October 25, 2015

3 Huge Tips To Change Your Life

Your life will not change if you don’t do something different. That’s important to remember. Every wish and prayer you have for change has to be followed by some sort of action. There are many ways to take action to change your life. Some are easy and some are harder, but all require you to shift the way you act, and the way you react.

1. Be Kinder To Others

There has been a recent trend where acts of kindness are being shared virally from strangers. Why? Because it impacts their life so much that they feel the need to share the pictures that have moved them.

Kindness doesn’t just impact the lives of others around you, though. It also impacts your life in a big way. It makes people like you more. It makes you like yourself more! And when you feel better about yourself, you are more willing to take action on doing things that will have a big, and positive, impact on your life.

Therefore, do daily acts of kindness. And, choose to react to others – yes, even the grumpy ones, in a kind and loving way.

2. Remove Yourself From The Center Of Other People’s Universes

A lot of what we do is to please others, but in reality others don’t often care about us as much as we think they do. You are not the center of the universe for them – they are. They are around themselves all day every day, so how could it be any other way? Therefore, they do things and make choices that help them feel good, strong, validated, or noticed. That includes how they interact with you.

When you feel like you are the center of other people’s universes, you can become insecure around them. You can feel like their actions and behavior towards you is because of you, not because of them. That insecurity can hold you back from taking the action you need to take to change your life.

For example, a co-worker may try to make you feel as if you are not doing your job well enough. They are likely doing it so that they can feel superior to you in some way, but their actions and behaviors towards you cause you to feel insecure around them and in your job. That insecurity could cost you a job change or promotion down the line.

Therefore, don’t worry about how other people react to you because it is a reflection of them not you. Instead, do what you need to do to be your best self in your own eyes.

3. Focus On Things You Can Change

There are in things in life we can’t change.

– We can’t change how others act or react.
– We can’t change a physical disability.
– We can’t change our inability to love math, as much as we try.

There are just some things that we can’t change in life, yet we get so wrapped up in wanting to successfully change those things that it can hold us back from tackling things we can change.

When you start to recognize that some things are totally in your control, like your mindset, your success, or your happiness, you can start to take real action towards changing your life for the better.

Therefore, if you have been trying to make something work with no results, it may be time to move your energy away from that situation and put it on something that you can change. For instance, if you have been trying to make a relationship or a job work, but you find you are just becoming more miserable and feeling more stuck, then it may be time to shut down the relationship or find another job so that real change can happen.

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