July 7, 2016

6 Huge Tips On Getting Through Hard Times As Quick As Possible

How to get through hard times

When Lea Michele lost her boyfriend and Glee co-star, she said that getting through hard times was definitely a struggle, but all you can do is get to the other side. When you do get to the other side, she said there is happiness there, and she is right! Hard times are difficult, but once they are gone, things seem much brighter, lighter, and fun. Life doesn’t feel so heavy anymore. And, you have more knowledge about yourself and what you are capable of doing and getting through.

It may be tempting to tell yourself that there are not better times ahead, but that would be lying to yourself. Everyone in this world, since the beginning of time, has gotten through hard times. Life is not all about struggle and despair. There will always be ups and downs in life, so if you are experiencing a hard time right now, then you will experience a better time in the future.

Knowing that there are better times ahead is definitely one thing that will make getting through hard times easier. But, there are some other important things to remember to make sure that you keep moving forward and don’t get stuck trying to work through the hard times for longer than necessary.

6 Tips For Getting Through Hard Times As Quick And Easy As Possible

If you are going through a hard time, then following are six things you need to know. You may not find yourself feeling better instantly once you understand or try these things, but all of them will help you free yourself from any sense of being stuck that you may have and motivate you to start moving forward towards happier times.

1. You Need Love And Affection

Don’t try to close yourself off from other people. Love and affection from others can do wonders for our spirits. It can help us feel more confident. It can give us hope. It can give us ideas on how to move through hard times faster. And in especially hard times, it can even give us a reason to go on.

If you don’t have a person who gives you love and affection, try getting it from your pet. It doesn’t matter if you have a bird, cat, dog, or any other animal because animals know how to love you and give you the attention you need.

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A friend of mine used to work at a nursing home, and a lot of the new residents would go through extremely hard times adjusting to their new environment, not seeing their family as often as they wanted to, and trying to deal with the fact that they would no longer live alone. He noticed that the animal visits always boosted their spirits and gave them something to smile about as they adjusted to their new life. He also noticed that the residents who had the most love and affection around them – as in animals, family, staff, and friends, were the residents who adjusted the quickest and started to enjoy their new way of life. On the other hand, the residents who closed themselves off to other people and the animal visits struggled to get through their hard time.

It’s important to open yourself up to as much love and affection as you can handle. But, it’s also important to be loving and affection towards others so that you can allow their love and affection in. When you get upset with other people trying to give you the love you need, you close yourself off to the benefits that their love and affection has for your life.

So stay in a place of love. Cherish the people and animals around you. And allow them to help in getting through hard times.

2. Your Mindset Is Important!

It can be hard to feel good during the onset of hard times. Things seem to come crashing down, and you can’t think straight. But, after an initial period where you feel down, you need to readjust your mindset so that you can start working through it.

If you don’t think your mindset is important, you are wrong! Your mindset will determine just how long you will struggle before you come out the other side.

For example, I have two friends who lost their jobs. My first friend took the blow hard. His mindset took a turn downwards, and he stopped believing in himself, his work, and his ability to find another job. He talked negatively and thought negatively, and his behavior followed suit. It took him almost a year and a half to get another job! This was because he wouldn’t apply for many jobs due to his low self-esteem. And he would blow his interviews with his negative attitude. The other friend had a positive mindset almost immediately after being let go. He believed that there were better things for him ahead, and he quickly got to work looking for and applying for jobs that he was qualified for. He was excited, enthusiastic, hopeful, and he had a job within three weeks.

A job loss is just one of the hard times that we can experience in life. But, it doesn’t matter what you are currently going through, your mindset will affect how hard this period is and how long you will stay stuck in it.

3. You Can’t Change What’s Happened

Part of having a positive mindset that makes getting through hard times quicker and easier is knowing that you can’t change what has happened. If you lost your job, lost a loved one, or lost your health, you can’t go back and change what occurred.

This is where a lot of people get stuck feeling sad and down. They wish they could go back. They hold onto the desire to turn back the hands of time and change things. Their focus is on the past, which they can’t do anything about, so they stay stuck there wishing and hoping for something different that just isn’t going to come. And they feel horrible because of it.

Moving forward doesn’t mean forgetting. It’s not letting go of anything. It’s not making what happened alright or acceptable or anything else. It’s just giving you the freedom to change your mindset and find a way to move forward to a place of happiness.

