May 27, 2016

8 Huge Tips On How To Become Smarter Every Day

How to become smarter over time

I think that one of the big goals in everyone’s life should be to become smarter every day. Unfortunately, not a lot of people include it as one of their goals.

The very fact that you are here reading an article on how to become smarter each day separates you from the crowd. Most people are stuck in a rut where they are unwilling or unable to learn more. You just have to look at some of your closest friends and family to see that this is true. Many people just don’t care about becoming smarter. But, they should.

The more you know, the happier you will be. Ignorance is not bliss. Information helps you understand yourself and the world around you on a deeper level, and that gives you the insight and the tools to make better decisions for yourself that align with what you want and need in life to feel secure, fulfilled, and accomplished.

Becoming smarter is not an all or nothing thing. When it comes to intelligence, time is the key. So, don’t rush it! Appreciate each day and your new chance to become smarter.

8 Huge Tips On How To Become Smarter Every Day

Following are some unique things to think about when it comes to growing your knowledge. Some you may have thought of while others you have probably never related to knowledge and insight. But, they are all equally important. If you can live by the following tips each day, you can open up your ability to become smarter.

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1. Forgive Others And Yourself

When you want to become smarter, forgiveness is key. Why? When you are occupying your mind with past hurts and problems, you are doing your mind a disservice. There are two main reasons why.

First, you are occupying too much of your day focusing on the past, which is taking away from your time to learn and grow in the present.

This seems simple, but when you think about the fact that you only have 1440 minutes per day, and many of those are spent sleeping, then you become aware of how little time you have to do something productive with your day.

There is no statistic that can tell you how much time the average human wastes focusing on past grudges per day, but through my interactions and observations with other people and myself, I know that it can take up a lot of time – if not the whole day. Don’t chance even a minute to past issues. Forgive and look forward, not back.

Second, if you are holding on to grudges, you will feel angrier and less hopeful than if you were to let them go. That will affect your willingness to learn more. It will also affect your perception in a big way.

For instance, if you are angry at your ex for breaking up with you, and you are trying to learn how to have a better relationship in the future, then you may get mad at the things you learn and perceive them as stupid rather than helpful. In short, you will shut out the helpful information and not become any smarter around the topic.

2. Focus On Understanding

There is a quote I heard once that said ‘You never know the truth. You know ‘a’ truth.’ If you want to become smarter each day, then remember this quote. There are different variations of the truth out there besides yours, and some can help you grow and become wiser about yourself and things around you.

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The dumbest people are unwilling to focus on the information they receive with the intent to understand. Instead, they are focused on the information with the intent to reply.

For example, a woman on Dr. Phil the other day spent all of her time coming up with excuses and replies to what was being said and never took in the helpful words she was receiving from the people around her. She didn’t grow smarter because of the situation. She didn’t grow at all.

When you stop focusing on what you want to say and just listen, you are able to learn more. Therefore, focus on what people are saying to you, not what you want to say. Focus on the information you are reading or hearing, not what your beliefs tell you that you should feel or think. Keep an open mind in every situation and always have the intent to learn. This will guarantee that you will become smarter each day.

3. Go At Your Own Pace

If you get caught up in how much you know and how far you are behind someone else, you will stunt your own learning through anxiety, despair, worry, and all those other negative emotions that stop your ability to stay open and understand what is going on around you.

For example, I took a sign language course in college years ago. I was in a class where many of the students had deaf people in their family or as friends, and it seemed like they were learning at a pace I just couldn’t catch up to. Because immersion into the deaf community was part of the curriculum, we were constantly having to use sign language in order to speak to one another, and I was embarrassed at how much less I knew than other people. That embarrassment held me back from learning the things I needed to know in order to progress. I was so focused on what I lacked that I couldn’t allow myself to learn what I needed to learn.

Don’t be insecure with how fast or slow you are learning compared to other people. It’s not a race. Everyone learns at different speeds, but with effort, everyone learns. You will get to where they are, and you may even surpass them if they are not willing to be patient and go at their own pace like you are.

4. Embrace Your Style Of Learning

This is a huge tip on how to become smarter. The best teachers understand that everyone has different styles of learning. If you really want to actively learn something new each day, then you need to embrace your style of learning and use it to your advantage.

There are four different types of learners.

1) Visual learners: They learn through demonstrations and visual materials such as videos or one-on-one instruction.

2) Auditory learners: They learn by listening and verbalizing what they learn.

3) Read-write learners: They benefit from reading lists or writing out thoughts in their own words.

4) Kinesthetic learners: They learn by real-life situations and prefer to take a hands-on approach to things and learn through trial and error.

