November 25, 2015

26 Rules Of Living Deliberately

Are you ready to break free from the prescribed formula given out by society and start living deliberately? If you are, there are some rules that you are going to need to follow. They may not all be part of your life at first, but they will all be part of your life once you are fully living deliberately. Following are 26 of them, and they are in no particular order as they are all equally important for creating the life you want.

1. You Can’t Waste Time


The term ‘free time’ is a funny one when you are living deliberately. Every moment is an opportunity to do something good for yourself, and free time to lay around and waste is no longer viewed as a luxury but, instead, as an actual waste of time! There’s no such thing as boredom when you are living with intention. There’s always something to do and focus on. And, as you go through the days, you see just how little time there actually is to do everything you want to do, and it will become much more precious to you.

2. You Must Live Out Of Your Comfort Zone Often


When you are living deliberately, you have to make some tough choices that are usually out of your comfort zone. This is because everything worth having is out of your comfort zone, and when you are living with intention, you are working towards having better than you have right now. Mentally, physically, and spiritually, you will be creating and working towards goals, so your comfort zone is not a place you will spend a lot of time.

3. You Must Pay Attention To What Counts


Living deliberately means that you are conscious of what is happening around you. You don’t keep your eyes closed anymore because you are living with a full awareness of your journey in order to create the life you want. This means you become more present in your days and see the good and the bad around you. You see the beauty, the things you would have missed before, and the reality of what is happening.

4. You Must Make Healthier Choices


It becomes hard to ignore what is healthy and what isn’t healthy once you start living more deliberately. You get a good sense of what bad choices do to your energy and environment, and it becomes essential to make better choices for that reason. This includes choices for diet, exercise, mental health, spiritual health, and the environment.

5. You Must Work Through The Roadblocks


If you want to live deliberately, you have to work through things that could stop you in your tracks. For instance, the odds many be stacked against you when going after something you want, but you have to keep going anyways. Or, the people in your life may be trying to convince you to avoid taking risks, but you need to do what you know will help you succeed. You have to figure a way around or over roadblocks and keep on moving.

6. You Must Choose To Rise Above


If you are surrounded by people who think in a certain way, but you want to live a different way, then you have to choose to rise above their viewpoint. This can be hard because we are greatly influenced by the people around us, but it is a part of living with purpose.

7. You Must Jump In Head First Sometimes


There will be moments that require you to ‘just do it’. These are the moments that you need to jump in head first and go for it. Acting on impulses and opportunities, big and small, is what helps you create the life you want.

8. You Must Listen To Your Inner Guide


Sometimes your head and heart will tell you not to do something, but your inner gut will tell you to take a chance, and often that gut instinct will help you get what you want. When living deliberately, it becomes very important to get in tune with your body’s guidance system and make use of it in your life.

9. You Can’t Blame Other People For Things That Go Wrong


Any victim mentality you have will have to go out the window. When you live with purpose, you see how your actions and reactions make up your life. You can no longer blame your friend for your job loss or your mother for your failed relationship. You have to take ownership for your life and what happens in it.

10. You Must Create Some Goals


You can’t wander aimlessly through life if you are living with purpose. So, you have to create some goals for your life and set some intentions into place. This requires that you look at yourself, where you have been, and where you want to go. It requires you to be honest with your passions and capabilities, and get real about what you have (or have not) being doing in your life.

11. You Must Create A Daily Routine


A daily routine keeps you on track to your goals. It keeps you organized, eliminates wasted time, helps with procrastination, and keeps you doing things that are good for you. A daily routine in your home, work, and personal life is very important to create the life you want.

12. You Must Change Your Habits


Habits make up who we are. For instance, if you are in the habit of procrastinating, then you are a procrastinator. Habits also define how our lives play out. For instance, if you are in the habit of being lazy, then your life is going to play out in whatever way it sees fit. If you want to deliberately live life, then you have to take control of your habits and make them work for the life you want.

13. You Must Be More Serious


I’m not talking about being a drag at a party. I’m talking about being serious about the life you want and what you do with it. You can’t make choices based on being cool or fitting in. You must start to make choices that benefit you and your life. Taking your life seriously means getting real about what is good for you and what isn’t.

14. You Must Deal The Controlling Relationships


If you are in a controlling relationship, you have two options. First, you can get out and take control of your own life. Second, you can let the person know that they are no longer in control of your life and you are going to start making decisions based on what you want and need in your life. If you can’t do the latter, then you will have to opt in for choice number one!

