September 29, 2015

5 Expert Tips On How To Create A Positive Attitude

How to be positive in life

Alan Cohen wrote a book called ‘Why Your Life Sucks’, and in it he says that if you feel as though your life sucks, that’s serious. It’s a wake-up call to do something different, not more of the same. In other words, if you do not feel positive about life, yourself, and others, then it’s time to do something different! Following are 5 tips from people who are known for their positive attitude towards life. Use them to do something different in your life.

1. Change The Way Perceive Things

The late Wayne Dyer has always said that if you change the way you think, you can experience more happiness right now. Wayne had a knack for positivity, and it seems as though he was born with it.

One example he gave was when he was young and a teacher informed his class that they were the worst class she had ever had. At recess, many of the students were upset, but not Wayne. He said, “If this is the worst class she’s got, then she’s got it pretty easy!”

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Even at a young age, Wayne had the ability to perceive things differently than other people. By applying his rule to ‘change the way you think,’ you develop that positive attitude you want.

2. Use Positive Affirmations

Jack Canfield says that every time you think a negative thought or make a comment that is not said with respect, you start to verify it as the truth. That’s why it’s hard to develop a positive attitude – you are working really hard to develop a negative attitude! Therefore, using positive affirmations is essential.

3. Look For The Positive

In one of Tony Robbins talks, he asks his audience to look around for the color brown, and then he asks the audience to close their eyes and shout out everything they saw in the color red. No one answers. Then he asks the audience to open their eyes and look around for red. They obviously find more red the second time around because they were looking for it.

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That lesson can be applied to your life for a more positive attitude. The more you look for positive, the more you will see. And, as a positive side effect, you will see less negative!

4. Face The Negativity

Deepak Chopra says that you need to work through the negativity before you can actually implement positive thinking into your life. How can you do this without falling into a pit that perpetuates your negative attitude? Deepak recommends a few things, including listening to what the negativity is trying to tell you and sending it away.

The truth is most negative thoughts stem from fear, worry, anxiety, or shame. By understanding why you have a negative thought, you can find a way to deal with the core issue and then let the negative thought go…because thoughts are just thoughts that move in and out of your mind like a cloud passing over the sun.

5. Make The Change From Within

As Dr. Phil points out, “There is a thin line between ‘fake it ’till you make it,’ and behaving your way to success.” Most people know what a more positive attitude would look like on them. It’s time to start faking and behaving your way into a more positive way of living.

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So, wake up feeling as though you have woken up with a positive attitude. Act more positive, smile more, talk better about people, talk better about the world, and put yourself in situations where you must choose the positive attitude over the negative one. The more you do, the closer you will get to successfully making positivity a permament part of your life.

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