May 19, 2016

8 Things To Do When Bored That Aren’t A Waste Of Time

Feeling bored? Try these.

There are some articles that list off thousands of useless things to do when bored, but they are mostly a waste of time. I’m talking about suggestions that may actually make you dumber after you do them and literally take away time that you can’t get back. Moreover, a lot of the suggestions won’t help you stop being bored. If they don’t actually draw your attention, they will just make you more bored and frustrated at the same time.

If you are bored, it just means that you are doing something that lacks meaning to you. For instance, some people can watch TV all day and not get bored because they love their TV so much, but other people find TV meaningless and would find themselves feeling bored after a few hours of trying to binge watch a show on Netflix.

Therefore, you have to do something that has some meaning. Something that engages you and brings you into the flow where you feel content and happy. When you get into the flow, which simply means doing something that requires your attention and keeps you fully engaged, you will never be bored. And, when you are doing something that keeps you fully engaged, it is always adding to your life in some way.

1. Grab A Pen And Paper And Write

There are a thousand different things you can do that involve a pen and paper, and they can all help you get into a flow that relieves boredom and leads to many different others things.

For example, you can engage in free association writing. This is something that writers often use for writer’s block, but I’ve found that it also helps me find hidden desires and issues that I’m having, which leads to me acting out on those desires or fixing the issues in some way.

The technique of free association was founded by Sigmund Freud. He would let his patients talk and talk and talk so that they could work through their own issues rather than being led towards the issues of other people by suggesting his own theories.

Instead of talking, you can write. Write whatever comes to mind, even if it doesn’t make any sense. Write and write and write until you write something that makes you stop and think about what you wrote. And it will happen!

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Some people believe that someone else is talking to them as they come up with words and ideas that they didn’t even know they had. Others believe that it is simply a technique that helps you access your subconscious mind that you don’t normally have access to. Either way, you will find yourself discovering new thoughts that may lead you towards doing something that puts you in the flow and helps relieve your boredom.

If you don’t feel like free association writing, then you can do other things, such as:

– Write in a diary about your previous day, current thoughts, concerns, hopes, dreams, etc. You will uncover many things to think about and do simply by tapping into how you are feeling and what you want.

– Write a letter to a close friend or family member and share things that you might otherwise not share with them in person. You don’t have to send it to them; although you can. But, this will just help you put your focus on things that matter to you and help you stop feeling bored. Plus, you may uncover some things in your relationships that need attention.

– Write a letter to a deceased close friend or family member and tell them everything you wish you could have said while they were alive. This is a great way to connect with your spiritual side, and it will often lead you towards the realization that you are alive and help you appreciate that fact, which will help you stop feeling bored and start feeling grateful.

– Write down some goals you have, or try to find some goals to put in place if you have none. Once you write down your goals, get serious about figuring out exactly what steps you need to take to reach them and write them down in great detail. This has led me to hours of exploring what I want and coming up with actionable steps to get there, and it is a great way to make sure you are constantly doing things in your day that have meaning, which means boredom will become a thing of the past in the future!

– Write down a to-do list for the day to break up your boredom. We all know the power of a to-do list. It can get us up and moving even when we don’t feel like doing anything because it is a list of things we must do! Decide what you must do, write it down, and then force yourself to do what’s on the list. Soon, you will be engaged in activities that you need to do to make the most of your day, and you will no longer feel any sense of boredom.

2. People Watch

This is one of the easiest things to do when bored. Other people are fascinating, and watching them can help you discover truths about yourself, your beliefs, your desires, you likes, your dislikes, and a ton of other things.

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Plus, it is not hard to get out, and people watch. All you have to do is drag yourself out of your house and go to a park, coffee shop, or busy street, and sit down. Then just turn your eyes towards others and open up your ears, and let other people into your awareness for a while.

When you put all of your attention on other people and what they are doing, you will forget that you are bored. Moreover, you remind yourself that there are other people in this world, which is something that we forget as we go about our daily lives focusing on us, our needs, and our unhappiness.

At the very least, people watching will help you get out of your head for a while, realize how much you like your privacy, and give you the ability go home appreciating the little things that you can do without a lot of people around you.

