November 25, 2015

14 Thought Provoking Questions For Setting Up New Goals

Whether you are thinking about your New Year’s Resolutions, or just want a change in your life starting right now despite the date, it’s important to sit down and ask yourself some thought provoking questions that will help you get clear on where you are and what you really want. If you don’t, then you will set up goals that are flimsy, unimportant, or too hard to stick to, which will end up in failure.

Not sure what to ask yourself? Following are 14 thought provoking questions that will help you get real clear on your goals. Get out some paper or your favorite text editor and answer each one of them. As you answer, you will create an outline for your life. When you are finished, you can go through your answers, get clear on what you need to do, and build a goal list for your life that excites you.

1. What Are My True Intentions In Life?

Intentions aren’t specific goals. They are the reason that you create goals. They are your desires, such as living in joy, having success, being wealthy, living in peace, or being healthy. They are what make your goals worth achieving.

For instance, if your goal is to lose weight it’s not really about losing weight, it’s about how you will feel when you lose weight or what you will do when you lose weight. Your intention may be to be comfortable with your body.

Intentions are the motivation behind your goals, so it’s important to get clear on what yours are so that you can make goals that line up with what you truly want. A completed intention could look like this, “My intention is to bring a large amount of money in monthly, feel good with my body, and have a sense of peace with everyone I know.”

Don’t worry about how it would look to other people. Get clear on what your big dreams are in life and write them down.

2. What Would I Do If I Knew I Couldn’t Fail?

This is one of those thought provoking questions that will help you discover what goals would really help you realize your intentions. Don’t limit yourself! Don’t think about what other people would want. Don’t think about how you think you should be living your life. Instead, answer the question from your heart.

It’s really important not to judge that answers that come out. Write down the first thing that comes to mind and don’t over think it. As you write about what you would do, you will get excited, inspired, and clearer on what goals you really want to create.

3. Am I Open To Receiving Great Things?

Are you in a negative state or a positive state? If you are in a negative state, then you are thinking negative thoughts, using negative language, and feeling negative though, which are all barriers to achieving your goals. It keeps you close-minded and will hold you back from getting what you most want in life. It will blind you when opportunities arise and it will slow you down (or even stop you) when obstacles arise.

You have to be open to receiving great things. You have to be optimistic and full of positive energy. If you are not, but you want to be, then that should become a goal you need to create.

Plan to reprogram your subconscious mind to alter your beliefs, mindset, and attitude. No matter how closed off you are to success right now, you can change your viewpoint on it by using some tools to help you change your subconscious and conscious thoughts in way to give you all the power you need to manifest any goals you want to bring to life.

4. What Are Some Specific Goals That Will Help Me Achieve My Intentions?

After you get clear on your intentions, you can start to set some specific long term goals, as you will have a clearer vision of what you need to do to bring your goals into your life. For instance, if your intention is to bring a large amount of money into your life, then you may decide that you want to earn $1 million in 6 years. If your intention is to feel good in your body, then you may want to create the goal to be body positive despite your size or appearance.

Keep these written down on a piece of paper or on Word for now. You may find yourself changing them slightly after you keep moving through the rest of these thought provoking questions.

5. What Do I Want To Accomplish In 1 Year?

You probably have some goals that may take years to accomplish, so it’s time to sit down and think about what you would want to accomplish within a year towards those goals. One year is long enough that you can achieve something big, but short enough that you can create some actionable monthly, weekly, and daily goals and steps to get there.

If you think that one year isn’t enough time to achieve the type of goal you want, remind yourself that success can happen very quickly once you get on the right track and do the right things. You could even accomplish a goal that you think would take a year in 6 months or less. You don’t know what’s going to happen or what opportunities you will get. Therefore, make sure the goal is big enough that it scares you a little, but not so small that you can putz around for a year and still make the goal.

6. What Surprises Do I Want To Manifest In 1 Year?

This is one of those thought provoking questions that will make unexpected things happen in your life. Ask yourself if you could line up specific events and people in your life to help you achieve your goals, what would they be? Would you meet your idol? Would you travel to attend a seminar that helps you achieve your goals? What types of things would pop up in your life to help you move towards what you want?

Write the answers you get down and put them on a vision board. The focus on having unexpected help and inspiration pop up in your life will help you keep your eyes open for that unexpected help and inspiration! You may be surprised, everything on your vision board may come to pass within the year.

7. Am I Dreaming Big Enough?

Fear of lack of success and fear of success can cause us to make smaller goals that we want. Take a look at the intentions and goals you have made and decide if you are dreaming big enough. This will require that you get really honest with yourself because your fears will try to control the way you view your intentions and goals.