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You owe it to yourself – always, to focus on what you can do now to make things better for yourself. In fact, I would go so far as to say this can definitely be the meaning of life when it comes down to it. All we have control over is the current moment and what we say, think, or do, so making it as important as possible is all we can do to control our lives and move on a path that we want to be on.

4. Hard Times Define Us And Give Us Character

Life is meant to be hard sometimes. Hard times are what make us into incredible people. They are what help us grow mentally, spiritually, and physically. Without going through the act of getting through hard times, we would be weak-minded and fragile and dull. It’s only when we struggle that we find out what we are made of and what we can do.

Perhaps this is why we are all drawn to people who have struggled a lot in life and came through stronger for it. They have a certain wisdom that many of us don’t have yet. They have our admiration and respect, and we want to hear their stories and learn from them because their experiences in life are what defines them and makes them the wise people that they are.

As you are working on getting through your hard time, remember that you are growing as a person, and that is something to be celebrated. You are becoming stronger and more capable and more knowledgeable, and you will come out the other side feeling better about yourself than when you started your struggle.

5. You Will Never Be Perfect!

Another part of building the mindset that is imperative for getting through hard times is recognizing that you are not perfect. Hindsight makes things very clear, but at the moment, you do the best that you can with the knowledge, experience, and tools that you have. Even though you know better now, you literally could not have done anything different in the past.

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When my friend’s grandfather died, she had a very hard time dealing with it. She beat herself up for not visiting him more and making him more of a priority in her life. But, when he was alive, she hadn’t dealt with death before. She didn’t think he was going to die soon. She didn’t even consider it. She would have never spent more time with him because, at the time, her priorities were boys and having fun, not spending time with family. In a perfect world, she would have recognized how important her grandfather was before he died, but as humans, we simply don’t have that awareness until we experience something that gives it to us.

And that’s the point. We go through life learning, and even at the end of our life we are still not perfect – we are still learning. That’s a part of being human.

It’s time to let go of guilt, anger, or shame. It’s time to admit that things didn’t go right when you had a chance to do them right, but that’s because you were incapable of doing them any different with the awareness you had. Now that you have it, you can move forward feeling better about yourself and your life.

Ask yourself how you can best use your past mistakes or failures to move forward. Then focus on your answer to help you make getting through hard times quicker and easier.

6. Get Out Of Your Head

Overthinking things can make hard times even harder. The more you spend time focusing on thoughts that are negative or unhelpful, the more you keep yourself in a negative state where you have a hard time getting through hard times. This is why it is important to break up your thoughts, give your mind a rest, and allow yourself to bring in new and more positive thoughts that can help you move forward and get to the other side of hard times.

There are a few ways to get out of your head. Meditation is definitely the number one way. When you can quiet your thoughts and focus on your breath or a noise or an image, you can give your mind a break from the repetitive thoughts that are keeping you stuck and open it up to new ideas and ways of viewing the situation.

Hypnosis is another beneficial tool to help you move through hard times quicker. It can help you relax and focus on something that is more beneficial to you. In fact, you can be so focused on the hypnosis session, that all your worries, fears, and negative thoughts won’t even be able to touch you. And at the end of it, you will come out feeling better about the situation – often with a new outlook. A lot of people don’t understand what hypnosis is, but once they try it, they see how beneficial it can be for stopping repetitive negative thoughts that keep them stuck.

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For instance, a friend of mine found out his wife had cancer. He was devastated, and all he could focus on was why she got cancer and the bleak version of the future they had together. He was so upset that he ended up an emotional wreck for weeks and was unable to help his wife deal with the news. Then he listened to a simple 30-minute hypnosis that was supposed to dissolve worry and anxiety, and while he struggled with the first 10 minutes, he did eventually let the hypnosis take over, and he felt calm and relaxed for the first time in weeks. After it was over, his worry and anxiety had lifted, and while he wasn’t feeling great about the situation, he had more hope for the future and desire to work on making it come out in a positive way.

He bought his hypnosis online at a place called Hypnosis Live, but there are many different places online that sell hypnosis MP3s. Moreover, whatever hard time you are going through, there is a hypnosis session that can help you. And you could be listening to one within minutes because they are usually downloadable to your computer.

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