March 8, 2016

7 Tips To Give Off Positive Energy And Make Other People Feel Great

How to make people feel great by emitting positive vibes

Having positive energy in everything you do is something you should be striving for because it makes everyone you come into contact with feel better about themselves and you. And, while other people can definitely be uplifted and feel amazing after you contribute to their lives positively, research shows that the benefits are not just for other people. By being a positive energizer, you will be energizing yourself in a positive way. You will feel more positive and more alive, you will have stronger and healthier relationships, you will be viewed as a leader, you will experience a variety of health benefits, and you will feel more blessed in life.

Being A Positive Energizer

What is positive energy? While there is not a definition in the dictionary, positive energy is used widely to describe when something feels optimistic or positive in any way.

For instance, a room can have a negative energy or a positive energy. You will feel a sense of calm or happiness in the room, or you will feel a sense of dread or negativity. A person can also have a positive energy or a negative energy. We’ve all been around the person that just feels good to be around because they are giving off a positive vibe, and we’ve all been around the person who we dread being around because they give off a negative vibe. Even an object can send off a positive or a negative energy.

Some people are positive energizers while others are negative energizers. The positive energizers are able to uplift other people and make them feel alive and motivated. They actually add to or boost the positive energy in other people.

The negative energizers weaken other people and make them feel drained. They can give other people a headache, make them lose all motivation, and cause them to become sad and depressed.

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The good news is that if you are a negative energizer right now, you can change. This is not a permanent way of life for you as your negativity is a learned behavior, not a fixed part of who you are. You have the potential to invigorate people around you, inspire them, make them feel alive, and – just like the energizer bunny, keep them going and going and going.

7 Tips To Give Off More Positive Energy And Energize Others

If you want to be that person that other people are naturally drawn to because you make them feel so good, then following are 7 tips to help you do that. If you can master these, then you will become the uplifting person in the group who always has a way of making everyone feel great.

1. Find The Positive And Hold On To It

Most people focus on the negative aspect of a situation. And, as they focus on it, they become more and more negative. Positive energizers are able to focus on the bright side of things and go with it until everyone else gets on board.

For instance, if you are going on a trip with a group of people, and your car breaks down on that trip, then there is good chance that some of the passengers will be upset. Their plans are being ruined, and they won’t like that. They will be grumpy, pissed off, and angry. And in their negative state, they will have a hard time seeing the positive. If you are able to find the positive, point it out, focus on it, and maintain your outlook, your positive energy will help counteract how they feel. They will eventually see your point of view, and as you stay committed to it, they will be influenced in a positive way that helps them see more of the bright side and less of the negative side. Eventually, they will have more positive energy about the situation than negative energy.

Patience is the key here. You may see the positive quickly, but you need to maintain that positive outlook to bring other people up to your level. They are stuck in an emotional state of powerlessness or anger, and in order to come up to optimism, they have to work through the ladder of emotions.

2. Take Action On What Works

Positive energy doesn’t sit around and stew on things. It’s moving, alive, and energetic, and that’s how you need to be to give off a positive vibe. To do this, you need to take action on what works. Don’t sit around and list off why things can or cannot be done. Don’t wait for things to get better or more fun before you start taking action. When you can clearly see what action would improve any situation, start doing it.

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For instance, if your friend is feeling horrible and can’t see the next step to take to feel better, you can start taking action on that step. You can arrange something for him or her. You can buy something that will help them feel better. You can write out a to-do list for what they need to do to get out of their funk.

There are many different ways you can take action in any situation. That action will help move things along and get the energy out of a negative and stagnant state and get it moving again.

3. Be Understanding – But Maintain Your Positive Energy

One thing about positive energizers is that they don’t deny what other people are feeling. They don’t tell other people to just suck it up and be happy. They know that other people are stuck in a negative state, so they lead by example instead of trying to force other people to become more positive. This kind of understanding behavior is what separates the annoying positive people from the positive energizers that everyone wants to be around.

Therefore, don’t try to force your positive view on other people. Listen to them, be compassionate, but maintain your positive energy so that they can benefit from it. Think and act positively towards them and towards the situation. Be gentle, but don’t get dragged down into their negative state. You want to energize them, not become like them!

Remember, your positive energy is contagious. It seeps into other people and energizes them, just like negative energy seeps into other people and exhausts them. So, maintain it.

