September 25, 2015

4 Useful Tips On How To Live In the Present Moment

How to live the present moment?

As Jack Nicholson said, “A lot of people can’t remember things because they weren’t actually there to begin with.” When you are focused on the past or the future, you are not really paying attention to your life as it happens.

Living in the present moment will help you to be happier, healthier, more focused, less stressed, less fearful, more in control, and countless other things. It’s the number one way to take control of your life and live it with purpose. So how can you get more present in your life?

1. Remind Yourself Daily How Important The Present Moment Is

Living in the moment doesn’t just help you to experience and enjoy your life, it also helps define what is going to happen to you in the future. You can make better and healthier decisions in life when you are focused on the moment, and for happiness and success that is very important.

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Every day that you wake up, remind yourself how important today really is. Bring the reality of that truth into your awareness and really let it resonate with you. Let go of yesterday, don’t worry about tomorrow, and declare that you are going to be fully present as much as you possibly can today. This simple reminder in the morning will stick with you as you go through the day and help bring you back to the moment when you get lost in the past or future.

2. Hear, See, Feel, And Touch

Have you ever noticed that when you are lost in thought you don’t hear, feel, see, or sense anything around you? It’s like your senses shut down and your mind takes you far away. But, when you hear something or feel something you are instantly brought back into the moment.

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Next time you get lost in thought, reach out and touch something. Open up your ears and listen to the noises around you. Take a deep breath in and notice the smells around you. By doing so, you will instantly transport back into the present moment.

3. Limit Mindless Activities

TV can be entertaining, but it takes you out of your present moment and into the present moment of someone else’s life. Think about that. When you watch a reality show, comedy, or a movie, you are really watching the actors living in their present moment, acting, while you miss out on yours.

While it would be best to limit all mindless activities, it can be hard to do. So, start by taking up a small challenge to limit your TV, Internet surfing, and social media usage to a limited time per day. Replace those activities with walks, talking with friends, playing games with friends, taking drives into the country, or anything else that you enjoy doing.

4. Accept What Is

One of the big things that take us out of the present moment is not being able to accept what is. For instance, dealing with a rude employee can leave you fuming over the incident for hours, and sometimes even days. You can stay stuck in that moment of rudeness and mull it over in your mind repeatedly. And, by doing so, you cannot focus on the present.

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The best way to accept what is happening is to view the incident as a positive experience for your life or find the lesson. It is much easier to move forward from a positive experience than it is a negative experience, and by tweaking your perception a little, every moment can be a positive experience.

So, accept that the employee is unhappy and that their rudeness had more to do with them than you. Let the incident remind you of how good it feels to be happy, compassionate, and kind to other people, and be grateful that you have the ability and the awareness to be like that. And then move on with your day.

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