Your style of learning is not better or worse than anybody else’s style of learning. But, when you try to learn through a way that you are not naturally in tune with, it is going to be much harder to understand the information in front of you and apply it to your life. So, make sure you understand how you learn best and find ways to incorporate that into your daily life.

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Note: You can take a quiz to find out what learning style is yours at

5. Embrace New Experiences

If you want to become smarter every day, then embrace new experiences. Say yes to life instead of no. Look forward to new opportunities and accept requests to experience something new. Every time you do something new, you learn something new, even if it is just a small thing. And, sometimes the smallest things can have the biggest impact on your life.

For instance, I often go to a coffee shop to read and write. I sit at the same table because I enjoy the view from it, and that table has always been open for me to sit at. One day the table was occupied, and I was forced to sit somewhere I was uncomfortable sitting, right by the cashier. The table was only about 20 steps away from where I normally sat, but it gave me a whole new perspective on people. I was able to listen into the fights people were having, the things they were celebrating, the boredom they were feeling, the frustration they were working through, and so much more. I learned the many reasons people needed their coffee for the day, and I had many aha moments for the few hours that I was there. Such a simple thing as a seat change had such a huge impact on my awareness.

6. Remember That Everyone Can Be Genius (Even You!)

So many people are unable to learn more because they believe that are incapable of it. They’ve been told they are not smart enough. They’ve had experiences that proved to themselves how dumb they are. They were unable to learn in school what they needed to learn and failed or dropped out because of it. All these experiences can keep you stuck and hold you back from becoming smarter – if you let them.

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If you are reading and comprehending this article on how to become smarter every day, then you are capable of becoming a genius. You are capable of taking knowledge in and understanding it. As long as you continuously do that, and apply it to your life where you need to, then you have the potential to not only become smarter but become a genius as well.

A genius is simply someone who knows a lot about a particular subject. They have learned, practiced, and overcome errors or mistakes along the way. They have stuck with learning and growing in a particular area of life, and now their talents make them seem like a genius to other people. But, they all started somewhere – maybe even where you are now.

As Albert Einstein said, ‘Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Think of it like this:

– You may have been learning in a way that doesn’t fit your learning style.
– You may have been trying to force yourself to learn things you are simply not interested in!
– You may have been letting past beliefs and judgments hold you back from learning.
– You may have let anger, the inability to forgive, or comparing yourself hold you back.

Now, knowing this, you can let those things go and start showing yourself and the world around you what you are capable of learning and doing in your life.

7. Embrace All Types Of Knowledge

We all know that there is street-smart and book-smart. Street-smart simply means that you have life experience and can handle situations and dangers that come your way in life. Book-smart means you know what other people have taught you. You have learned from other people’s experiences and understand theoretically what works and what doesn’t.

When you combine street smart and book smart together, you become someone who can handle this world and think outside of the box thanks to your experiences and the insight you’ve had from other people’s experiences in life.

So, don’t just read all day and learn that way. Get out and put yourself in situations where you have to learn from your own mistakes and accomplishments. And, don’t shy away from social experiences because they are uncomfortable; instead, interact with other people and learn how to handle different types of people and situations you have them.

Every opportunity of your day, whether you are driving to work, watching TV, attending a seminar or flying on a plane is an opportunity to gather some knowledge and become smarter in an area of life. Try to embrace every opportunity you get and it’s guaranteed you will become smarter every day.

8. Be Healthier

Lastly, when it comes to how to become smarter every day, health plays a big part! Your brain is what helps you become smarter, and if you are unhealthy, then you will have a hard time focusing, comprehending, learning, and retaining. But, if you are healthy and alert, then you are capable of taking in the information and retaining it.

Just a few things to do, include:

– Exercise more: If you needed another reason to exercise, this is it. The more you move, the more blood can flow to your brain and help you focus and recall the information you know.

– Eat a balanced diet: If you lack certain nutrients, then you are not giving your brain the energy it needs to work optimally. Don’t get on a diet where you limit important brain foods, such as protein, fat, or complex carbohydrates. And, don’t eat foods that drain you of your energy and make you too tired to take action in life.

– Reduce stress: Stress can have a negative impact on your ability to learn and recall information. And, it can cause you to lose sight of the present moment and stay focused on the past, where you are unable to learn anything new.

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– Get your sleep: I know there are only a limited number of minutes in the day, but you should use a good portion of those minutes to recharge your body. If you don’t, you can hurt your brain’s ability to work at full power. Research shows that the quality and quantity of your sleep impacts your learning and memory, so start making sleep an important part of your life.

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