4. Be Energetic In Every Situation

When you think of positive energy, do you visualize that energy sitting around and doing nothing, moving in a slow state, or do you visualize it moving around and being active and alive? I know your answer because positive energy is naturally viewed as alive and moving and vibrant. And, that’s how your energy needs to be in order to energize other people positively.

For instance, we all know the mother or grandmother who is constantly moving and doing things in a positive way. They are excited about getting things done, and they do things with love, passion, and happiness. And we love being around them. They make us feel good, so we turn to them when we are feeling down for a positive energy uplift. We fully expect them to boost our mood and help us feel good again. Their kind words, their food made with love, and their positive outlook on their life are all positive influences that boosts our energy back up.

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You can be like that! You don’t need to be a mother or grandmother. You need to be a positive light in the world who is busy moving and shaking and getting things done. So, get off the couch, stop stewing in your negativity, and start taking action on life.

5. Be Mindful

The energy you give off will correlate to your thoughts. If you are stuck in a negative mindset, then you will give off negative energy. But, if you are focused on what is happening with a positive outlook, then you will give off an abundance of positive energy. Being mindful is a great way to see the positive in the here and now.

Most people are not very mindful. To be mindful means to be aware and conscious of what is going on, and most people are too busy being focused on the past or the future to be aware and conscious of the now. This is why you will shine so brightly if you can be more mindful. You will be a reminder of what is happening now and help draw people back into the present moment, where positive energy lives. It may take time, but the smallest thing can bring someone back into the present moment.

I have a great example of this. My two friends went on vacation to one of the most beautiful and calm places in the world. It was a little harbor that used to be a booming community, but it had dwindled to a population of zero with one functional cabin for rent. One of my friends was excited about the vacation and was living in the moment every step of the way. The other friend was miserable because she had been experiencing a lot of setbacks and couldn’t get her mind off them. It took a few days, but my mindful friend was able to influence the other friend is a positive way. She had pointed out the sounds and the smells to her friend for days, but her friend was too stuck in her anger and worry to see them. On the fourth day, she was sitting on a rock staring at a flower (when was the last time you did that?), when her friend couldn’t help but become captivated by what her friend was doing. She came over, sat down beside her friend, and stared at the flower too, and within minutes it was like she had woken up from a dream. She looked around and became acutely aware of how beautiful the place was, and she removed herself from the past and stayed mindful and positive for the rest of the vacation.

6. Follow The Golden Rule

The golden rules says that you should treat other people the way you want them to treat you. But, if you want them to be affected by your positive energy, then you should also view other people the way you want them to view you.

– Stop judging others by your perceptions.
– Stop labeling people, because everyone is constantly shifting and changing.
– Stop treating people as small players in your world and see them as important parts of the world.
– Be kind, compassionate, loving, and patient with other people.
– Validate their worthiness in this world.
– Validate their ideas and feelings instead of putting them down.

And, by doing all those things, they will feel energized being around you. They will feel more important and have more drive in their day because of how you view and treat them.

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The other day my friend was in a restaurant that had a store on the other side she could look into. She could see the clerks, and they were obviously negative energizers. They were miserable and treated their customers poorly. They actually ignored one elderly customer who had been waiting in line for over 15 minutes. She kept getting pushed to the back of the line as more aggressive people pushed passed her and demanded the negative clerk’s attention. The clerks saw her, but they still ignored her. My friend said she had been smiling and happy when she came in and was never rude to the clerks in any way. Eventually, she put down her things and left the store in tears. It was obvious that she felt horrible about herself and those two clerks had sucked all the positive energy out of her.

Don’t be like those negative clerks. See the value in everyone around you and treat them like they are valuable.

7. Laugh More

This is one of the easiest ways to boost positive energy in other people. Laughter is contagious, and it can bring a person from a crappy mood to a positive mood within moments. It is really the best medicine for anyone who is feeling down and upset because it helps to relax the body, release feel-good chemicals, and shift their mindset from something negative to something positive.

I’ve had experiences where a complete stranger has energized me in a positive way with their laughter. Their obvious outlook on life and their positive energy towards their day instantly affected me and helped me get out of a funk. And, those experiences usually only lasted a few moments as I interacted with them in some small way. That’s how powerful the energy of laughter can be!

Of course, the laughter needs to be genuine in order to have a positive effect on others. Fake positive energy will leave others feeling confused and annoyed. Real positive energy will leave others feeling uplifted. Therefore, try to find the humor in your everyday life. The more you look for it, the more you will find it, and the bigger of a positive energizer you will become!

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