June 6, 2016

8 Powerful Tips For Getting Inspired For A Better Life

How to get inspired in life

For most people, the goal of living today is having a better life tomorrow. I’m not saying that many people are not grateful for what they have, but most do want more than what they have now – more happiness, more health, more wealth, and more freedom. To get more of anything, you have to put in some work, and that’s where most people fall short. They are not willing to do what they need to do for a better life. Instant gratification takes the place of working for the future, and the habit of doing what you want when you want it forms, which means getting inspired for a better life can be hard. If that sounds like you, don’t worry because there are things you can do to start enjoying working towards a better life. Following are some tips to help you get motivated to do what you need to do for more of everything.

1. Get Accountable With The People You Love

You should have some very close relationships in your life at this point. If you don’t, you need to get some. The longest running study on adult development by Harvard has shown that building strong relationships is the number one thing you can do for your happiness and health in life. But, besides helping you be happier and healthier, they can also be inspiring.

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When you are accountable to more than just yourself, you are more willing to do what you need to do for a better life. For instance, a mother will do what it takes to create the best life possible for her and her kids. Or someone deeply in love will work on their health so that they can be around longer with the person they want to be with. The drive to do something that benefits not only them but someone they love can inspire them to do what they need to do next.

What do you want to do for the people you love? Do you want to provide them with abundance? Do you want to be with them for a long time in good health? Do you want to inspire them and encourage them to be better people? Do you want them to be happy when they are around you? Whatever it is, you will find that your answers will help inspire you to take action on whatever needs work in your life.

2. Follow The People Who Are Doing It Right

Social media can be a harmful place for your life. The negative images, words, and people can bring you down and make you give up on life. I know many people who feel defeated in life simply because they are faced with so much negative social media! However, used correctly, social media can also be a place that inspires you to live a better life.

Find people who are living the life you want and them make them a part of your day. Follow their Tweets, blogs, posts, pictures, videos, or whatever else they post. Let their successes, happiness, health and wealth inspire you to do what you need to do to have what they have.

The best part is that they are not just inspiring, they are informative. They can literally teach you what you need to do in order to get what you want. All you have to do is be willing to listen and then act on what they say.

3. Take A Vacation Somewhere Awesome And Take Pictures

For me, the best way to get inspired to do better is to take a vacation somewhere really awesome. I’m talking about somewhere that brings out the best in me and makes me want to do better so that I can live a permanent life like that someday. The fact is that a vacation is a glimpse into the life we really want. It’s full of adventure, relaxation, and discovery. It encourages us to enjoy life like we don’t do during the daily grind.

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As an added bonus, take some really awesome pictures on that vacation. Take pictures that will remind you of why you want to live a life like that and then post them in your home to remind you why you need to take action on your life.

For instance, if you are in a cottage by the ocean that you would love to own, get someone to take a picture of you sitting outside the cottage relaxed and at home. Or take a picture of your view from the kitchen table looking out at the ocean. When you get home, print it off and put it up somewhere you frequent such as your home office or your bedroom.

And, for extra inspiration in life, make a vision board where you can put up more than just one picture. A vision board is a place where you can put up pictures that inspire you to your health, wealth, relationship, home, and happiness goals.

Time has a way of diminishing the excitement over something we really want, but when we are constantly being reminded of that moment that made us think ‘I really want a better life,’ then it’s much easier to maintain that excitement and stay inspired in life. Pictures can do that.

4. Get Daily Amnesia

A better life is waiting for you in your future, but if you focus on yesterday, you will never get inspired to do what it takes to reach it. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever heard was to wake up each day with a clean slate. Let go of what happened yesterday and make this day the type of day you want it to be. This little bit of advice can be the very spark that helps inspire you to a better life.

I was telling a friend of mine how I was using this advice in my own life, and she nodded as I talked, but she didn’t say much. I later found out that she had a major aha moment as I was talking and used the advice the very next day. After a year of struggling with her diet and exercise, she woke up and, instead of focusing on all the failures she had in the previous day (and calling herself all those demotivating things like fat and lazy), she simply grabbed the opportunity to do her best for the day. From that day forward, she was able to consistently make healthier choices for herself and quickly lost 25 pounds in her first month simply by living for the day.

