October 5, 2015

5 Life-Changing Truths About The Power of Compassion

Realize the power of compassion

It’s so easy to turn your head when you see suffering or misfortune in others. And, for many people it is just as easy to have little compassion for their own suffering and misfortune. But, compassion for others and yourself will impact your life in some pretty big ways. Following are 5 of them.

1. It Makes Failure Seem Like Less Of A Bad Thing

Failure is a part of learning, but most of us view failure as a major setback in life that indicates we are losers. We all ‘know’ this to be true when a big failure occurs in our life.

For instance, I just read a tweet where a woman forgot to put a minus sign on her test and felt like the biggest failure around. But, in reality, this mistake is a lesson that will ensure she double checks her work for now on and gets better grades. In the grand scheme of things, it’s a good thing, not a bad thing.

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Having compassion around the fact that we all make mistakes in order to grow can help you see failure as something more than a negative experience. And, when you can see that, you can convince yourself and others that failure is actually a step forward on the path to success, which brings more positive experiences into your life.

2. It Helps Other People Become More Likeable

This is a big lesson that I learned. And I know that it works. I used to judge other people on their mistakes, habits, and ways of life, but once I developed compassion for others, that all disappeared and relationships became much easier for me. When that happened, life became easier too, because my negativity started to disappear.

Having compassion for why others act the way they do can help you see others in a more positive and loving light. The saying, “If he knew better, he would have done better,” is something that everyone should keep in the back of their mind. When you see that people are doing the best that they can, you can have compassion for them and where they come from.

3. It Helps You Like Yourself More

Having compassion for the fact that you are doing the best that you can, will help you like yourself better. You will treat yourself with more kindness and tolerance and stop beating yourself up over the things you did wrong. When you can remove the constant negative focus on yourself, you can start to see yourself as someone pretty cool.

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In addition, when you are compassionate towards yourself, you reduce your insecurities. This is because you stop talking to yourself is such a negative tone and start to recognize that you are much more powerful and worthy than you ever realized.

4. It Contributes To The World In A Positive Way

When you have compassion for the world, you are more likely to do things that benefit it. For instance, when you see that the earth is reacting to pollution in a negative way, you are more likely to create less pollution. You will go out of your way to find more environmentally friendly ways of doing things. It’s not a chore, it’s a duty and a pleasure. And that will benefit everyone, including you, in the long run.

5. It Alleviates Fears

When you are compassionate towards others, yourself, and the world, you start to reduce fear and increase hope. As your sense of well-being increases and your compassionate mind reduces stress, you see more of the truth of what is, and you stop making up stories in your mind about what could be.

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That doesn’t mean you live in a fantasy world. You still see the dangers in life, but you approach them with a more realistic view than before. You see what you can and cannot do, and you start actually doing what you can do and stop worrying about what you cannot do.

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