Sit quietly, take a look at your intentions and goals, and listen to the feeling in your gut – the feeling that is speaking louder than the fear. If you feel good about what you have written, then good! If you feel like you are not focusing on your true desires or potential, then get clearer on what you want.

8. What Actions Do I Need To Take Towards My Goals?

What daily action, weekly action, monthly action, or even yearly action do you need to take? Action is what manifests your goals, so having action plans in place will help you move towards your goals.

If you don’t know, then you need to search out other people who achieved their goals and use them to inspire you towards what you need to do. If they have a blueprint, use it. If not, create your own blueprint based on their journey.

For instance, if you want to make $150,000 within a year, find people who have turned their life around with a short time and read about how they did it. As you read, you will find little tips and techniques that you can use to do the same, and these will be the actions that help you reach your goals.

9. How Can I Track My Progress?

Creating goals and then not keeping track of your progress is a waste of time. You can zigzag all over the place and never end up getting to your destination. In other words, just as you keep track of what streets you are going down to reach somewhere important, you have to keep track of where you are going to reach your goals. When you can clearly see how you are doing towards your goals, you make it easier to do what you need to do for success and choose quicker paths (action steps), which means your goals are more likely to manifest.

You may want to get a goal setting software for this, such as Goals on Track or something similar. Goals on Track tells you how close you are to a goal (based on your parameters) with both a percentage and a visual bar. It makes it easier to visually see your progress and whether you are falling behind and need to adjust your action steps.

10. Do I Have Enough Support?

When it comes to thought provoking questions, this is important. If you want to continuously take action, then having support is a good idea. Not only can a support system motivate you to keep going, but they can keep you accountable.

You can find support in your friends and family, but you can really find support with like-minded people. Therefore, for each goal you make, try to find some sort of support community where you can share concerns, interact with other people, and stay accountable as you move along towards your goals.

You may also want to hire a coach to help you stay on track. Life coaches, health coaches, and success coaches all have ideas and tips to help you do what you need to do and stay on track.

11. How Will I Get Through Roadblocks?

On the way to your goals, you are going to come across roadblocks that you will need to overcome if you want to continue on your path. This is one of those thought provoking questions that will help you develop some plans for times when things are feeling tough. It’s important to have some plans in place for your goals that you can refer to when a roadblock comes.

You can use a number of tools or just one that resonates with you when a roadblock comes, including:

– Write down times you have done things despite roadblocks for inspiration and motivation
– Figure out what one small action step could help you get unstuck and then do it quickly (this will lead to more ideas)
– Find someone you can turn to and ask for help
– Use creative games to help get your creative mind moving and figure out solutions easier
– Let it go for a day and recharge to come back with a fresh and energetic mind

Figure out what would work best for you and keep the reminder somewhere to pull out and refer to when a roadblock appears and you are feeling stressed out.

12. How Much Can I Really Handle?

Creating 5 goals for every area of your life may feel good in the moment, but as you realize that you simply don’t have the time or energy to achieve them all, they will start to drop off one by one. That means your confidence in yourself and your motivation will go down, and that can result in all of your goals being dropped

Get honest with how much time you have to achieve your goals. If you only have a few hours a day to achieve your success goals, then you need to create actionable steps within the time frame. Don’t try to book 8 hours a day if you only have 4 hours. You can’t book yourself up for 14 hours a day and expect to stick with your new plan – it just won’t work.

13. What’s Most Important To Me?

Once you know exactly how much time you have in your day to devote to your goals, pick the ones that are most important to you. It’s recommended that you pick one goal from every area of your life for balance growth, including relationships, health, career, or personal development; however, it is most important that the goals you pick don’t add up in a way that overwhelms you so much that you do nothing instead of anything.

You can always save some goals for later on, after you have accomplished what you want to do most. Don’t get discouraged because you are leaving goals behind for a while. Working towards something is better than working towards nothing at all.

14. Am I Happy With What I Have Now?

If you want to make $150,000 a year so you can finally be happy, you are starting off on the wrong foot. If you are not happy with what you have now, you may sabotage your efforts and results. This is because when you are not happy right now, you will not keep the high level of energy that pushes you towards what you want to achieve – your low energy won’t supply you with the energy and ideas you need.

You need to feel good to wake up and do the things that you need to do, so happiness in the moment is very important for happiness in the future. If you don’t find yourself being happy with what you have right now, then make gratitude an essential part of your life. The more you focus on what you are grateful for, the happier you will become.

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