When you wake up to a clean slate, you get excited. You don’t focus on what hasn’t worked for you in the past. You focus on how you can make the most of your day. Life feels awesome, and those feelings inspire you to do things that make life even more awesome.

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You don’t have to forget the past. But don’t dwell it in and make it a part of your today.

5. Observe Negative People More

Instead of getting caught up in a negative person’s rant, observe them. Observe their face, the way they talk, their anger, their pain, and the fact that all their complaining and negativity is getting them nothing but more anger and pain. When you can really stop and observe all of that, you will find yourself repelled by it instead of part of it. And when that happens, you will get inspired to do something that ensures you do not end up like that.

The fact is that some people can’t move out of their negative state, so they never get inspired to do anything better with their life because they are too busy focusing on what doesn’t work, on what’s not possible, and on how bad everything is. They don’t have the time, energy, or motivation to make life better, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still be an inspiration for others.

I have found that my most motivating moments have often come after listening to a negative relative or watching a negative person on YouTube. Their complaints have inspired me to do something in my life so that I don’t end up like them.

My friend’s mother has inspired her to stay healthy. For her entire life, she’s listened to her mother complain about her weight and inability to do things. For a while, my friend got caught up in her mother’s complaints and joined in and felt bad for her. But, once she was able to step back and observe her mother, she saw that there was plenty her mother could do to get healthier but, for some reason, she would rather complain about it than do something. That inspired my friend to take action on her own health and always do something positive for her health rather than complain.

6. Talk To Your Future Self

Sit down and think about yourself in 1 year. Imagine who you want to be and what you want to look back on. Now, write a letter to your future self about how you feel right now about what you want and make sure to get specific about your dreams and goals. What will this do for inspiration? Two things.

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First, it will help you remember what you want out of life. You will find yourself getting inspired to make some changes as you write about what you want and how happy you are that you did the work to get it.

Second, sealing the letter and putting it somewhere you can see (like on your vision board) with the date to open on it, will be a constant reminder of where you want to be at that time and how bad it will feel if you have gotten nowhere. It will be a huge motivator to take action on something in your life every time you see it.

You can also write letters to your future self in 2 years or 5 years or 10 years. The more you write, the more you will be confronted with your future self and the disappointment or pride that they have about what you are doing right now. And – trust me, you will want them to feel pride, so you will work as hard as possible to make that happen.

7. Hang Around Really Young Or Really Old People

If you want to get inspired for life, both young and old people can help. You will find that they do different things for your motivation, but they are both equally powerful.

Really young people will help you remember what a zest for life is. Their curiosity, imagination, and desire to conquer their day with enthusiasm will help you maintain a level of curiosity, imagination, and desire required to do what you need to do. They are little packages of energetic inspiration, and when you see them that way, your whole life will change.

Really old people will remind you to make the most out of your life. Whether they have or haven’t made the most out of their life, their stories and view on life will impact you in a big way. Some older people will make you realize how little you’ve done so far with their stories of courage, hope, and accomplishments. Some older people will make you realize how damaging not working towards a better life can be.

8. Celebrate Everything

We all love to celebrate great things, and if we could, we would be celebrating all the time. It’s a huge motivator to do more things that promote more celebrations. The good news is that you can start to celebrate everything – or almost everything, and it will be a huge part of your quest on getting inspired for a better life.

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– You can celebrate getting out of bed and choosing to face the day and let that feeling help you make another great choice for yourself.
– You can celebrate the taste of the healthy breakfast you had and use that feeling to help you make more healthy choices throughout the day.
– You can celebrate each small task you get done for work and use those feelings to help you accomplish more with your day.

I’ve often had a glass of champagne for something I did throughout the day that may not warrant a glass of champagne in many people’s eyes. But, the simple act of celebrating that thing has inspired me to do more things like it which add up over time!

Celebrating simply means feel good about something and giving recognition towards the accomplishment that was achieved. You have the power to choose to feel good about everything you do, from a drink of water to choosing not to gossip for the day.

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