April 14, 2017

6 Characteristics Of Champions

How to be a champion?

A champion is someone who comes out victorious when competing against other people or going after something they really want. There are many different characteristics of champions that make them winners, and the good news is these characteristics are not magical or unachievable by ordinary people. They are human characteristics that everyone has access to.

If you don’t have them yet, you just need to understand why they are so important and then put in the practice needed to develop them. And, they do take practice. You can’t just turn on a certain trait because you want it to. You have to change your beliefs around that trait and then use techniques and tools to help you develop it. Then, you need to work on maintaining it so that it becomes a part of who you are.

The bottom line is that you have the potential to be great. If you want to be a champion in life, then following is a list of traits that you will want to work on.

1. Courage

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Muhammad Ali, who is one of the most recognizable champions in boxing history, said that people who do not have the courage to take risks do not accomplish anything in life. I would add to that and say that people who do not have the courage to take more than one risk, will never become a true success or a champion in life.

Muhammad Ali had the courage to rise up despite criticism. He also had the courage to train hard, keep going despite his failures in his life, speak up for what he believed in, and stand up for what he believed in. The fact is that courage was a centerpiece in his life. But, you will find that courage plays a big part in every champion’s life.

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Everyone who comes out a winner had to have the courage to start going after something they wanted in the beginning. It’s uncomfortable for everyone to start, and there is always a fear that you won’t be good enough, but the eventual winners gather up the courage to take the first step despite their fears.

And when failure comes around – and it always does – champions needed to gather up more courage to keep going after their dreams. They have to believe in themselves despite the failure. They had to keep trying even though their efforts resulted in failure before.

So, courage is an essential characteristic of becoming a champion. But how can you gain courage?

For starters, become passionate about what you want to achieve. Imagine yourself as a champion and everything that comes with it. Imagine your loved ones benefiting from your success and the pride you will feel as you succeed. Let the end result of being a champion fuel the passion inside of you. Then let that passion drive you forward by focusing on it rather than your fear. Every time fear or doubt arises, focus your attention back on what it will feel like to be a champion and let those feelings help you keep moving towards your dreams.

And, perhaps most importantly, understand that despite how much you try and prepare, you can still fail. Many people can’t work up the courage to do something because they are so scared of failure. The fact is that failure will happen because you don’t always get it right. You don’t always do the right things or prepare properly. You don’t always know the correct information. And other people and circumstances can sometimes get in your way of success.

Remember, Edison had about one thousand failures before he invented the light bulb. But, despite his failures, he still accomplished what he wanted because he had the passion to do it and the courage to keep trying. Be like all the champions in the world. Embrace failure as an important part of life and you will stop fearing it and letting it hold you back.

2. Belief In Yourself

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You can’t second guess yourself all the time if you want to be a champion. Champions have a faith in their ability to achieve what they set out to do. They may not always feel fully confident that they will succeed because they know that failure is a part of trying, but their core belief is centered around the fact that they can succeed if they just put enough effort in despite the failures. They also have a belief that they are going to achieve what they set out to achieve in the moment. They aren’t focused on the past or future. They are centered and do something with a belief that they can succeed right now.

Probably the biggest example of that is Babe Ruth, who is known as one of the greatest baseball champions in history, who called out a home run in the fifth inning of Game 3 in the 1932 World Series before he made it. It’s obvious that he believed that he could hit that home run, and he did. And there’s no doubt he had an inner belief in himself that he carried throughout his entire career to make him into one of the most well-known champions of baseball around.

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The thing to remember is that believing in yourself does not mean you put down other people or bully other people. It’s not about rejecting other people’s ideas or support. It’s about trusting in your capabilities and letting that faith help you do what you need to do with confidence.

For instance, Susan Boyle had faith that she could impress the judges on Britain’s Got Talent, and that helped her do what she needed to do to become the success that she has become.

How can you develop faith in yourself? The biggest thing to remember is that if you have the desire to do something, then you have the potential to achieve it. The desire to achieve something is what helps you keep your awareness open to new tips, tools, and techniques to achieve your dreams. It’s what helps you practice continuously with faith that you will succeed. It’s what helps motivate you and keep the faith when things are stressful. In other words, if you feel the desire to achieve something great, then that desire is going to help you keep moving forward and become a champion in whatever area you want to be a champion in.

