October 5, 2015

2 Tips On How To Avoid Negative Thinking

Be optimistic, not pessimistic.

Most of us want to think positively and feel good. It is always better to feel light and happy than heavy and upset. But, when negative thinking hits, the thoughts can have a snowball effect and grow larger and more negative, and it can be hard to see the positive in anything. The good news is that you can start to avoid negative thinking right now. Following are a two tips to help you see the positive side of things.

1. Change Your Beliefs

Our beliefs are what we think are true about the world, and if we think that negative things are true, then we are more than likely to think negatively. Alternatively, if we think positive things are true, then we are more than likely to think positively.

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Many of your beliefs are not actually your own. They have come from your parents, friends, family, coworkers, the news, reality TV, and a ton of other places. You’ve been persuaded into believing that they are the right, and possibly only, way to view life.

A good example is the belief that money is hard to bring into your life. Your parents and grandparents likely believed this to be true. Your neighbors probably believed it to be true. Movies showed you how true it was. Every day you woke up and heard about how hard it was to make money and have abundance, and you were persuaded to adopt this belief into your life.

But, if you look around, you will see that some people have an easy time making a lot of money. They do what they love and earn more than most people earn. You will also see that sometimes money just comes to someone in the way of lottery or inheritance. There is proof that money doesn’t have to be hard to bring into your life. It can come in many different ways.

If your beliefs are positive around money, your thoughts will be too. That will affect your behaviors, actions and habits that have an impact on how much money you can bring into your life.

One way to develop positive beliefs is by using positive affirmations. An affirmation is a statement that you declare to be true, so the more you say affirmations, the more you believe them.

2. Develop Your Faith

Faith and belief seem like the same thing, but they aren’t. A belief is something that is rooted in your mind from the evidence you’ve seen, whereas faith is rooted in your heart with limited evidence.

When I say faith, I’m not just talking about spiritual faith; although, that will definitely help you think more positively.

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I’m talking about faith that everything works out the way it should.

I’m talking about faith that with some effort you can get the life you’ve always wanted.

I’m talking about the kind of faith that motivates you to stick with it during tough times because you know that everything is going to be okay.

When you are hopeful that things will work out, it is much easier to see the silver lining and the potential in life. Your negative thoughts will start to become more optimistic, and that will have a snowball effect of its own for positive thinking.

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One way to develop faith is by visualizing everything working out alright. Just as you can create mistrust by visualizing negative outcomes, you can create faith by visualizing positive outcomes.

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