feel like losing weight, for instance, has to be done in a certain way, then you may get on the same old diet that you’ve always gotten on. But if it doesn’t work, and you can’t let go of the notion that it should work, then you will find yourself stuck and wondering what to.

What worked in the past may not work anymore. We change. Things change. And sometimes you have to develop new strategies to get the results you want. So, if you are experiencing indecisiveness because you want to do what you’ve always done, but know that you shouldn’t, then today is your lucky day! Choose the new and improved option and get on with getting the results you want.

5. Work On Your Thoughts

What you think and feel will have an influence over your decisions. If you think the thought ‘this is going to be hard’ over and over again, then you will start to believe that it’s going to be hard. In fact, you will believe it so much that you will decide not to do it because the thought of all the pain and struggle will be too much to bear.

Become an optimistic and stay open-minded if you want to make decisions. When you feel confident that things can work out, or at the very least hopeful they will, you will have an easier time making a decision to take action on something that would otherwise make you feel uncomfortable. And when you see the possibilities where other people may not see them, you will make better decisions for your life.

6. Get The Intuitive Answer

Many personal development experts believe that we have all the intelligence we need inside of us. It is sitting there waiting for us to call upon it and access it, and when we do, we have all the answers we need to make the right decisions and take the next step towards the life we want. But how can you access that information?

You can open yourself up to your intuition. If you can’t feel it, try using a visual image. For instance, when you are faced with a decision to go left or right, imagine yourself looking at your intuition holding up a sign that will either say ‘left’ or ‘right’, and then allow yourself to clearly see the writing on the sign that your intuition has chosen. This simple trick will help you connect to your intuition easier and see what it wants you to know.

You can also meditate on your question and allow yourself to receive an answer. Sitting comfortably, breathing in and out, and visualizing your question in your mind’s eye can help you remove the outside noise and let you sneak a peek at what your inner self is trying to tell you. You may have a vision of the answer or you may even get interrupted from the meditation with an answer. However it comes, allow yourself to trust it and act on it believing that you have all the answers you need and they come to you when you ask for them.

7. Use Tarot Cards

If you are unsure about this, let me just say this: If you can’t make a decision, no matter how hard you try, isn’t something better than nothing? Many people believe in flipping a coin or getting someone else to point to a colored rock that signifies one choice or another, but when it comes to tarot cards, they are quick to shut the idea down. Probably because of the weird label that comes with tarot cards. However, tarot cards are simply cards, originally used to be a game.

The beauty of tarot cards is that there are a ton of different decks to choose from, and one of them will resonate with you. Then, when you have a question, simply shuffle, let your intuition guide you to the right card, and read what it says. The message and meaning behind it can help you make a choice when you are leaving it up to fate. I have found that often the choice made from this method can be very beneficial to my life.

8. Remove Any Guilt

If you are holding on to guilt, then you will have a harder time seeing things clearly and making a decision. Guilt is the feeling that you have done something in your past that was unethical or that hurt you in some way, and that feeling will keep you worried about making any other decisions that could result you feeling even more guilt along the way.

For instance, a friend of mine spent a few years working towards creating a successful candle business. She didn’t earn much income, her husband supported her, and in the end it didn’t work out. The amount of guilt she felt about spending two years not being successful was holding her back from making a decision about what she wanted to do next. She was terrified she would disappoint herself and her husband again, so she stayed in a place of limbo. It wasn’t until she talked to a counselor who helped her let go of her guilt that she was able to make a decision. And, she ended up making a decision that benefited her life in a big way within the first few months.

Let go of guilt. You did the best you could at the time. As long as your intentions are good, any decision you make will be the right one at this time.

9. Make A Small Decision And Stick With It

This won’t apply to everyone decision you need to make in life, but it will apply to many. A small decision can help you overcome the indecisiveness you are feeling. This is because the more you make decisions in life and see the benefits from it, the easier it will be to keep making decisions.

Therefore, if you are indecisive about one area of your life, then try making a small decision in that area. For instance, if you are indecisiveness about what habit you want to build for exercise, then make a small decision to start walking every day and stick with it no matter what. The act of making that decision and seeing the benefits that come from it, can help you get more comfortable making a bigger decision.

10. Choose To See What Happens

Even though it can feel like it, making a decision doesn’t always have to be the final say. You can try something out for a while and see what happens and then switch your decision if you are not satisfied with the outcome. Of course, this won’t apply to everything, like which person you should date, but it will help remove the pressure on many decisions in life and give you a free pass to go ahead and pick the decision that your gut tells you to go with. Too many great ideas are never given a chance because of silly reasons or doubt.

11. Weigh The Pros And Cons

Often we can’t make a decision because we can’t clearly see which one will benefit our life more. There is a simple way to rectify this. Get a pen and paper and start writing. Write down your choices on a piece of paper and then write out the pros and cons of each choice. Take some time to really consider the pros and cons, and what you are left with is a scale of which decision would be the wiser decision for you to make.

If you like this method, I highly recommend that you take up journaling! By journaling every day, you can clearly see how you feel about something, what is working and what is not through consistent praise or complaints, and tweak your decisions to work for you.

12. Create Rules In Your Life

Lastly, if you are stuck in a decision, create some rules in your life – or in that specific area of life – that will help you make decisions much easier. When you have rules in place, indecisiveness will be much less common.

For example, make a rule that you will always choose the option that makes you smile or feel joy. Or it will take two clear signs to choose one option over another as the winner. Or you will always choose the healthier option for yourself. A lot of people don’t like rules, but when you have them, it will be much easier to overcome indecisiveness.

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