November 12, 2015

16 Vital Tips To Help Wealth And Success Become A Reality

I often hear people talk about how abundance is a greedy desire in life considering a lot of people are not living a life of abundance. But, I have a different view of it. Having all the wealth you desire is actually a good thing for your happiness, relationships, and satisfaction in life. And, it is not a greedy way to live when you are focused on giving back and contributing to the world in the positive way as you achieve it. How can making the world a better place be greedy?

True wealth and success will come from living a life where you take action on the things you want. Yes, that includes making money, but that’s not all it boils down to. True success in life comes from having the desired relationships and experience that you want out of life. For one person, that may be living in a home with children where their family is the focus, and for another person, that may be living on a mountaintop where their spiritual practice is the focus. It’s different for everyone.

How can you create a reality where your definition of wealth and success are present? Following are 16 vital tips to help make it happen.

1. Believe That All Things Are Possible

Your ideal life full of wealth and success may not look like your friend’s, but that doesn’t mean that it is not valid or possible. Just look around at the variety of people who have achieved success and are living life on their own terms.

For instance, Russel Brand got success by being an outspoken actor and comedian, and he is using his success to try to make big changes to this world, while the Kardashians got their wealth and success by being born into the right family, and they are using their success to make more money (in 2010 Kim Kardashian was the highest paid reality star).

Everyone has different ways of reaching the success they want and using their wealth, and yours is just as valid as anyone else’s. Believe that you can do what you want to do, even if it is unconventional or not something other people believe in.

2. Recognize That You Are More Than A Body

The people who are most connected to a higher power are the ones who see the most potential in life and achieve the most success. This is, in part, because they feel that they are much more than just a body living a human lifespan on earth and, instead, they are a vehicle for a light that is meant to shine and do good things in the time they have on Earth.

Deepak Chopra has said that knowing the potential you have is the requirement for fulfilling any dream you may have. So, know that you are a powerful being full of potential that is constantly pulsating through you. And, that you are connected to something more than just your body.

While I believe there are many ways to connect to a more spiritual side, I have to share an experience my friend and I had. We were driving in the country on a Sunday morning, and we came across some amazing homes that were far away from any city. It was obvious these people had money. Not too far away from the homes was a little church, and we are sure that every car from those homes had come to that church for service because the parking lot was overflowing. Not only were their homes nice, but their cars were too. This little observation really connected the power of faith and success in life for us.

3. Turn Up Your Light

Once you realize that you are more than just a body, turn up the brightness you shine out into the world. As you expand your brightness, you will expand what is possible for you. Opportunities will come to you, people will be drawn to you, and your sense of personal power will increase, which will drive you to take more action on what you want.

You can turn up your light by living an ethical life that makes you feel good, as well as by practicing good habits that give you physical, mental, and spiritual energy. Not sure what those habits would look like? Ask yourself what 3 practices you can do to increase the brightness of you light, and then start doing whatever comes to you!

4. Don’t Dwell On Mistakes

If you dwell on mistakes, your focus will never be able to move on to how you can achieve wealth and success. Instead, you will keep yourself stuck in a state where you don’t want to be. Remember, where you attention goes, you energy flows. Therefore, when your attention is on your mistakes, your energy is flowing towards more mistakes.

But, where your intention goes, your energy also flows. So, build a plan to move on and your energy (enthusiasm, strength, and power) will follow suit.

5. Relive The Moments Where You Felt Great

You are not going to forget your past, so instead of reliving your mistakes, relive the moments where you felt great! This will add to your personal power and help motivate you to have more experiences that felt like that.

You can do this daily, too. At the end of the day, relive the moments that made you feel most alive and successful, and you will start to make success the focal point of your life over mistakes or failures.

6. Visualize The Life You Want

Instead of worrying about the future, take the time to visualize the life you want. Have faith and expectancy that everyone is going to work out alright, and visualize exactly what that will look like.

Get excited during your visualization. Imagine yourself cheering, laughing, and having a great time. When you do, you will find that you have more energy to go after what you want, more creative ideas to create the wealth and success you want, and more ambition to make it happen.

7. Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

Working towards true wealth and success is not for people who can’t manage how they react to situations. Achieving those things requires emotional intelligence where you can manage your thoughts, behave in an appropriate manner, and manage your emotions to help you achieve the things you want.

To increase your emotional intelligence, you have to see things from a broader perspective, develop compassion, step outside of your ego where you react before you think, and deal with things that make you feel uncomfortable in a positive way.

8. Stay Focused On What You Want

Don’t let other people or random experiences dictate how much you want something. If you do, then you will waiver from one desire to another and never be able to fully put your attention on something that will give you the wealth and success you desire.