3. Creativity

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Bobby Orr is known as the guy who brought more offense to defense. He was a defenseman who rushed the puck up the ice and set up teammates with passes. He redefined the position of defenseman in hockey, and he did it so successfully that many other hockey players followed his lead. This ability to be innovative and step out of the role he was supposed to be in made him a champion in hockey.

To become a champion, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. There are a lot of great people who have carved out a proven path to be the champion that you want to be.

But if you think (or believe) that you can do something that is not normally done, then why not do it? Why not test out your theories to see if they will work? If you are willing to push the boundaries and see if you can tweak something to make it better – or make yourself better, then there is a good chance you will discover a new technique or way of doing something that makes you stronger and more capable in that particular area.

4. Action-Oriented

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We’ve talked about champions in sports, but you can also be a champion in life and in business. A champion in business is someone who works towards making a business successful and takes a huge amount of interest in doing so.

For instance, Richard Branson is a champion in business. He has said that his main interest in life is to set huge, unachievable challenges and then try to rise above them. And he does just that with his ability to keep actively doing what needs to be done.

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He and other great champions in the world make it obvious that one of the characteristics of champions is the ability to take action after action after action. They never quit taking action. Even when they are faced with failure or obstacles, they keep looking for ways to move forward and succeed.

People who don’t succeed are often not action-orientated. They complain, moan, whine, and vent, but they don’t actually get past their words and start doing things that can help them achieve the goals that they have set out.

To become a champion at anything, you need to ‘do’. You need to get out there and do things that can help you move forward. You need to practice and strengthen your skills. You also need to learn and grow, but knowledge and mental growth are useless unless you do something with them. Action is what results in the real accomplishments.

5. Focus

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Serena Williams is a tennis champion, and she is known for her laser focus and presence. She has said that she doesn’t let distractions get in her way, including distractions from other people, other successes currently happening, and potential achievements. She stays focused on the moment and gives her all into what she is doing during it.

This ability to focus on the moment is a characteristic of champions all over the world. They have big visions for themselves and a lot going on in their life, but in order to successfully tackle what they are doing, they need to be present and focused, and they have the skill of being present and focused.

Richard Branson is also known to be present and focused. He wakes up, makes a daily list of what he needs to do, and then tackles that list. Yes, he has big dreams for the future and has his sights on reaching those dreams, but he lives in the moment and focuses on it because he knows that the tasks today are important for reaching the success he wants.

When you are focused and present, you stay out of your head and grounded in reality. You see the possibilities. You can make better decisions based on what his happening right now, not on what you think will happen. And, you enjoy the moment more, which is important for staying in the flow and moving towards success.

Also, and possibly most importantly, you can give all of your energy to the task at hand if you are focused and present. If you are practicing something, you can focus all of your energy on that practice and do it to the best of your ability. This can speed up your success rapidly, which is why people like Serena Williams and Richard Branson find themselves in achievement after achievement.

6. Compassion
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One thing that all champions have in common is the ability to look outside of themselves and see their connection with others. Most champions are known to be philanthropists. For instance, John Cena, an American professional wrestler, has had 15 reigns as world champion. He also holds the honor of being the sole person who has granted the most wishes for the make-a-wish foundation with over 500 wishes.

Why is compassion one of the top characteristics of champions? Research has shown that compassion has a ripple effect. It can influence the people who observe acts of compassion and continues to ripple out to people who come in contact with those people.

This effect can go on and on and no one really knows where it stops. But, besides making the world a better place, it makes you a more likable, trustworthy, and desirable person who people will be willing to help out and support as you work towards becoming a champion.

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When people are willing to go the extra mile for you, you benefit.

They share their knowledge with you that helps you gain more awareness and skill to go after what you want. They share resources with you that can help you find more success. They give you a heads up when an opportunity arises that can help move you further along. They give you valuable feedback to help you adjust your course towards success faster. They talk about you and speak up for you and get your name out there. And, they give you things that can help you on your journey to being a champion.

In short, winning over other people is necessary for your success, and compassion is the biggest tool to help you win them over. So, develop your compassion, and all these other characteristics of champions, if you want to be the best you can be in life.

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