October 27, 2015

7 Tips To Develop Your Inner Strength And Power

If you don’t feel as though you have a lot of inner strength or power, don’t be hard on yourself. It is not something that many people have naturally, so people who currently have a high level of inner strength and power have had to work on developing it. Why is it so important to do? As you develop it, you will notice that things will not only go better for you in life, but you will respect yourself more and so will others.

1. Get Clear On Your Core Values

Our core values dictate how we behave in life. When you are clear on what matters most to you, your inner strength and power can draw from those values to get through rough times quicker. For instance, when you fully understand that a core value is to maintain good health, you will develop the inner strength and power to maintain healthy habits even in the face of struggle. The trick is to recognize the core values that resonate with you and not hold on to the values that you think you should resonate with.

2. Make Time To Do Things You Excel At

There is no better way to remind yourself of how great you are than to do things that you are great at. Not only does it help you remember that you have some awesome talents to offer the world, but it also helps to release endorphins into your body, which helps to relieve stress and give you some extra power to overcome obstacles.

3. Embrace Failure

Have you ever met a strong person who had an easy past? No? That’s because obstacles and failures are what make us strong. But, when we live in the past with regret, pain, or anger, those obstacles and failures make us weak. Therefore, instead of feeling regret or anxiety over your past mistakes, embrace them as something good for your life that you made you stronger. Moreover, embrace failure from this moment forward.

4. Give It Up To A Higher Power

Focusing on what you can’t do can deplete your inner strength. That’s why the saying, ‘Give it up to God’ is so popular. When you give up your problems and worries that are out of your control to a higher power, you can stop feeling weak and start focusing on what you can control, which makes you feel powerful and strong.

5. Be More Compassionate

When you are compassionate to yourself, others, animals, and the world around you, you open up to a new sense of purpose and meaning in life. That purpose helps to build inner strength and power. In addition, compassion reduces fear and boosts confidence, which are also two more important aspects to developing inner strength and power.

6. Face Your Fears

The more you say ‘yes’ to facing your fears, the more your inner strength will grow. Every time you do something despite the fear, and make it through, your inner strength grows. Sometimes it grows a little and sometimes it grows a lot – but it always grows.

7. Get Advice From People Who Are Strong

If you want to weaken yourself, ask someone who is weak what you should do in times of struggle. They will tell you to hide, take cover, and wait it out. But people who are strong will encourage you to take the steps you need to take to overcome struggle. Therefore, don’t turn to the weak if you want to build your inner strength. Take advice from the strong only, and use it.

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