October 18, 2015

5 Ways to Become An Optimist

How to be optimistic

Some people are optimistic because they live in a delusional world. They believe that there will never be any rough patches, everyone loves them, and luck is on their side despite what they do. But, that kind of optimism will quickly die out when reality hits and things go wrong. So, instead of being delusionally optimistic, try the following 5 ways to become optimistic instead.

1. Develop Faith In Life

Having hope that everything will work out seems silly to some people, but faith is a great tool for becoming an optimist. This can be faith in a higher power or faith that you are capable enough to make the choices you need to make for the best life possible.

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Faith allows you to pick yourself up when you are feeling down and pessimistic about life and help you to move forward knowing that everything will be alright. It is pivotal to optimism, so find your faith in life.

2. Meditate

Meditation allows you to focus, de-stress, and be present, which are all important elements of becoming an optimistic. When you have a calmer mind that is focused on what is happening, you can see things more clearly.

For example, if life is feeling chaotic and you are starting to feel hopeless, meditation can help you come back to center, stop the chaotic and negative thoughts, and refocus, which will help you see life from a more positive perspective.

3. Stop Catastrophizing Stuff

We all know that things usually don’t work out as bad as we think they will. Humans have the uncanny ability to catastrophize stuff until life becomes full of fear and pessimism. When you take a situation and put a negative spin on it, how could you expect to do anything but look at it with pessimism?

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Therefore, start reminding yourself what a waste of time anticipating the worst is. Focus on what is actually happening in the moment and how you can make the situation work out in your favor.

4. Distract Yourself

Being optimistic stems from habitually thinking positive thoughts, such as ‘I will find a way to overcome this’ or ‘This is only a minor setback’. But, when you are stuck in a negative thought, it is hard to flip the script to something more positive no matter how hard you try, so you need to distract yourself before you can change your train of thought.

Therefore, when you get stuck in a negative thought, do something that makes you feel good. Watch something funny, call a friend, go to sleep, or exercise. The negative thought will minimize itself and you will be able to replace it with a more positive and optimistic thought.

5. Practice Gratitude

This is a simple technique that will help you become an optimistic person. The simple truth is that when you look for things to be negative about, you will find them, but when you look for things to be grateful for, you find them. And, the more you focus on things to be grateful for, the more optimistic you feel about life.

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Therefore, when you feel pessimistic about something, find the aspects of the situation that you are grateful for. Don’t stop at one. Keep listing things, even if they are small, and let the gratitude raise your energy and bring you into a more positive and optimistic state.

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