You may have experiences that shine light on something else you want while you are working towards completing a goal, but don’t let yourself be easily distracted by this shiny new thing; instead, write it down and decide to take it on later – after you have experienced the success you desire from what you are currently doing.

9. Learn How To Get Still

In order to connect to the potential that lives inside of you, stillness has to be achieved. It’s only when you remove the thoughts and chaos that you can connect to the field of pure potentiality and get on a path where all the details are waiting for you to find them and use them.

Meditation will help you get still – really still. But, you can also just take a moment out to breathe, relax your body, and find the stillness in your breath. You can do this sitting, walking, or laying down. Just a few minutes of quiet stillness will give you more power to take on the day with optimism and energy to achieve the things you want.

10. Take Responsibility For Your Life

You don’t always have control over what happens to you, but you do have control over how you react to what happens to you and how you use what comes into your life. If you are not experiencing the happiness or satisfaction you want, it is not someone else’s fault. If you want to experience true success in life, you have to take responsibility for your choices and reactions and keep your life in your own hands.

11. Practice The Law Of Giving

This is a great insight from Deepak Chopra. If you want to experience love, you have to give love. If you want to experience abundance, you have to give abundantly. Deepak says that the quickest way to get what you want is to help others receive what they want. Everything is energy, and when you give a specific energy out, you attract more of it to you. In other words, you circulate the energy through you in a constant flow.

This is not about money; although, if you have money you can definitely give it out and attract more money to you. But, wealth can be measured in the actions you take and the services you provide as well. Therefore, if you want wealth, give a wealth of information out to help others experience success. If you want success, help other people have success in their life. Do things that give other people what they want, and what you want will flow into your life.

12. Look At Problems As Opportunity

Every problem you face has an opportunity inside of it. When you realize that, you will view problems differently and overcome them much quicker. You will transform issues that stop you from achieving the wealth and success you want into exciting ventures that help you get something you desire.

13. Do Your Own Work

A motivational philosopher named Jim Rohn once said, “You can’t hire someone else to do your push-ups for you.” This is something important to remember!

If you want to experience the result, you have to do the work. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t work with others to achieve success, because other people are essential to certain successes in life considering there is only so much you can do by yourself. But, it does mean that when it comes to personal growth, developing new habits, attaining a new skill, or gaining more knowledge, you have to put in the work to find the success!

14. Focus On More Than Financial Success

As you work towards a successful life, don’t just focus on financial success. There are many areas of life that require your attention to help you experience true wealth and success in life.

For instance:

– Successful relationships help motivate you towards the success you want.
– A healthy mind helps keep you stay creative and optimistic about the success you want.
– A strong spiritual connection helps you stay connected to your inner-self, where answers, strength, and motivation live.
– A healthy body helps you maintain energy to do what you need to do.

Make each of these things important in life and you will move much faster towards the wealth and success you want.

15. Pay Attention To Your Inner Guidance System

Sometimes your effort is not going towards useful actions. If you keep plugging away at something that is never going to get you results, then you are going to get frustrated and possibly give up before you try something else.

It can be hard to stop doing what you have put time and energy into. Your mind will force you to keep going because you feel sick at the thought of stopping. But if it’s not going to work out, then it is the best option for your future wealth and success.

Christie Marie Sheldon, creator of Unlimited Abundance, has a great way of tapping into your inner guidance system and determining if what you are doing (or want to do) is right for you.

Spend a moment saying ‘yes’ to yourself. Repeat it over and over again. Yes, yes, yes. While you say it, look for a feeling inside of you. It might be a feeling in your chest or throat, but it will feel light.

Now, spend a moment saying ‘no’ to yourself. Repeat it over and over again too. No, no, no. While you say it, look for a heavy feeling inside of yourself. For many people, it is in their stomach, but it may be somewhere else for you.

Use these feelings as an internal guide to help you determine if you should continue doing something or do something new. Be specific. For instance, ask yourself, “Should I take this new job?” and pay attention to the feeling inside of you. If you have the light feeling in your chest, then ‘yes’ is your answer. If you have the heavy feeling in your stomach or gut, then ‘no’ is your answer.

16. Recognize That Everything Has A Gestation Period

Everything has to grow before it can come into your life, and if you give up too soon you may never know how long it still had to grow.

For instance, when you are working towards a raise, your efforts may feel in vain because you are not seeing any recognition from your boss; however, your boss may be noticing your efforts and discussing with his boss a possible promotion. If you give up and stop working hard, your boss may also give up on trying to get you that promotion.

All good things come in time. Some things come faster than others but, remember, where your intention goes, your energy flows. So, if you feel like you are on the right track, then keep your purpose in mind as you work towards wealth and success, and enjoy the process while having faith that everything you want is coming to you.

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