November 8, 2015

7 Common Habits Of Unhappy People

Feeling happy means that you are content, cheerful, optimistic, and feeling generally good in life. In addition, it means you are focused on more than your ego and that you have compassion towards other people in your life. Lastly, it means you are living a life that is fulfilling in some way.

Knowing what happy means makes unhappy people easier to spot. Unhappy people have some very common habits that give insight into how they think and behave in life. Following are 7 of them.

1. Complaining

Unhappy people see the negative side in a lot of things and choose to express their dissatisfaction, annoyance, anger, fear, jealousy, and other negative emotions. It’s important to realize that how people talk and act is a direct indication of how they think. Someone who complains about everything or rolls their eyes all the time cannot be thinking happy thoughts. You can’t see the world as a great place and complain about everything in it at the same time!

2. Procrastination

Unhappy people are not motivated to make their life better. They may have the desire for something more, but they are less likely to take action on improving their health, relationship, career, or anything else. They don’t see the point. Their pessimistic attitude causes them to expect the worst, so they don’t put in the effort because it would only end up in disappointment.

3. Trying To Find The Negative (Even When It’s Not There)

Unhappy people will look for the negative, even in a place of a happiness. For example, at a kid’s birthday party, there will be too much noise, too little food, or too much laughter. They are in the habit of focusing on the negative aspects of life, so that is mostly what they will be able to see wherever they go. Even if there are a few things that they enjoy, they will make sure to point out the negatives to everyone who will listen.

4. Avoiding New Experiences

Unhappy people don’t want to get outside of their comfort zone. It’s scary out there! They want to live in the place of negativity that makes them feel comfortable and normal. Therefore, they tend to avoid new experiences that could bring them some enjoyment or personal growth.

5. Blaming

Unhappy people don’t take ownership for their unhappiness. It’s everybody else’s fault that their world is so miserable, and they are not afraid to let other people know that fact. They have a victim mindset, and that mindset keeps them from seeing that their happiness rests in their own hands, actions, and behaviors.

6. They Try To Maintain Control

Unhappy people try to take control of all aspects of their life (including the people in it) because they feel that is the best way to create the life they want. They don’t understand that most of life is not under their control, and they often find that their plans fail. This is why they complain so much about things going wrong in their life! They don’t understand that you can’t take complete control over all things that happen in life, and in order to be happy you have to let others be who they want to be, events happen in the way they will happen, and become adaptable to whatever life throws at you.

7. They Put Others Down

Lastly, in order to feel better about themselves, they put others down. Other people’s beliefs, habits, way of life, relationships, thoughts, and actions are all things that are not good enough in their eyes, and you will often hear them gossiping about someone else in a very negative way.

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