October 25, 2015

7 Ways To Build Self-Confidence

How to attain self-confidence?

Going through life with high self-confidence is important for your happiness and fulfillment. Are you ready to have more confidence in your life? Following are 7 ways to build your self-confidence in a way that will promote long-lasting confidence.

1. Build Your Knowledge

One of the best ways to be more confident is to build your knowledge in an area where you are lacking confidence. For instance, if you are lacking confidence in your job, learn as much as possible about doing your job correctly. The more you learn, the more confidence you will feel as you tackle daily tasks and new requests. In addition, that confidence will spill over into other areas of your life.

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2. Improve A Physical Aspect Of Yourself

Caroline Myss, a five-time New York Times bestselling author, says that doing something to improve your physical self can impact your self-confidence in a big way. This doesn’t have to be something huge, though. It can as simple as going out for a walk every day or getting a haircut. Doing something that makes you feel physically better about yourself can help to boost your confidence right now and get the ball rolling to do more things that boost your self-confidence.

3. Face Your Fears Head On

When you face a fear head on and overcome it, your confidence grows. You realize that you are smarter, stronger, or more capable than you thought, and that makes you feel better about yourself and your abilities. So, the next time a fear holds you back from doing something, take the opportunity to face it head on and build your self-confidence up a little more.

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4. Make Your Opinion Number One

You can remove negative people from your life to remove their negative opinions, but there will always be more like them waiting to meet you. If you really want to build your self-confidence, stop making other people’s opinions more important than your own. When you worry about what others think, your confidence goes down. You focus on their judgements of you, which makes you feel less-than in their eyes. Unfortunately, that will also make you feel like less-than in your eyes. So, value your own opinion of yourself, and let it be the top opinion that dictates how you feel about yourself and your capabilities.

5. Use Power Poses

Faking it until you make it can work to build your confidence, but using power poses while faking it will really help boost your chances of feeling good about yourself. Power poses are how confident people naturally hold themselves. They feel powerful, therefore they stand or sit powerfully. Research has shown that just standing in a power pose for a just a few minutes a day can help you feel more confident because it impacts the body’s testosterone and cortisol levels in a positive way for confidence. [http://jamesclear.com/body-language-how-to-be-confident]

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6. Practice Self-Compassion

You are your own worst enemy. When you are hard on yourself, you attack your confidence with a vengeance. You say horrible things to yourself that no one else would say to you, and those words have a huge impact on how you feel about yourself. Therefore, practice the art of self-compassion. Be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself. Let yourself make mistakes without punishment. Be your own best friend.

7. Get To Know Yourself

Lastly, the best way to be confident in yourself is to know who you are! When you understand your real likes, dislikes, habits, beliefs, needs, and desires, you can stop living life for other people and start living for yourself. The number one feeling that comes from living life on your own terms is confidence!

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