3. Take A Nap

If you really don’t want to do anything, or can’t decide on one thing to do, then take a nap. While it may feel like a waste of time, it’s actually a really productive thing to do. Even Google employees are allowed to take naps in ‘nap pods’ which help them regroup and get their energy back in focus.

A nap allows you to recharge and reboot, and often you will come out of a nap with the desire to do something that will help you feel more engaged with your day. Sometimes you will even have an inspiring dream that helps you come up with an activity that you want to do when you wake up. I’ve had many of my business plans and writing ideas come to me in a dream during a quick nap, and regardless of how bored or unfocused I was before the nap, I’ve been able to do some incredible things afterward!

4. Clean Something You Normally Don’t Clean

The sentiment, “Well, I might as well clean out the pen drawer!” applies here. When you are bored, you might as well tackle something that needs to be done but is not something that you would normally put on your to-do list. It may be hard to get going on it, but once you start, you will find yourself in the flow of what you are doing and, many times, you will spend hours cleaning up things that really need your attention.

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The satisfaction that you will feel after cleaning up something that you normally ignore, even if it is just some drawers, will be huge. It will end up being an activity that was well worth your time.

5. Practice Meditation

We all know that meditation is good for us, but we don’t always have an opportunity to practice it. That’s what makes this one of the great things to do when bored. You are doing nothing anyways, so you might as well close your eyes and try to focus on a sight, sound, or thought that helps you meditate for a while.

You may find your mind resisting meditation and looking for something to do other than it. That’s fine. Allow yourself to go where your desire takes you because that will help you get into the flow and stop feeling so bored.

You may also find that your end up in imagination land, where you are remembering things that have happened or making up stories in your head about things that can happen. If that’s where you go, then go with it. Your imagination can keep you busy and entertained for hours, and it can lead to some pretty important breakthroughs about who you are and what you want, so don’t try to fight it.

6. Embrace Change

One of the things to do when bored is to create change in your life. The simple act of changing things up can have a big impact on how you feel about your day and what you do or do not want to do. It can help you get out of a rut and get on a new path or gain a new perspective.

For instance, get a haircut, or get a pedicure (good for men and women), or buy some new clothes, or buy a new hat, or a buy a new pair of sunglasses. Do something that helps you feel differently about yourself, and you may find that you feel differently about your day. You may feel more adventurous, social, or confident. All of those feelings can help you feel more like doing things that you need or want to do in your day.

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You can also rearrange the furniture in your home to help you get out of a rut. When your home looks different, you feel different. A little change, such as a new living room arrangement, can make you feel more alive. Life gets boring when things stay the same, so changing things up can help the boredom fade away.

7. Get On A Forum Of Interest

Go to a forum or a place where people discuss issues, such as Yahoo Answers, and participate. You will find a lot of annoying and frustrating topics, but you will also find some inspiring and thought-provoking ones. These are the ones that will help you start contemplating more than just how bored you are, and you will find yourself feel energized as you interact with other people in a way that benefits you both.

Make sure that you get on a topic of interest, though. If you try to interact on a forum for the law of attraction, and you don’t care about the law of attraction, then you will be shutting off your computer before you can really get engaged. Think of something you want to learn more about or know a lot about already, and then find a forum or section of a forum where you can discuss issues, answer questions, and even start your own threads.

8. Get Lost In The World Of YouTube

As a writer, one of the places I spend a lot of time is YouTube. I don’t see it as a waste of time because I learn so much from the videos I watch that it literally impacts my life on a daily basis. That’s what makes it one of the things to do when bored that can actually impact your life in a positive way.

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There are plenty of informative channels that can teach you new things. In fact, if you are feeling crafty, get on a craft channel or baking channel and follow along to help you get unstuck from your boredom. You will find yourself getting into the flow of the lesson and doing something that benefits you in the long run.

Or, just watch one of the many YouTube channels about someone, their family, their life, and their ideas. In a sense, it’s like people watching; although, they are controlling what you can see, but it’s the same idea. It helps you get out of your little world and open up your awareness to how others think, feel, and go through life. I guarantee that if you find someone interesting enough, YouTube can take you on a journey for as long as you have nothing to do.

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