October 14, 2015

3 Steps to Overcome Overwhelm

How to not get overwhelmed?

When you feel overwhelmed, that feeling is a result of your thoughts. You don’t just suddenly get overwhelmed unless you have been focused on thoughts that cause stress, worry, or fear. For example, you probably don’t get overwhelmed when reading a large menu, unless you start to worry that you are going to choose something that you won’t like. So, the trick is to make life as easy on your thoughts as possible. Reduce the stress, limit the worry, and fight the fear.

1. Reduce The Stress

Often feeling overwhelmed comes from having too many options in any area of your life. Too many options can cause you to try to do too many things at once, and it can cause stress as you try to figure out which option in the best for you.

Finding the best option may mean you need to talk to a professional in the area you feel overwhelmed.

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For example:

– If you are overwhelmed with your business, seek help from a business coach to develop a plan of action.
– If you are overwhelmed with the options on how to fix your relationship, talk to a relationship counsellor to figure out what path would be best for you.
– If you are deciding how to financially plan for the future, talk to a financial planner to help you map out what you need to do.

In addition, having a daily to-do list can really help you avoid wondering which task you should possibly do today and which task you must do. When you make a list of must do’s, those are what you focus on for the day and your stress levels are greatly reduced.

Lastly, learning to say no is very important to eliminate stress that causes you to be overwhelmed. When you stop saying yes to everything and everyone, you will not feel pulled in a million different directions, many of which you don’t want to go.

Therefore, say yes to the things that serve you or are necessary, but say no to things that make you miserable, waste your time, and pile too much on your plate.

2. Limit The Worry

There will always be times that you worry. Worry helps you figure out solutions to problems and motivates you to take action. However, too much worry can cause your thoughts to take on a rather depressing tone, and that can cause you to feel overwhelmed as you have to face a life that is full of anxiety.

One of the best ways to limit worry is to develop a fix it or leave it attitude. In other words, if you can do something about what you are worrying about, then do it. If you can’t, then stop worrying about it because it is out of your control.

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For instance, if you are worried about an upcoming job interview, the best thing you can do is prep for it by researching the company and researching common interview questions. But if you are waiting to hear back from a potential employer, don’t sit around worrying about it because there is nothing more you can do. Get busy doing stuff you do have control over and let whatever happens, happen.

3. Fight The Fear

When you fear something, everything else seems much more stressful. For instance, when you are scared of an upcoming flight, doing everything you need to do to prepare for that flight can feel very overwhelming. The best way to fight the fear is to arm yourself with as much information as possible (removing ignorance) or take action on removing what is causing the fear (taking control).

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The saying that ignorance is bliss may be true for some things, but when it comes to fear, the more you know the better. When you are armed with real information, your thoughts will not take on an imaginary – and often scary, route. They will stick with the facts. And, when you take control of a situation, and do what you can to be successful in it, then it will be much less scary and overwhelming than when you sit back and let the situation take control of you.

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