November 8, 2015

2 Tips On How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

You know that we are all made unique, so why do you compare yourself with others? The answer is because you have been taught to compare yourself.

You have been taught that there is a standard that you have to live up to if you want to be great, successful, loved, and validated. But, that’s a lie. The only standard you have to live up to is your own! The only person you have to be is yourself! Following are two tips that will help you stop comparing yourself to others and start loving your unique self.

Develop Your Self-Esteem

A lot of people say that you should stop comparing yourself to others in order to develop your self-esteem, but in my experience, developing your self-esteem is what helps you stop comparing yourself to others. But, it’s not enough to just meditate on how great you are or positive think yourself into a new belief system about yourself. It requires work.

You have to find where your self-esteem is lacking and then target those areas with step-by-step learning and action processes. The more you learn about how to fix the issue and step out of your comfort zone to put your knowledge to the test, the more success you will have and your self-esteem will rise. You will start to feel more confident in yourself and what you bring to the table.

This works for everything. For instance:

– If you are lacking self-esteem in dating (this is a common problem), then it is a matter of building up your dating knowledge and experience, which eventually will lead to success and higher self-esteem around what you bring to the table for potential partners and what kind of relationship you can have.

– If you compare yourself to your neighbor, work on developing how you feel about the life you have made for yourself and take pride in knowing that you have brought yourself to where you are and can choose where you want to go.

– If you compare yourself to your co-worker, work on finding your strengths and unique abilities (and using them) and you will start to see yourself for the asset you are and stop wanting to be more like someone else.

The bottom line is that when your perception on yourself and your life changes, you will see yourself in a better light and stop comparing yourself to others.

Do Your Best Every Day

A lot of times we compare ourselves with others because we think they are better than we are or doing more with their life than we are. Since we don’t actually know what is going on in their mind or life, this is just a reflection of how we feel about ourselves and what we are accomplishing with our lives.

When you are happy with yourself and feel accomplished, you will stop comparing yourself to others. One of the best ways to get happy and feel accomplished is to do your very best each day.

– Make the most of every moment
– Make choices in your best interest
– Be kind to others
– Be generous
– Take action on the things you want
– Follow your personal passions
– Live your life purpose

Do everything it takes to feel your best at the end of the day, and your attitude about yourself will be one of high regard that doesn’t require comparison with others.

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