November 8, 2015

3 Tips On How To Overcome Perfectionism

Reaching for perfectionism will keep you cramped, stuck, and upset your whole life. You will be unhappy as mistakes are made and you fall short of perfection, and your relationships will suffer as you complain and whine about what didn’t work out perfectly. If you want to overcome perfectionism, then following are some ideas that can help.

Develop The Core Belief That You Are Human

Right now you have the core belief that being perfect all the time is possible. You have to or you wouldn’t strive to be perfect all the time. It’s important to develop the core belief that you can’t be perfect all the time because you are human.

Yes, you may get some things perfect sometimes, but to obtain perfection consistently is impossible. There are going to be days that things just don’t work out the way you want them to, and those days need to be accepted as a normal part of life.

I want you to really understand that the only way you could really be perfect consistently is to be a robot. Humans make mistakes, face obstacles, have bad days, and have emotions that make perfection impossible.

Once you accept that you are human, you will have an easier time accepting the fact that perfectionism is not possible for you, and instead of striving for perfectionism, you will strive to do your best in everything you do.

Become Your Own Best Friend

My friend is a perfectionist when it comes to cooking. The other day she made us all these dinner rolls that she was raving about, but they didn’t turn out ‘perfect’ like they normally do. She was devastated and spent the rest of the night beating herself up despite us telling her that they were good. To her, good wasn’t perfect, and that was upsetting.

If she could have stepped outside of herself and saw her dinner rolls from our point of view, she wouldn’t have been upset. But, because she had demanded perfectionism out of herself, she was her own worst enemy at that moment and attacked herself like none of her friends ever would.

It’s important that you become your own best friend. A best friend who understands that things are not always going to be perfect from you. A best friend who understands that you are not always going make perfect dinner rolls, have the perfect house, say the perfect thing, or act in the perfect way. Your best friend gets that, and when you can step out of your own bubble and view yourself as a best friend would, being perfect will not be a constant requirement for you to be good enough.

Commit To Getting Things Done

Perfectionism is death to creativity and productivity, just as creativity and productivity are death to perfectionism.

If you are committed to perfectionism, you will never get anything done because it will take too long and too much energy. But, if you just jump into things and commit to getting them done, you will have to move past your perfectionism and into the land of creativity and productivity where life really happens!

Make a daily schedule for yourself and find ways to commit to it. For instance, motivate yourself by reminding how good it will feel to accomplish everything (even if it’s not perfect), give yourself rewards as you move through the day, make it fun and pleasurable to do what you need to do.

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