15. You Must Tackle Your Limiting Beliefs


Your limiting beliefs are the beliefs you’ve collected over the years that are not true. For instance, “I can’t live deliberately,” is a limiting belief. If you don’t tackle those beliefs that are holding you back from the life you want, you will never be in control of your life. Instead, all of your past experiences and relationships will be in control, which is not even close to living deliberately.

16. You Must Face Unrealistic Fear Head On


Unrealistic fear becomes your new best friend when you are living deliberately. When you see it, you know that you are about to make a choice that will benefit your life in some way. The result of facing your fear may be a small or big win, a step up towards the life you want, or just a lesson learned. Either way, you are going to be benefit from it.

17. You May Need To Become The Black Sheep


Not a lot of people live their life with intention. Most people let others dictate how they live or go with the flow of what happens day by day. If you step out from the crowd, people are going to view you as a black sheep. And, people generally don’t like someone who is different from them. Moreover, many of the people in your life will not like that you are starting to take control of your life and experience what you want to experience. People generally don’t like when you rise towards your dreams while they stay still.

18. You Must Pick Some Awesome Friends


Friends are your support system, so they are very important when things are going bad as well as when they are going good. You get to pick your friends wisely when you are living deliberately. You get to pick friends who help you on your quest to achieve the life you want. These are generally supportive, loving, and motivating friends, and if you pick well, they will be around for a long time to come!

19. Only Get Into The Romantic Relationships That Benefit You


Instead of accepting whatever relationship comes into your life, you get to consciously choose the right person for you. In addition, you get to choose how you interact with them and whether or not you stay in the relationship. You are no longer capable of accepting the mediocre or unhealthy relationships that drag you backwards on your path to your intentions. As said before, your time is more valuable than that.

20. You Must Follow Your Passion


When you are living deliberately, your passion pops out like white against black. You can easily see what your passion is and you won’t be able to ignore taking the path your passion is on. This is because it is the most rewarding path and you know it! It’s the path that will help you get the life you want and the success you want.

21. You May Have To Rewrite What Is Socially Acceptable (Sometimes)


Your whole life you have been taught to do this and do that, and avoid this and avoid that. It’s time to rewrite what is acceptable or not acceptable unless you actually want to live within those guidelines. You will find that many times, you will need to bend or break the rules a little bit and tick a few people off, but the benefits you receive from doing so will be worth it.

22. You Must Cut Out The ‘If Onlys’

If only I had more money, I could do what I want. If only I was better looking, I could achieve the success I crave. If only this and if only that. All of these ‘if onlys’ stand in the way of living deliberately. They are part of your limiting belief system, and they are so common that you may not even know you are saying them. Forget what you have been told about having success. There is often more ways than one to reach your final destination. Cut out the ‘if onlys’ and replace them with ‘how can I?’

23. You Must Remember That Perception Is Reality


Your perception is your reality, but it is not her reality or his reality. One person can see a terrible incident while another person sees a blessing in disguise. Your perception dictates which one you see. When you change your perception, you change your reality. Of course, as you do everything else in this list, your perception will start to change. And, as you become more conscious, you will become more open-minded and your perception won’t be so set in one direction anymore.

24. You Must Be Able To Visualize What You Want


When you can visualize the intentions you have for life you will get more excited and motivated to work towards them. If you can’t see yourself happy and doing well, then your mind will talk you out of going after the life you want. Therefore, before you go to bed each night, visualize the life you want. Imagine yourself laughing, pumping your fist in excitement, or whatever other vision makes you feel amazing. You will find that the next morning, you will retain that excitement and pop out of bed ready to create the life you want.

25. You Must Aim For Constant Personal Growth


If you are going to keep moving towards the life that you want, then you need to keep shoving new information into your head that helps you see things in a different light. This means reading, taking courses, talking to people who have different perceptions, and watching shows that actually focus on create a better life for yourself. And then you need to apply the information that benefits your life and discard the information that doesn’t. You can’t take it all in because that’s just too much to take in. And, you can’t discard it all because you won’t grow. Take in what resonates with you as powerful and that will be enough to help you stay on a path of constant growth.

26. You Can’t Let Negativity Drag You Down


Most complaining has no real purpose. It doesn’t bring about change in your situation, it just keeps you stuck and dwelling on what happened. And, if you let negativity stick around long enough, it can drag you down and take you away from living deliberately because it dictates what you will and will not do. Remember, though, that some complaining is beneficial. When something is wrong, and you state the facts, it can help you get the changes that you want to get; however, it will never come at the expense of someone else and is never accompanied by negativity.

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